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Nightshade Arashi
Nightshade Arashi
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nightshades Jutsu & Weapon training (closed) Empty nightshades Jutsu & Weapon training (closed)

Wed Oct 17, 2012 8:33 am
It was around evening time, and Nightshade Arashi was standing on the training ground looking around. She was dressed in black sweats, a brown tank top, and had her long auburn hair pulled up in a hanging ponytail. Her element was lightning and unlike the rest of her clan she couldn’t use the element of storm. None the less Nightshade was very comfortable just using lightning as her element. The blood red sunset made Nightshade happy, Red at night a ninjas delight. She had a evil giggle produce inside her throat. She decided it was time to stop laughing and get down to business. The one reason she was here was to train herself. She stood in the certain of the training field staring at a tree trunk.
“The tree stump is the perfect item to try lightning body control on.” Nightshade said cracking her knuckles and popping her hands. She shakes out her hands and relaxes her hands. She takes a deep breathe as she focus all her bodies chakra into her hand. Nightshade looks intently at the tree stump as she suddenly has a flow of lightning emanating from both hands as she guides the bolts around the tree stump with small movements of her hands. “Come on, Come on.” She said still standing in the same place. She finally got the lightning wrapped around the stump successfully so she released her chakra and the lightning immediately faded away. Nightshades main point was to get the lightning around something sturdy; she already had the idea on how to get the person under her control once the lightning was around them. Lightning can be a rather difficult element to control and therefore Nightshade being able to master some lightning techniques was an accomplishment to her.
The next move was the lightning clones, which was Nightshades favorite technique. She quickly focused her chakra to the center of her body and immediately started to do hand sings and concentrate. After a few seconds two glowing lightning filled clones appeared on either side of her. Remembering that if she was in a battle any opponent who attacked would be electrocuted or shocked, she picked up a stick and threw it at a clone only for it to hit the clone and catch fire. When it hit the ground the stick was charred as though it was struck by lightning. “Watching storms as a kid I always wondered why lightning was so dangerous, and now I know.” Nightshade said stepping on the stick and breaking it into several small charred pieces. On to the vanishing lightning jutsu she thought as she made the clones vanish by un-focusing her chakra.
Nightshade observed a small clearing near the training field with a beautiful large shade tree near it. If her memory severed her correctly, the lightning vanishing technique was nothing more than body flicker but using lightning instead. Focusing her thoughts on the shade tree and building up chakra like she did for body flicker, she stepped forward closing her eyes and imagining herself next to the tree. As Nightshade became enveloped in lots of bright lightning bolts she opened her eyes to find herself next to the tree. “I could get use to this!” Nightshade smiled nodding her head. She then saw some of the wood carved tools that people use when they practice on the field. Wooden weapons and tree trunks carved to look like targets. “That is only a couple of feet farther away, I wonder…” Nightshade immediately did the hand signs and chakra build up along with the concentration on the place she wanted to go. Immediately she felt the lightning engulf her as she closed her eyes. When she opened them she was near the training equipment she had her focus on a minute earlier. “Yes, I can most definitely get use to this! No doubt about it!” She laughed her cute laugh.
“Since I am around the training equipment, I may as well pull out my weapons and practice.” She said as she pulled out her two Kunai from the equipment pouch on her hip. She stood about 15 ft from the tree stump that resembled a bull’s eye. Pretending that the tree stump was her enemy and the bulls eye was the heart, she did a ninjutsu stance and threw one Kunai and aimed right for the center of the bulls eye! “BOOM! HEAD SHOT!” She yelled in victory as the Kunai hit the center of the target! Nightshade ran to the target and retrieved her kunai. She walked back to her spot from before, this time she wanted to hit the lines on the outside, the same length apart. It would be like throwing the Kunai and pinning the person to a wall through the skin with the kunai. It would be to Nightshades advantage if anyone was determined to attack her. As she struck another ninjuts stance, she tossed both Kunai out at once. And they landed right where Nightshade wanted them to. “Oh yeah!” Nightshade said doing a little dance. In her mind, you have to have fun, even if you are training. She had one more thing she wanted to try with her Kunai, and it was to see if she could hit the target with both kunai, right on the bulls eye. Retrieving her Kunai once again, Nightshade returned to her favorite spot, which is where she was determined to stand from now on when she came out here. She did the previous ninjustsu stand from before and focused all her energy and cakra into her kunai. She took a deep breath and threw both kunai right at the center of the bulls eye. Right before her very eyes and practically slow motion, the Kunai hit the center of the target! “YES!!!” Nightshade yelled proud of herself.
Nightshade unsheathed the sword on her back and decided to trim the training ground trees. She had learned a few moves with her new katana and was determined to try them out. She aimed up words at some tree limbs hanging down. She aimed her katana upwards in a slashing motion, then did a sideways slashing motion, cutting down two branches. “Looks like I am helping keep the Konoha training grounds clean.” Nightshade said with a wry smile on her face. She took a running leap into the air and going up into the tree, only to come down slashing left and right. As she landed on the ground, tree braches and leaves fell around her nearly creating a perfect circle. “Yes my katana, you are definitely a keeper.” Nightshade said teasing herself. After a couple of repetitive moves on the training field with her weapons, she decided to call it a night. Night shade carefully slid katana weapon into the sheath on her back, then she put the Kunai up in the pouch on her hip. “The more training, the better I will get. “ She smiled at her little boost of confidence that she made to herself. “I will be making this either a daily routine or an every other day routine, regardless I will not stop until I am where I want to be.” Nightshade said encouraging herself. She began to walk back home in the dark. Luckily home wasn’t to far away, so she need not worry about making it home safely.

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nightshades Jutsu & Weapon training (closed) Empty Re: nightshades Jutsu & Weapon training (closed)

Wed Oct 17, 2012 11:55 pm
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