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Haruna Shizen
Haruna Shizen
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Fri Sep 06, 2013 3:17 pm
Patrol duty was possibly the most boring thing that Haruna had ever been assigned on. It involved a lot of standing and staring into the distance, waiting for something remotely interesting to happen. She had been there for a while now. She hadn’t bothered to keep track, thinking that it might be a little too depressing to see that only five minutes had gone by in place of an hour. The young girl sighed heavily, but quickly stood up straight. She didn’t want to see like she was slacking off. She activated her doujutsu in order to be able to see her surroundings more clearly. It was also a decent way to study the human anatomy, since she could clearly see the blood flowing inside the human body as well as the bone structure and tendons. She would stare at the other guards every once in a while when she thought that no one was looking, just so that she could memorize something she already knew.
Haruna had extensive training in what the human body was made up of, how it worked and, most importantly, how to recognize its weakest points. It was all part of her training on how to use the Sugan. In any case, she just wanted the day to be over so that she could go back to her rented apartment and read a book or something. She would have much rather been in the hospital right now, as she usually was, but she needed the extra money and the gate needed a scout. The day had gone by so far with very few altercations. There was the eventual traveler suggesting permission for entry, a couple of shinobi coming back from a mission and a few “unwanted guests” that had quickly been taken care of by the higher ranking officers.
The young priestess stood there for a little while longer until another shinobi came to relieve her of her duties. Finally. Letting out a relieved sigh, she set off, not wanting to go anywhere near the gates for at least a few more weeks, lest she get dragged into something similar once again.

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