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Akina Hyuga
Akina Hyuga
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The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai] - Page 3 Empty Re: The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai]

Tue Sep 04, 2012 12:42 pm
Akina admired Viper’s strength and poise in the heat of a
battle; however, there was already one thing about him that was making her a
little miffed. Just because she didn’t
want to be completely crushed by the Hokage’s sheer power, it did not mean that
she was expecting him to treat her like a child. With everything that happened around her
during her life, she was capable of having a mental capacity that exceeded that
of most adults. She remembered one of
the books she had been reading through, and the title was something akin to “The
Nara Clan”. The girl had heard of this
clan, but she had never met one of their members, if any were still alive. The Hyuuga and Uchiha clans were almost
ordered by the sun herself to stay living, no matter what happened to the
village, but other clans were not demanded such rights. In this book, Akina remembered a boy that was
named “Nara Shikamaru”, and it was said that he boasted an IQ of over two
hundred. She doubted that her own IQ was
that high, and it lead her to believe that perhaps the clan had somehow taken
things out of context with the boy, but Akina had a strong mind none the less.

There was something of a smirk on her lips as the Hokage was
making fluid, powerful motions to place her in a pin, while still keeping a
hold of her hand. Their shins hit without too much force, but it was enough to
cause the girl’s eyes to widen slightly in pain. She doubted this action would be enough to
cause Viper to stop his actions, but she pulled herself closer to him. Looking into his eyes, her silver ones saw
his want, his need. A sigh was stifled
in her throat, and gazing into his eyes caused her to blush as she leaned
closer and her lips were drawn together ever so slightly. Her eyes closed
softly, and her own heart was racing at this ruse, so maybe the Hokage wouldn’t
be able to see it coming.

Akina twisted her body ever so slightly back in a counter clockwise motion with her torso first, hoping to pull his leg with hers and move it to the left and knock him off balance, while she was twisting with her torso, she pulled him to the left with the hand that was linked with his. She hoped this would work, as she jabbed her fingers toward his right ribs.
Akina let go of Viper’s
hand quickly after pulling on him, there was a vicious smirk and a furious
blush on her face.
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The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai] - Page 3 Empty Re: The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai]

Wed Sep 05, 2012 12:48 am
Viper watches her motions, he watches as she gazes in to his eyes, he gulps a bit as he watches her, her lips puckering and coming towards his own.
Viper leans in a bit to attempts to meet her lips with his own abandoning his attempt at tackling her to the ground, alas this is when her plan comes in motion, her body twists as Viper curses himself internally for falling for this.
Viper gets jerked a tad but he plans his motions carefully, he plans on teasing her a bit, with this his being slips out of this plane of existence, his physical form being no more than that of a hologram in theory now.
The girls leg and arm is free, her jab with her fingers mysteriously passes through the Hokage's form, the girl should undoubtedly be off balance due to the sudden absence of Viper's form restricting her movements.
Viper's intangible state takes a few steps backwards regaining his own composure aswell his form returning to that of the physical plane.
Viper's face has a bit of an aggravated expression that he was tricked, he sees her smirk as well as he blush, obviously that took alot for her to do.
"Sneaky" Viper says with a chuckle, he is probably gonna have to try a little, he cant just play around forever.
Viper's lips curl in to that of a smirk, he is now 5 meters away from the girl as the air begins to blur, the temperature notably rises around Viper as small wisps of flames crackle through the air, Viper speaks, "I guess I should show you why I am holding back."
The distorted air made different through heat waves alters once more, flames take up a 2 meter circle around Viper, a pillar of fire erupting high in to the air spanning fifty feet.
This display lasts for but a few seconds as the flames slowly fade with a soft crackle, Viper's form visible once more with his smirk wide wanting to see her reaction to his domination over the flames.

Akina Hyuga
Akina Hyuga
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The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai] - Page 3 Empty Re: The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai]

Wed Sep 05, 2012 2:15 am
Akina noticed that Viper had just released the hold on
her. She thought a blush came across his
face for a brief second, but she could have been mistaken. He chuckled at her and she smiled as she was
called sneaky. These compliments were
strange for most people to hear, but in Akina’s mind, she had just received
approval from Viper. This approval came
at a cost; however, as her fingers passed through the form of the Hokage as
though he was made of air. She swallowed
slightly as her heartbeat quickened slightly.
She wondered if this power had anything to do with his legendary
sharingan, but she found herself about to fall to the earth if she was going to
keep pondering these things. She stabilized
herself gracefully, using her Byakugan to search for the elusive Uchiha. He had said something about holding back, and
when he had reappeared behind her, as she had turned around slowly looking for
him, she turned around quickly.

