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Bar Hyuuga
Bar Hyuuga
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Tue Apr 29, 2014 9:54 pm
Mission Desc:

Bar decided that he'd had enough of enclosed spaces, cleaning up other people's and other pest's messes. It was time to cut off messes at the source. Bar snagged a short-range radio headset and the much longer-range walky-talky, and was promptly assigned the callsign, "Genin 5." Nice to know there were other genin on patrol as well. After demonstrating the ability to use the Byakugan, he was immediately assigned the outer perimeter, and told to report in every 100 feet. Failure to do so would put that area under yellow alert, and if he was found guilty of excessive negligence, written up. "Don't worry about calling in or responding to false alarms, it's good exercise for you Genin." Sages of the Six Paths, would he never get away from smirking jonin?

Bar focused his Byakugan into a 200-degree arc over his right shoulder, and got to work. The repetitive chirps of other genin calling in and reporting "Area clear" quickly became a soothing rhythm.

"Genin 5 respond, this is Genin 4 at your 12." "This is Genin 5, you're at my 12." "Genin 5, genjutsu check. ... clear." "Genin 4, you're clear as well. Area 51 clear." "Area 51 clear."

And so it went. With his eyesight, Bar spotted all kinds of life, plant and animal, all of it normal. It was a pretty slow shift, no unusual activity, though Bar did spot the occasional pair of lovers and other wild game. Good. Bar wasn't interested in trouble today. "Genin 5, got a pair of lovers in Area 69. No genjutsu or poison evident." "Those two again? Ignore them. Just make sure no elephants step on them." "Affirmative, area 69 all clear."

When Bar's shift was done, he turned in the headset and walky-talky, collected his pay, and called it a night.
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Vagabond (B-Rank)
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Sat May 17, 2014 5:19 am
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