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Sun Feb 23, 2014 2:05 pm

He lazily yawned as he leaned against the village gates. Here he was, on yet another mission. He really didn't know why he performed another one. Maybe he simply wanted fresh air again. Yeah, that had to be the case. There was no other explanation for this behavior! Keisuke adjusted the goggles he had now placed on how forehead. There were bangs that still came from underneath, brushing above his eyes. Other than that, he was still in his everyday attire. The boy cast a quick gaze around the area before turning his attention to the ground. There was absolutely nothing out here. Why couldn't they simply ask some chuunin to do this for them? He always saw chuunin at the gates. Oh well, this was an easy way to get money. The pay was way more than an E-Rank that's for sure. Kei rubbed his eyes with one hand, yawning in the process.

While he was doing that, he felt the presence of another being. They were only 5 meters away from his current position and being more towards the north. Kei quickly snapped his head into the specific direction, his eyes wide and alert. However, his caution was quickly replaced with boredom once more. There was simply a small animal near by. Though, or some reason it seemed to be... eying him. Now that was quite strange. Kei rose an eyebrow before making his way towards the animal, a small dog at that. What could such a thing want his him? He didn't know, but was about to find out. Once Kei arrived in front of the dog, he reached forward to place a hand on it's head. It reacted by almost biting the boy's hand off. He immediately pulled back and grabbed the dog by it's tail.

The animal seemed to squirm and whimper in his grip, but Kei kept a straight look on his face. The genin simply walked a few meters away from the gates, not too far so it wasn't out of his sight, and lightly threw the dog away. It had luckily landed on it's feet, but not without a growl. Keisuke shrugged before making his way back to the gates, more than ready to report his mission.

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Missing-Nin (A-rank)
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D-Rank: Patrol Empty Re: D-Rank: Patrol

Sun Feb 23, 2014 2:17 pm
Approval no jutsu!
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