Fire had begun to crackle in the air. The girl’s body shook slightly, but she would
not let herself give him the satisfaction of scaring her. The flames licked eagerly around the Hokage,
and the impressive height of the pillar was a marvel to behold. Akina just stood still where she was,
focusing her Byakugan straight at Viper’s eyes.
A smirk was on her face, as though she was challenging Viper to come at
her with the strength she was watching fade slowly. Another shinobi would have been scared and scarred
for many moons no doubt by the amount of power that came from one ninja alone,
but to Akina, it appeared as though Viper was in his own way pushing her to be
better while promising to protect her with his life. It was a noble notion that made her smile on
the inside. He was smirking at her, no
doubt expecting her to be scared, but like a headstrong filly, the Hyuga girl
held her stance and her gaze never left the Hokage’s eyes. It wasn’t a stand of defiance; rather, Akina
was showing something of herself to the Hokage.
It was her hope that Viper could accept the fire that burned within her.

4,855/ 4,550 for mastered Byakugan
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The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai] - Page 3 Empty Re: The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai]

Wed Sep 05, 2012 2:34 am
[Approving the word count for a perfectly mastered Byakugan.]

Viper watches the girl through the parting flames, he views not an ounce of fear in the girl, his smirk does not fade he finds this the most interesting.
This girl is standing before him ready to give her all in the face of the unbeatable, something that Viper respects.
Although there is one thing eating away at Viper, the natural arrogance he has kept repressed due to his responsibilities, he wants her to fear him, even a small amount deep down part of him wants to see that fear glint in her eyes so she knows exactly why he is holding back.
He has the flames now layer the ground around him the grass burning slowly where the pillar once existed, using the masterful level of transformation he has gained through the years a set of pitch black demonic wings form upon his back, with a beat of his wings Viper is airborne, he smirks down at her.
"You have proved you have talent at close range, but lets see how you you fair at long range."
Viper hovers 20 meters up while still remaining the 5 meter distance away from her, his crimson eyes still taking in every of her form waiting to see how she fairs at long range, something Viper is curious about as he plans her future to see what she will need in this time of war.
Akina Hyuga
Akina Hyuga
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The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai] - Page 3 Empty Re: The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai]

Wed Sep 05, 2012 9:31 am
Akina inhales slowly.
It was something to help her keep her head as she watched the flames die
down a little, in layers this time, but she never took her eyes off Viper. Even when his demonic wings snapped open with
a small flap that sent him airborne, she kept looking at him. I know
he’s powerful, and I know I don’t stand much of a chance, especially since he’s
in the air, but he’s testing me. If he
wanted to kill me, I would already be dead, and it would have been my fault for
shaming him, but I wonder, is that how he really sees himself?
Suddenly, power seemed to pulse into her
Byakugan, which one, gave her a headache and caused her to swoon slightly, and
two, made her able to see even further.
There was a smirk on Viper’s face, and she decided to mirror it with one
of her own.

“Well played, Viper-sama.
You really do know how my clan fights.
But, you don’t know me so well…not just yet.” Her voice echoed into the sky as she
concentrated on her own chakra network.
She knew very well what sharigan was capable of, since countless
children murmured in her class about wanting one, but she didn’t care. The girl knew that she had one chance to get
this right. Deep within her chakra
network, she called on her lightning.
Viper may have done a show with flames, but right now, Akina wanted to
test the limits of her own chakra, since Viper was testing her weakness, she
wanted to turn it into a strength. The
chakra within her started to crackle fiercely, and it felt as though life
itself coursed through her veins, but she had to be very careful, if she used
too much at once, she’d pass out from the strain. A bad headache was no doubt in her future as
punishment for pushing her Byakugan so hard.

