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In Someone's Shoes (Closed) Empty In Someone's Shoes (Closed)

Sat Dec 14, 2013 8:20 pm
With the curious, yet sneaky footstep of Ganki the Anbu Captain, he made his way to the top of the Raikage building, reaching the door that would lead into her office. His rather large Anbu draped over his Savar suit quite badly, his masked fasten tight to his face, the hood brought up. Why Ganki was sneaking around the building, nobody knew, but what Ganki knew himself was that the kage was off to other lands, and it was his duty to keep the village safe, right. His comical steps allowed his to prance over towards the Raikage’s office, his arms brought up over his head with each step, to prevent any sound being made.

With the door just inches away from him, Ganki reached over with his free hand, opening it as he entered the lavish office room. "Ganki is in da house." It indeed received an upgrade; the modern look gave it an exquisite taste. Speaking of taste, Ganki’s eyes now targeting the freshly stock bar, he rushed over to it with extreme haste as he flung his ANBu mask off of his face landing roughly on the floor. His greedy hands grabbed to bottles closest to him, his form than disappearing in a flash due to his speed, it was then that he landed in the Raikage’s comfortable chair, spinning around playfully, Ganki loved to mess around. “Time to crack these bad boys open”, he said as the char came to a stop, his direction now facing the door. The real reason behind this was to get away from his job, his everyday routine. Patrol this, solve that, sign this, fix that, it really starts to get to ya after a while. Agreeing with his inner thoughts, Ganki took a bite out of both the bottles, pulling the corks out of each of them. It was time…


He screamed, he took them both, the alcoholic fluids rushed down from the bottle into his mouth. The intoxication process already beginning, such a light wait he was. Ganki's vision hazed sort of when the bottles were removed from his mouth. “Hehee, IM the raikage”, his giggles and random gestures continued with each sip. Till finally, the fun would end, Ganki’s Anbu tattoo brought sensations, warning him that he was needed elsewhere. With that, Ganki rose from the chair, the unfinished bottles tossed aside in the trash. Walking near the bar, he whispered, “Let’s talk later, FRIEND REQUEST!!”, he said, as he slapped his hand on the wall sluggishly behind the bar, his seal being tagged on the surface. His gestures and words were a sign that he was definitely drunk, but oh well, like anyone is sober in Kumogakure.

The party now over, Ganki went to retrieve his fallen Hawk mask, placing it firmly on his drunken face. Ganki then dashed out of the office, the door swinging shut due to the winds formed by his speed. His next destination would be the village gates again, since some clueless Anbu couldn’t decide whether he should let a group of missionaries in the village.

(Exit, FTG tagged placed in office. 500 words added towards FTG mastery too)
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In Someone's Shoes (Closed) Empty Re: In Someone's Shoes (Closed)

Mon Dec 16, 2013 7:39 am
>_> approved
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