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Kenshin Uchiha
Kenshin Uchiha
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The best darn training there ever was Empty The best darn training there ever was

Sun Jun 01, 2014 10:59 pm
Kenshin would step forth into the training grounds from a small dirt path that lead through a long stretch of forest only for his eyes to behold what was before him. A large open span of land covered with lush green grass, the area had an undefined shape and sprouted out in many different directions. Stepping deeper into the open field the breeze would blow against his figure causing his cloak to flap against his legs and ripple slightly. Knowing this particular article of cloathing would do no more than get in his way during his training he would simply raise his left hand to grip the collar of the cloak he would quickly rip it from his neck to toss it several meters to the side. Underneath this cloak Kenshin was wearing a high collared black T-shirt which displayed a large uchiha clan symbol upon it back and upon his arms were bandages running down from his elbows to his wrists. On his lower body he was wearing white pants that had a single large pouch strapped onto them near his lower back, he also wore black sandles that resembled those that the vast majority of shinobi wore. His katana sheathed firmly to his right hip, somewhat positioned behind his back so that it would be easier to grip with his right hand in a reverse style, his favored hold on all weaponry. His hair slowly fluttered to the side as he quickly leaped into the air, not even bothering with preparation and simply commenced the training. Within the air he would quickly form several hand seals as he inhaled a very large volume of oxygen before quickly releasing it from his mouth in a large expanse of flames that once exited his lips would quickly form into what resembled a very large dragons head. Directed towards the ground it would move at tremendous speed to smash into the dirt causing the ground to quiver and eventually collapse under it power. The flames seeming to collapse in on themselves downwards would once fully pressed against the ground explode into an eruption of flames along the ground which formed a large expanse of land to be charred in a circular pattern. The ground that was struck by the dragons head would indented and cause a crater exactly two meters deep with a 4 meter radius to be formed and thus where Kenshin would land. With a small smirk on his face he knew his jutsu was rather impressive in his own terms but not nearly what he needed if he wanted to catch up with the shinobi he had faced not to long ago, his name being Zero, a man who was able to defeat him regardless of his fully matured sharingan.

Seeing the impression he had caused within the earth he would reach out at the craters edges to grip a hand full of dirt and hold it firmly within his fist. A brilliant idea forming in his mind he would slowly smile as he leaped out of the crater landing several meters away from it on the blackened grass. Stepping onto the more lush and unaffected area he would slowly squat down and sit, feeling the cool and damp moisture of the morning dew soak into his pants ever so slightly. Clasping his hands together he had little more planned than the formation of a new jutsu, a jutsu that did not involve his fire natured chakra but instead that of earth. His hands being firmly pressed together he would begin focusing his chakra through his body and into his hands to attempt the formation of some kind of rock construct like he had seen so many other shinobi do. Being unsuccessful initially he was somewhat disappointed in himself and slowly brought his hands to his side with an exasperated breath he would slowly place his palms on the ground just in front of himself, focusing more of his chakra into his palms he would begin molding it as if he were using his fire style but in a different manner, he was attempting to make some solid and more useful in defense rather than the fierce offensive nature of fire. After several minutes of nothing Kenshin would raise his palms from the ground and let out a very loud sigh of disappointment as he was unable to do what he had hoped so badly to achieve. However not wanting to be deterred from his goal he would place his palms back onto the soft moist grass focusing his chakra into his palms once again. After several more minutes a very faint quak could be felt in the ground around Kenshin's hands and with a soft chuckle Kenshin would close his eyes to better focus on his objective and hope this was not a simple coincident. This time in a much shorter amount of time Kenshin would yet again feel a quake erupt through the ground around his palms and this time slightly more powerful than the last. Seeing now that it was possible for him to achieve the use of the earth element he would not give up and repeat the process several more times, the quakes in the ground getting stronger with each attempt until finally it could be felt all around his body. The next step being to maneuver the earth itself Kenshin would continue pouring his chakra into the ground until a loud cracking noise could be heard just in front of him. In plain sight there could be seen a rather small fissure that had formed in the ground just in front of him, only being a foot long and five inches wide it was a rather unimpressive display of his chakra but a tremendous step forward none the less.

