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Tue Jul 07, 2015 2:08 pm

Oh, misfortune upon the ones who had dared call upon Hikari Akiyama in their time of need. While for some such a simple D-Rank Mission would be naught but a mere speech, they didn’t expect just that from her, now did they? Oh boy, they were in for the class of a lifetime. Dark clouds brewed overhead promising storms in the forecast, causing most to go running for cover except for a few who were either part of the group that didn’t care or had some sort of tool to prevent them getting soaked. Hikari was part of the not caring very much group, plodding through the rain like she just didn’t care, noting that her suit was starting to become a bit see through in some areas she quickly nabbed a long cloak from a nearby vendor, black and decorated with black flames in a way that unknowingly to her was eerily similar to the one that her younger sister had worn during her time in Amegakure no Sato. A few minutes later and her now covered figure passed through the front gates of the academy, pushing open the front doors with little fanfare as she walked to the room she had been assigned to, not really caring at all about the weird looks the hall monitors were giving her as she passed. So what from the neck up she looked like a drowned cat? A frown would develop on her face as she did some basic fire chakra manipulation causing the water in her hair to evaporate and leaving her new coat dry and pleasantly warm, as though it had just been freshly ironed. Pushing aside yet another door she found herself in front of a almost deserted classroom, oddly only filled with three rather chatty children. As she quietly stepped in and hung her coat on a rack they suddenly fell quiet, as though an evil spirit now had somehow descended upon the room with her entrance. Turning to face the classroom she would toss her hair over her shoulder before speaking. “Hello class! I’m Hikari Akiyama, and I’ve been assigned to give you guys a lecture this afternoon. Now we have to lay down a few ground rules before we start….” her voice would suddenly gain a very menacing tone causing the trio to suddenly grow a few shades paler. “First of all, there will be no note taking in this class. God knows that you’ve already taken enough of them. Second of all, you will answer when I ask you to do it. This is not optional, I will not accept and “I don’t knows” while I am here. Lastly…..if I catch you goofing off in any way, I swear to you that you are definitely going to pay the price.” Suddenly she would brighten up incredibly quickly, a bright and bubbly expression coming to her face. “You guys understand? Alright, let’s begin!” She would sit on top of the teachers desk rather nonchalantly, not really caring that she was on top of what likely some important paperwork. “Alright, first off what do you guys think a strong ninja is?” All three hands up before Hikari settled on a rather cocky looking brunette. “Strong ninjas know everything! They can punch people into dust, shoot fireballs, cast illusions….” He suddenly stopped as he noticed the exasperated look Hikari was giving him. “Sorry to crush your dreams kid, but the real world doesn’t work that way. See, here in the academy that sort of thinking is actually very ok. They want you to spread your wings, try a little bit of everything and find out what you like the most. Once you become a ninja, it’s very different. They expect you to begin to specialize at this point, pick a piece of the ninja arts that call to you the most and begin working hard on that point. For some this may be ninjutsu, others it could be taijutsu or maybe genjutsu. It could be that you want to be a seal master, or maybe a medical ninja. Who knows, maybe you might even want to be a puppetmaster? I myself, am a weapons specialist.” She would pull the red case off of her waist and plop it onto the desk with a loud thunk. “Now I know what you may be thinking. What could be so deadly about such an unassuming case? Well…” with a flourish she suddenly grabbed the case again releasing it into it’s full scythe form before resting it against her neck. “We’re ninja. kids. Not some flashy superman, you have been trained to be a stealthy assassin from the moment you entered this academy. Did you expect me to blatantly show you what type of weapon I have? In this world, disguises and tricks are the key to success, without them you may find that you may have yourself a tombstone one day soon. Some people prefer all those big techniques, but when you strip them down to the basics what do you have? A massive waste of energy, that's what. Now, enough of my prattling on, let’s move onto the next subject. What are ninjas expected to do on a daily basis?” All hands up again, but this time the hand pointed to a blonde girl this time who had a rather blank face. “Ms. Akiyama. the answer would be training and missions.” Hikari would from again, but not as deeply. “Correct, but just call me Hikari. Ms.Akiyama makes me feel much too old. Indeed, we as ninja need to constantly train in order to improve in our craft, as well as keep ourselves in top shape. No matter how good you think you may be, the moment you slack off will be your downfall. Also, as a ninja you are obligated to do missions for Kumogakure. You don’t do missions, you don’t get a paycheck. It’s quite simple in all honesty. However, if there is one thing that you should get out of this, it’s the fact that things are much different now. We have a new Raikage, who has a very different outlook on life in the previous one. But I’m telling you, it doesn’t matter to me whether you like him or hate him. But attack the Raikage….you attack the village. If you don’t believe in the cause he presents, if your only goal is to somehow kill him, then don’t bother joining the ninja corps. People with such insane dreams are likely to never see them come to fruition, that’s how unlikely your chances of succeeding are. If you want an example, please look at the pikes outside of our village. Your families are on those sticks, you can get on them just as easily. Grow strong kiddos, I hope to see you guys become productive members of Kumogakure no Sato.” And with that, her lecture ended, quick as a flash she was gone from the room, no trace left of her but the shocked expression of three students.


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Akihana Akari
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D Rank: Helping the Academy (Mission, Done) Empty Re: D Rank: Helping the Academy (Mission, Done)

Wed Jul 08, 2015 12:07 am
No stats earned because it's a D rank mission but the rest is approved <3
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