She carefully directed the crackling chakra to her
fingertips. What now? She gritted her teeth, there was only a small
amount of lightning in her chakra for now, which started to show at the edge of
her fingertips on her right hand. The
chakra was too thick, she realized, so she focused on making it smaller without
losing the lightning’s edge that it would give her. The sun was setting by the time she was
satisfied with the chakra at her fingertips, and beads of sweat dripped down
her forehead to the ground. No doubt
this would continue into the night, because she respected the fact that Viper
probably wouldn’t stop her training just because it was dark; no, this was all
part of the same test.

Her staring at Viper had turned into a glare. Twenty meters up over a five meter gap was
quite a distance for her chakra to go, but she would have plans of using the
water around her to make this work, if she had gotten the beginnings of the
jutsu perfected. Right now, she aimed
her glowing hand at Viper in the shape of a tiger’s claw. She smirked as she started to test the limits
of the reaches of her chakra, but she barely made it leave her fingers. “The one thing, Viper-sama, the most
important thing you could know about me is…”
Her eyes burned with determination.
“I’m not afraid to die!”
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The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai] - Page 3 Empty Re: The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai]

Wed Sep 05, 2012 8:00 pm
Viper's wings beat softly as he hovers, he speaks down towards her.
"Dying is not an issue in this battle, I need to see how strong your power is" He says bluntly, his motives are revealed, he is testing her, seeing how far her power goes and how to transcend her limits.
He watched at the chakra barely left her hand, alas range truly was her weakness, one thing that he is going to help her work on.
An alteration of his wing beats follow as he begins to descend now touching down upon the ground, "Well this is something we need to work on later, your ranged skills need alot of work."
Viper's tone is calm as he tells her what she lacks, he plans to work with her even more to work through the holes in her fighting style.
He walks towards her a bit and puts his right hand on her left shoulder, a soft smile now forms upon his lips, "Your skilled and there is no doubt about that Akina." He leans forward and softly kisses her on the forehead.
Akina Hyuga
Akina Hyuga
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The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai] - Page 3 Empty Re: The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai]

Wed Sep 05, 2012 9:11 pm
Akina was starting to breathe heavily. She couldn’t extend her chakra much further
from her body than three inches. The
chakra within her arms wavered. It
seemed like she was running out of determination. She lowered her hand and let it droop by her
side. She still had her Byakugan
activated, but she was starting to realize how tiring it was for her to keep
this amount of output up. Her feet ached
dully, and some of the things Viper was saying weren’t helping her. She gritted her teeth in determination, and
as Viper spoke again, she growled in her throat.

She did not like hearing about her weaknesses, but she knew
that it was a necessary evil that had to happen, but everyone in her clan
seemed to want her for what she was and not who she was. She glared openly at Viper, wanting to show
him her power. Her body tensed painfully
as she anticipated an attack from Viper.
He looked truly menacing in the form he was in, but he would not get the
better of her. She didn’t flinch with
her opponent right in front of her. He
leaned forward, which the girl took as an attack, and so she ducked down,
narrowly avoiding his kiss, but instead ramming his armor with her forehead. She was preparing her fingers for an attack
when she heard what he said. Her hands
dropped to her sides gently, and her body moved back. Her right hand rubbed her forehead gently.

“Was…was that not an attack just now?” Her tone was very confused. Her eyes shifted
back and forth rapidly, staring into his crimson ones carefully. “Do…do you think I can learn the formal codes
of the court?” She blushed slightly as
she asked this. “I mean…I’ll only…learn
them if you…are attracted to me, H-Hokage-s-sama.” Her voice shook as her body shook, for she
found herself staring at Viper’s face.
She respectively lowered her eyes, blushing slightly. I thought you said there was no place for
this type of thing during battle. For
all you know, he could be tricking you again…
She argued with herself for a while, until
she cleared her throat slowly. “Shall we
get back to training, Hokage-sama?” She
hoped that stating his title might remind him of her lowly place as Genin. This thought made her slightly sad. Everything was going to have to be a secret,
or she would end up becoming his weakness.
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The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai] - Page 3 Empty Re: The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai]

Wed Sep 05, 2012 10:58 pm
Viper watches as she instinctively evades, this however leaves him confused as she honestly expected him to outright assault her at this close of a range.
His lips that were puckered slightly return to normal quickly, he hears her question his motions but before he can speak he hears her next words.
"I really do like you Akina.." His voice is soft, his gaze matching hers, Viper does not really know what to say.
Although he may be older he is still only thirteen in reality, he grew up with his brothers and kept to himself, he doesn't have much experience with girls sadly, a new side is shown but for only a bit, Viper is shy and does not know what to do next.

