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The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai] - Page 2 Empty Re: The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai]

Mon Sep 03, 2012 12:54 am
Approved the wordcount granting access to level 2 and 3 Byakugan.
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The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai] - Page 2 Empty Re: The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai]

Mon Sep 03, 2012 1:08 am
Viper watches as she makes her advance, he watches her palms come forth, it takes but simple gestures, Vipers hands rise to meet hers as he catches both of her hands at the wrist halting their motion and holding her in place.
The next motion is unpredicted, Viper moved forwards releasing her arms sliding between them as his arms wrap around her waist holding her close, "It's ok.."
Viper places his head to the side of hers as he holds her, "Akina tell me what's wrong."
He wants to help me, he knows she is hurting and this is no way for them to do battle, he needs her calm before they can do battle, he can only hope that she will tell him what is wrong so he can help.
Akina Hyuga
Akina Hyuga
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The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai] - Page 2 Empty Re: The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai]

Mon Sep 03, 2012 1:53 am
hand movements were stopped, and just as her body was sagging, Viper caught her
in his arms. She was shaking
uncertainly. “I-is this…is being this close
really ok?” She whispered slowly as she started sobbing silently. The girl wasn’t necessarily one to cry, but
all of the memories where getting to her.
For a few moments, she held onto her Byakugan, but she let it go and
found herself looking into Viper’s eyes.
Quickly, she dried her tears and hanged her head. “I’m sorry for showing too much emotion,
Viper-sama.” She started to try to
distance herself from Viper. She felt
safe in his arms though.

licked her lips nervously. “My mother…died
during my birth. There was no one but my father left to help me, but…he must
have felt lonely, because he was out during a mission one day, and his team
carried him back…dead.” Her voice shook
and her body trembled severely. “I’ve
only ever had my aunt and uncle, but it’s not like…they protected me from the
cynics…sometimes, they were the critical ones…they blamed me for losing a great
Hyuuga pair…and then, I had to train hard on my own. I became a Genin within three days, and yet
they still looked down on me…most nights, I take care of myself, because they’re
always out doing missions or something, all in the name of the Hokage they
worship like a god…”

past crashed down on her, and she fought back another wave of tears. “I’m sorry.
I can’t imagine that someone like you, who’s so far above me would care…you
have your own life, after all.” The girl
smiled warmly as though it was over and done with and wouldn’t affect her
again. “Now, then, you wanted to tell me
something about my clan?” Her voice was

clouds and the rain had ceased, and the sun was shining brightly again. Some birds sang in the trees nearby, making
the training grounds more peaceful. “Ano…do
you like Ichiraku?” She asked out of
hand, trying to return things to normal for a moment before they started
fighting again. “…It’s my favorite
restaurant…so, when we’re done here, would you like to go? I’ll pay for it…I doubt my aunt would be home
tonight to cook supper, and I don’t feel like cooking tonight.” Her voice was
upbeat, although she was somewhat nervous, since she realized what she had
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The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai] - Page 2 Empty Re: The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai]

Mon Sep 03, 2012 2:43 am
Viper hears her words, these very words pluck at his heart strings, as a reflex his grip tightens upon her, his breathing has become slow, memories are brought up for him as well.
He forces himself to release her and takes a step back and speaks, his normal calm tone replaced with one void of any emotion aside from sadness.
"I understand you more that you could possibly imagine Akina.." Vipers right fist clenches, "My mother also died bringing me in to this world" Vipers words crack a bit at mentioning her death but he forces his emotions back.
"After she passed I was raised by my father as well but he was not one to look up to, he was all about being a cookie cutter Uchiha, I guess that is why I at least received attention from him, but even then I was pushed until I had my clans eyes."
Viper grits his teeth, he recalls how he was the only one who ever got the attention, it saddens him even more knowing what his brother Echo had to go through, how father did not even want anything to do with him, how father stood by while the clan beat him down because he was different, simply because he had the wind element instead of fire.
Viper deep down wished he knew now what he did back then so he could of taken his brother away from the pain, this is the main reason he does everything he can to make his brother smile, after all he is the only one he has left now.
Viper speaks again, "It was a little bit after my thirteenth birthday that Konohagakure no Sato was attacked, in that attack I lost what amount of a father I did have, aswell as my brother Koroshi who I still cant find.."
The last words sadden him more than anything, Viper can not help but blame himself, the last time he seen Koroshi he played a prank on him by putting his jacket on a wild animal and setting it loose, he never seen him since.

"After that I was one of the few survivors, the Konohagakure no Sato we are in now I built with my own hands, most say what happened next was just because there was not many to pick from, but I was selected as the fourth Hokage."
The constant belittling of his existence pounds within his mind, the words of how could he last long as a Hokage at only thirteen, this was the main reason he pushed himself so hard, strange enough he did not get strong because of those that put him down, but instead for the only family member he had left, his brother Echo.
"After that I was forced to manage the entire village, my brother and I were the only ones left, we had no one to help us we were all alone."
Viper sighs, so much more happened than what he wants to say, even more recent events of how the Tenkage and Raikage were planning his death behind his back simply because they seen him as corrupt like the Hokage before him.