Feeling accomplished with his training thus far Kenshin would simply stand from his current position and slowly reach behind his back with his left hand to grip the hilt of his katana. Quickly unsheathing it he would leap backwards performing a single flip to land horizontal with the ground, his feet placed firmly against the bark of a tree only being held there by chakra that he focused into the soles of his feet. His onyx black eyes stared blankly at the ground beneath him, slowly the blackness of his iris was replaced with a deep crimson shade as well as three tomoe emerging from his pupil to form the very famed sharingan formation within his eye. With a quick jolt of chakra through his entire body he would energize himself to move at much higher speeds than he had been previously capable of and in one swift movement passed along several trees to stop exactly ten meters passed them. A smirk on his face would appear as he quickly gripped his sheath with his left hand and brought it to chest height where he quickly inserted the blade of his katana and sheathed it with a loud click emitting through the training grounds. At the same moment this click echoed through the tree it would seem as though the bark on several dozen trees ripped open and splinters shot out in several directions showing the immense speed at which Kenshin had cut the trees and without being at least near Kenshin's own level of prowess it was unlikely that somebody could follow the movements that he had just proceeded with. Continuing forward he would leap into the air throwing his katana straight at a nearby tree to pierce its trunk as he slowly drifted downwards to plant his feet on its hilt to keep him off the ground. Bouncing backwards he would perform a single flip before hitting the ground Shifting his right foot behind his left he would turn on his heels, raising his left foot to near head height he brought the leg around in a swift swipe to simulate a quick counter attack to an opponent that was charging him from behind. With a slight smirk he was quickly realizing that he has far exceeded his fathers extremely simple self defense lessons with the swift and smoothness of his kick with such a minimal effort. With his foot still in the air from his attack he imagined two more enemies coming from his left and right he would slam his left foot back onto the ground and bend over placing his right hand on the ground as if he was preparing a cart-wheel and begin spinning. Continuing the motion he would bring down his left hand to continue the spin as he spread his legs out as if he were doing the splits with his legs in the air. To him he had just preformed a motion in which both of his outstretched legs had smashed into his opponents and sent them onto their backs. Ending the spinning motion he would push off of his hands and land back on his feet with both of his hands up, clenched into fists to prepare himself for anymore attacks. Envisioning one, final opponent charging him from the front he slid his left foot forward and crouched low using both of his fists in unison to strike the man in the chest, one over the other to send him stumbling back so he could pivot off his forward most foot and begin to spin with his right leg outstretched to attempt a leg sweep which in his mind worked flawlessly and knocked the imaginary man onto his back.

Feeling somewhat proud of the maneuvers he had used he chuckled lightly as a breeze hit his face causing his hair to flutter to his side and in front of his eyes. However he did feel slightly fatigued from this little skirmish and took in a single deep breath before he sat down with crossed legs, directly where he was standing. Setting his hands to his sides, pressed against the earth he began rubbing them gently against the crisp green grass before gripping a hand full of the blades and ripping them out and holding them in front of his eyes before releasing them so the breeze could carry them off into the distance somewhat. He did not know if he would sit here all day or not, but with the breeze and the sun it seemed like a rather inviting spot to stay for quite some time as he continued training himself. Thinking back to his old training he did with the leaf Kenshin would smirk as he plucked a single blade of grass from the ground and proceeded to place it on his forehead using his chakra to hold it firmly in place just as he does with his own body when standing on a wall or on water. Simply sitting there for several minutes he would intensely focus on his chakra and the blade of grass to assure it would not drop from his him. It seemed to him this was much more difficult than the previous time when he had used a leaf as the grass had a much smaller surface area and thus was more difficult to hold in place as it took more refined chakra control. Despite how difficult it seemd Kenshin would simply reach down and grasp a large quantity of grass and rip it from the earth to place on his forehead and hold them in position just as he did with the first. Ten blades of grass in total Kenshin would sit there with a pained look on his face as his stamina had already ran low from his previous training and made it much more difficult to do this. After only two minutes the grass would slowly removes themselves from his forehead and drift to the ground as Kenshin laid backwards as he had exhausted a large amount of his already diminished chakra supply. Letting out a loud yawn Kenshin would decide here is where he would take a morning nap and with the sharingan quickly dispersing from his eyes he would drift off into a deep sleep.

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Missing-Nin (A-rank)
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The best darn training there ever was Empty Re: The best darn training there ever was

Sun Jun 01, 2014 11:09 pm
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