Viper hears her break the moment by requesting they continue training, he hears her bring up his title, he almost forgot the title for a moment, viewing them both as equals, he speaks with a slight stutter, "y-yeah.." a slight bit of sadness is in his words, he wants to be with her but he does not know how to ask.
He knows it would be dangerous especially with Viper on the verge of global conquest, alot of people want him dead, those that can't will most possibly go after his loved ones, one of the main reasons Viper has kept to himself.
Viper still finds himself in a daze looking in to her beautiful eyes, if she would agree to take the risk, he would ensure he did everything he could to protect her even if it costed him his life.
Akina Hyuga
Akina Hyuga
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The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai] - Page 3 Empty Re: The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai]

Wed Sep 05, 2012 11:39 pm
Akina stopped.
Everything seemed to stop for a few minutes. She wasn’t even sure that
she could remember how to breathe. It
felt like she was standing under a natural waterfall. Her skin tingled and everything seemed to
spin all at once. She tried to swallow,
but her throat just constricted further.
“H-H-H…” She was shaking violently, and her face sparked into a violent
hue of red. “I-I-I-I…” Finally, a hardened lump went down her throat
as she fought for words to speak. For so
much of her life, she was trained to submit herself to whatever the Hokage
wished. She had been trained in civility
of the court to an extent that would be appropriate for a member of an esteemed
clan such as the one she was born into, but she wasn’t sure what to do at this

She licked her lips slowly as she remembered a bit of her
deluded sake drinking contest dream. Her
head was spinning in much the same way, but she couldn’t bring herself to
answer Viper’s pick-up line in the way a very impish part of her wanted to…she
wasn’t drunk enough to do that. She
finally noticed the earth stop spinning from her reeling head just in time to
notice that Viper couldn’t stop staring into her eyes. For once, she felt like someone wanted her
for who she was. This made her smile,
but her cheeks reddened further. Akina
could only nod slightly at this, and then she remembered what she had done to
possibly ruin this moment. He had
stuttered out a melancholic ‘yeah’, seeming to remember his place and hers only
a little too well. A loud exhale escaped
her lips. The air tasted sweet, and the
Hyuga girl realized that she had not been breathing. “My aunt’s going to kill me…” She whispered
with a laugh.

“A Genin…that’s how people see me, but how do you see me?”
She wondered aloud, wanting him to answer, but since he seemed unsure of
himself, she doubted he would at right this moment, so she told herself to be
patient with him. This was already hard
enough for them both. She felt she had
been able to prove herself to the Hokage, and his gaze now told her that he’d
rip someone asunder if the poor soul tried to mess with her.

She slid easily into a 64-palm stance. “If I am to be your lady, Hoka…no, Viper,
then you better stop being such a pussy.
A lady does not show weakness, nor does she burden her gentleman more
than is necessary.” She had finally
found her words, and her fighting spirit seemed renewed.
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The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai] - Page 3 Empty Re: The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai]

Thu Sep 06, 2012 12:29 am
Viper watches as she reddens further due to his words, her breathing slowing to a halt before the inevitable inhale, his sharingan clearly reads her words aobut her aunt as viper chuckles a bit returning to his senses.
He hears her question how he sees her, to this he responds with a warm smile.
"I see you as a beautiful young woman with much potential, a goddess fit to rule at my side."
The girls next words shock Viper, did she truly just speak those words to him? This innocent looking girl just let those words slip out of her mouth?
Part of viper likes it that she is speaking her mind, a smirk forms upon his lips replacing his smile, his arrogance he has sheltered for some time now is burning inside him for him to prove himself to the girl, how strange, viper did not mind it this time, it was actually against someone worthy enough for him to show everything to.
"Very well, but I am warning you I will no longer hold back. It will hurt."
She has done what she has set out to do, make him actually put forth effort in to the fight, his wings fade with a puff of smoke as he takes three steps back putting two meters between them as he takes a partial stance of his own, his right foot is positioned a few inches back, his foot turned a bit to the right a tad his toes pointing diagonally forward to his right.
His form is braced, but his arms remain at his sides, his palms are open yet his fingers are curled slightly with his hands tightened, his palms turned to slightly face the girl with their interior edge.
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