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All in the cards[Private Training.] Empty All in the cards[Private Training.]

Fri Sep 14, 2012 2:04 pm
Physical's a long hard road for a Shinobi...and not many return to their career afterwards..This was the case of a man named Kafei, who during Konoha's initial destruction was caught by the torrent of water and ended up half buried under a shop, his leg was mangled pretty bad it was repairable but the surgery in itself was a 50/50 risk either he'd make a full recovery after some physical training...or he'd never walk again...Lady luck was smiling that day.

It is here now two weeks after he was deemed fit for active duty once more, a stack of cards settles in his left palms gentle grip his right hand shuffling the cards with a casual grace that came from his years on the streets playing, showing off to civilians with his card tricks...and most of all...depriving chumps of their paycheck through a quick game.

He chuckles his lips curving into a smirk his mirth filled eyes now trained on the cards with a slow grace as the cards slide between his fingers and separate like flowing water from hand to hand he brings them upon a flourish and then collapses them back into the perfect rectangular shape they were in before....the hands switched, Oh how he missed his days of playing...almost a year in a hospital with nary the strength to stand by yourself for a large quarter of the time was a boring affair...made even more so when they banned him from playing, a sigh escapes him at these memories..but he has a purpose here...he needs to get himself back into fighting condition and get his control of his clans birthright back up to his standards.

The shuffling stops as do his musings, his surroundings are suddenly clear thirty feet ahead are three legendary trainings posts where several legendary teams began their journey to becoming Shinobi, the surrounding forest is filled with the sounds of it's inhabitants and the rustling of the tree's leaves the seventeen year old male standing in the center of the clearing surrounded by a forest wears a brown trenchcoat which billows in the afternoon breeze, a standard Jonin vest is underneath that along with standard Shinobi uniform his hitai-ate is around his neck the cloth much larger then most tied around his neck like a small scarf, his brown hair billows as well as his eyes continue to show nothing but confidence.

Suddenly...he moves, with a quick forward flick of his left hand one of the playing cards is sent forward towards the center training log, embedding itself by the corner dead center in the log, his smirk never leaves his face as he continues producing cards forward a sideways swipe from his right hand across the top of the deck send three cards flying at separate angles his fingertips catching and releasing the cards in different apexes of his swing sending them flying towards all three logs at once and in near perfect rhythm they strike with a 'thump' sound the cards surprisingly rigid..such is the power of the Koutaishi clan in which this man was an orphan from, he ain't bitter at all he met with his biological folks awhile back they explained the situation and he understood, it's hard livin in such times...course...the Lady who raised him and even his biological parents aren't alive anymore thanks to some Senju boy who came looking for trouble...the same Senju who's attack had him in physical rehabilitation for the better part of a year, Play the hand your dealt, that's what life has taught this card player he'll wait, he'll be ready if he ever comes face to face with the man that killed his Mother in all but blood and his Mother and Father who loved him enough to give him up.

Although his thoughts are dark his face doesn't give it away at all, such things come from years of paying, a stone cold poker face, folks who played with him as a child would of attested you could have run the boy over with a semi and he'd stand up dust himself off and say 'What? That all you got pansy?', his hands continue to shoot cards forward the sound of 'rtrtrtrtrtrtrtrtrtr' sounding out across the clearing as the cards flick from hand to hand flourish from side to side and single sharp edged cards are embedded in the thick wood his skilled eyes observing the damage while his hands continue to roll the deck of cards up down left and right, single cards shooting forward as if from a machine gun his power never letting him once run out of cards, he stops his palms clapping together directly in front of him covering the deck, he chuckles and lifts his hand giving view to a small white sparrow which flutters it's wings before taking off towards the sky and then down into the forest. "Ain't that sweet.." he muses with the same smirk and slightly lazy look in his eyes as before "Au revoir" he says twirling a card along his knuckles three times before he let's it stop in between his index and middle fingers..the card is the Ace of Spades.

His gaze locks onto the symbol of the black spade and he ponders just what he is gonna do with his Shinobi career....Being Hokage is a big dream....and that ain't his kinda shtick...Eh..for now he's content doing C-A rank missions, making his living...being content just like his Granny would have wanted for him.

He sighs, his smirk vanishing for the first time, his right hand trails against the left part of his coat and he opens it the cards embedded in the wood plucking themselves from the log and flying into his hidden pocket "Suppose I ain't got much time for musin' bout life...better let the Hokage know I'm ready for duty again.." he says his smirk returning as he turns from his position and begins his trek...Who is the new Hokage anyway? He muses as he begins his walk through the forest, his hands sliding into the pockets of his trench coat...Ah his weapon of choice, He'll need that for missions.