"So I know the pain you are going through and I do care, believe me I do.."
He looks towards her waiting to see her reaction, the two ninja have now learned a good deal about one another, something that could only strengthen the bond between them.
Akina Hyuga
Akina Hyuga
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The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai] - Page 2 Empty Re: The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai]

Mon Sep 03, 2012 2:59 am
Akina stood there as still as she could. One moment, he was hugging her close and
breathing rapidly, but thankfully, he had let her go before she blushed too
badly. She waited patiently as the
Hokage told her his history. It was
fairly sad, but Akina was trying not to interfere by showing her emotions
toward the matter. The worst thing she
could become for the Hokage was to become a weakness for him. She listened until he was done. Her body braced itself as her hand reached
out for his shoulder. “I…understand. Thank you.
If there is any rage left within you, please, let me handle it.” The fire in her eyes should have been enough
for Viper to catch her meaning.

We’re going to
Ichiraku. No choice in the matter.
A tear unbidden streaked down her cheek and
fell to the ground. She had hoped this
went unnoticed, so that she wouldn’t worry the Hokage further. “I would be honored…to consider you nakama.”
Her voice trembled a little.
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The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai] - Page 2 Empty Re: The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai]

Mon Sep 03, 2012 3:58 am
Viper looks over as her hand makes its way to his shoulder, he then hears her words about considering him as her nakama, this brings a soft smile to his lips.
Viper shakes his head a bit repressing his feelings once more, there was no point dwelling on the past, everything up to this point has made him stronger no matter how tragic, he could only look towards the future.
His tone is more up beat as he speaks once more, "Well, we came all the way out here, so what do you say we get some real training done?" The smile from before still graces his lips, he takes a few steps back putting roughly three meters between them. "I wanna see what a real Hyuuga can do, do not hold back cause I wanna see your all Akina!"
Hopefully his words have helped her, he watches her movements with his cursed eyes should they be made, he is gonna try and have fun with this, both of them need to get their mind off their troubled past.
Hopefully by the end of this both of them will be much closer, Viper can only hope.
Alas Viper still can not help but think he is going soft, he is the leader of an empire on the verge of world domination, the holder of the legendary perfected Sharingan and the Rinnegan, he is a true master of battle.
Though, all of that doesn't seem to matter, Viper is actually happy now that he is around people who he believes care about him, for so long he has been alone, he doesn't want to be alone anymore.
Akina Hyuga
Akina Hyuga
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The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai] - Page 2 Empty Re: The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai]

Mon Sep 03, 2012 11:59 am
Akina watched Viper smile, and she was able to return one of
her own. He shook his head slightly, and
she could tell that he was trying to focus on moving out of the past. “Thank
you for listening to me Viper, it does bring some comfort to me…” Her voice was quiet, but she hoped it carried
much more weight despite this. She hoped
that Viper wouldn’t hide his feelings from her, but that was something only
time could tell.

“Hai, Viper, I’ve no intention of holding back!” She felt her lip curl up into a slight
smirk. For some reason, she felt like
she had gotten stronger by a bit, and she was excited to find out if she was
right. She mentally let her chakra flow
to her eyes. Something shocked her
terribly. When she opened her eyes, she
could feel the chakra pulsing evenly through her temples, and her eyesight
seemed to be much better. It almost made
her stomach churn. Her sight had been enhanced,
and she could see into the surrounding forest around the training grounds. She could also see through the trees when she
pushed her vision out to the forest, which made her head spin. The next thing that the girl noticed scared
her slightly. Except for one tiny spot
behind her neck, she could see in a perfect circle. The feelings made her laugh a little. “V-Viper…it’s…incredible!”

She shook her head slightly, coming to her senses. Since it took her less chakra than normal to
use her eyes, she flowed chakra to her arms and into her palms. Her body shook slightly, betraying her bravado
of confidence in her abilities, which, she admitted, could be deadly in this
particular show down. Her body shifted
easily into the stance she was so familiar with. First
She thought in her head as she decided how to move and approach
Viper. She had decided to approach him calmly, keeping her body prepped for her attack sequence. Once she deemed herself close enough to him, she started moving her body back into the stance. She was roughly a foot away from him. It would still be something of a
stretch for her to beat Viper. His speed
was insane, and his sheer strength…still…she tensed for a moment. She moved forward in a graceful motion toward
Viper. She poised her left hand like a
snake and struck at her opponent’s neck.
Her left foot was poised behind her, and she pivoted on it, marking the
earth with a curved line as her right foot met with her left one. Keeping her right foot still, she stamped her
left foot into the ground behind her and twisted her body around as she thrust
her right hand out to Viper’s left ribs.
She knew her reach during this maneuver might have been a little short,
but she proceeded to flow her attacks with graceful movements.