His lips form a thin line as his right hand slides against the stubble lining his chin his fingertips sliding against the slightly tanned skin offset by the dark brown beginnings of a beard, now where to get a new one...his old weapon broke from the force of the whole tidal wave giant tree and four tailed monkey from hell incident...He shudders at that...the damn thing nearly stepped on him during it's rampage and it took the rescue team nearly three days to find him...was just luck he was crushed under a grocery store...survived by eating the stray bags of potato chips and grape juice packets shook loose from the Monkey stomping around....Bad luck then some Good luck...just how a gambler has it sometimes.

The sun shines brighter tweeting heard as his Paper bird flutters past and lands on his left shoulder again, he casts it a glance and he chuckles as the surrounding tree's begin to thin and he makes his way towards the road that connects the training grounds to the village, he pauses in his steps as he considers just who he'll get to make the weapon..his other one was good for nothing but a broken walking stick when it came up against a wave of that caliber and the crushing force that nearly broke him in half and succeeded in breaking a quarter of him.

That Water technique was a Monster...and the Tree had to have been a Senju there wasn't anyone else who could perform such an act....the Yonbi was a big surprise too.

He begins his walking once more his thoughts still on where he'd find a replacement for his broken weapon and the events that ended up breaking his original, he walks past a shop selling basic wares for living, a grocery store...he chuckles "Helluva reason to hate shoppin..." He muses to himself much to the confusion of a few passing civilians before he steps inside lookin to buy some eggs and milk then work on his weapon problem later.

Coming up to the register his headband hidden underneath his closed trench coat he gets a wary look from the clerk who happens to know him as a Shinobi, the clerk gives him a nod of appreciation after a moment...customers are wary of people that can kill them forty ways with an olive pimento and tend to avoid shops that shinobi frequent this the hiding of his association with the ranks of the village...course that also leads to morons like the chump behind him suddenly pulling out a crossbow and aiming it at the clerk his apparent partner pulling a Tanto from his sleeve to aim at Kafei himself, They demand money and for him to leave the store "..You boys wanna see a card trick..?" He asks with a disarming smile and lazy look in his eye depositing a deck of cards from his left sleeve, the men stop and blink their eyes trained on the stack of cards and Kafei "Now it's all in the wrist you see.." he begins as he starts shuffling the deck then starts separating the deck his arms spreading apart as the cards shift like water from left to right, his arms makes a curving arc upwards the cards following the bandits chuckling in amusement while watching, neither noticing the smirk that spreads across the man's face as their weapons lower slightly, He speaks "Now, you boys ready for the finale?" he says his right and left arms suddenly fling sideways each towards the head bandit and his partner an assortment of cards blitzing towards them several slashing their hands disarming them the rest battering their clothes and flaps of skin pinning them to the wall in pain as cards dig into several parts of their arms and legs disabling them from use.

Kafei turns towards the clerk calmly and sets down his milk and eggs "In light of events...can I get a discount?" He asks his lips quirking upwards further the clerk sighing shaking his head telling him it's on the house as long as he alerts the ANBU of the crooks.

He chuckles in response nodding as his bagged goods are handed to him, he casts a wave to the disabled duo and walks out the formed paper around his skin becoming more visible as two birds form from his palm with messages for the ANBU alertion station located in the Hokage's where ya send the messenger birds to since the ANBU Black-ops base is a well kept secret that everyone in Konoha would love to stay secret, so they have a Rookie-ANBU man the station wait for messages and when the messages come in they alert the other ANBU through those crazy tattoos and the ANBU operatives move in to handle it, a simple system but one that works.

He knuckles back a yawn with his left hand his right carrying his groceries as he moves forward through the streets of Konoha, he notes how many civilians are simply blocking the path and sighs, flaring his chakra he begins to mold paper around his shoulder blades forming an upward arc that curves downward slightly several civilians watching in awe as the details begin to fill the civilian eye it appears as if the man just grew a pair of Angel wings, to the eyes of a trained Shinobi however the wings are not flesh and with closer inspection they would be identified as Paper.

With two experimental flaps he floats upward through the air and tilts his body forward flying south bound towards his apartment the trip only taking a few minutes through this method, he lands his wings curling inward and then blend in with the trench coat as his left hand unlocks and opens his door...The second bird was to the Hokage's sweet little secretary...hopefully he can get a meeting set-up.

[Exit, Word count; 2,054 500 Words for Small Paper constructs Mastered, 1,500 Words for Big constructs Mastered.]
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All in the cards[Private Training.] Empty Re: All in the cards[Private Training.]

Fri Sep 14, 2012 7:24 pm
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