She had completed the ying-yang beneath her by focusing the
bulk of her attacks on Viper’s rib cage.
She kept a balance with the attacks between her right and left palms,
alternating between them as she attacked.
She had troubles lining up her attacks with the visible chakra points
with her still activated Byakugan, but she was satisfied that she completed the
ying-yang and was able to see some of the holes in her movements. She needed to be stronger and faster as
well. Her silvery eyes were determined.
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The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai] - Page 2 Empty Re: The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai]

Tue Sep 04, 2012 3:21 am
Viper watched as she prepared for battle, though something was not right with Viper but he did not show it, more over an internal issue.
Viper has never come across this before, he has never had to do battle with a kunoichi, it felt wrong deep down he did not want to hurt her.
The fact that he really liked the girl made it worse, he would never think of hurting her, but could he really get away with not doing anything? If in her place he would take this as a great dishonor, he had to plan his moves just right as to give her something but not hurt her.

Viper takes great note of her position with his eyes, as well as detecting the remaining factors of battle with his remaining senses.
He allows her to gain her distance, something he normally would not do, but his guard is lowered for the most part as if he is ready to take a bit of assault if for the most part to make her feel better.
This first strike however would not be the chosen hit, the extended palm comes forth, the target is the front of his neck, how strange of a place to target but regardless he will react none the less, his right arm sweeps forth as his palm impacts her wrist in a familiar motion as what he did before to parry her arm but this time the girls stance is prepared thus is lessens the effect to her body but alas her arm is still knocked towards her right, following this Viper's left hand shoots up only to grap her now sideways wrist.
Viper kicks off with his left foot sliding in to a partial dash as he curves around her to get behind her, her captured arm is tugged backwards as to pin it behind it, Viper palms forward with his free hand upon the center of her upper back to push her forward as he hops back a bit putting two feet between them.
"Come on, is that all you got?" He says in a teasing playful tone, hand to hand was always one of his favored styles, the only one ever to truly best him was his brother Koroshi, one he deemed a life threat to face in battle due to the fact his strength was so immense casual spars were enough to put you in the hospital for weeks while your bones healed.
Akina Hyuga
Akina Hyuga
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The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai] - Page 2 Empty Re: The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai]

Tue Sep 04, 2012 4:19 am
Akina’s hand trembled slightly as Viper gripped her hand
lightly yet firmly. His touch sent
tingling sensations up her arm, which caused the girl to tighten her feelings
in her chest and smother them deeper than was necessary. Battle was no place for those types of
emotions. As he moved behind her, she
felt slightly nauseated, since it was the first time she had caught something
moving behind her with her Byakugan. Her
world tilted slightly, causing her to take a deep calming breath. Something occurred to her, and it nearly made
her vomit. Viper was not only behind
her, as the tension in her arm alerted her to as she fought back a wince, but
the Hokage was also in her blind spot. Her heart was beating slightly faster, but she
could not let him get the upper hand on her like this. She concentrated on the situation at
hand. There was something she may be
able to get across, but it might not accomplish much.

She gritted her teeth and pushed past the slight inconvenience
and locked her fingers into Viper’s own hand.
As he jumped back, she allowed her arm to flow with the motion. She also twisted her body around to the left
as he was jumping, and her left leg kicked at the inside of his lower left thigh. Akina’s teeth were gritted in a harsh line,
and her grip on his hand tightened, despite pain flaring up in her arm. Her
eyes were cold and yet burning. So, you underestimate me…and it seems you
are holding back by quite a bit.

There was a smile on her face, and her eyes softened as though she cared
very much about the fact that Viper was holding her hand. “How very sweet of you, Viper-sama.” Her cheeks turned a very rosy hue and her
hands started to sweat, as her body shook.
Her tones were quiet, and she was being very nervous.

In reality, though, Akina was causing a very faint stream of
chakra to flow down her arm. As it
flowed, she focused on sharpening it into a needle of chakra. She stared into Viper’s eyes almost with
affection. She smiled very sweetly, and
closed her eyes, keeping her Byakugan activated, and her head cocked to the
right. She giggled sweetly. When she opened her eyes again, they flamed
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The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai] - Page 2 Empty Re: The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai]

Tue Sep 04, 2012 5:10 am
Viper notes how fluidly her movements are, their hands connect as he grips his, he watches her turn to face him as he attempts to jump backwards, this however changes as he smirks a bit, he will play with her for a bit.
He watches out of the corner of his eyes as her leg swings towards its target, his left foot braces, his right leg contracts and tightens and lits itself leaning forward a bit, his leg now positioned to block her kick which is destined to impact shin to shin.
Once her kick is blocked swiftly his leg does a complex action, it swings to the left and kicks forth between her legs only to curl behind her raised left leg linking them both at the back of the knee.
With the legs linked Viper then pulls on her still captured left arm moving her body slightly to the right, with this Viper angels his body and leans forward leaping off his braced leg to "tackle" the girl, his free right hand however extends outwards so when she falls backwards in her pinned state should it get to this point he does not crush her, his right knee is upon the ground, his right palm as well holding him up as his body lays over her slightly as he has her pinned.
Viper did not speak this through, his eyes widen a bit at their position.

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