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Akina Hyuga
Akina Hyuga
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The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai] - Page 4 Empty Re: The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai]

Thu Sep 06, 2012 1:27 am
Akina teared up slightly, as Viper spilled his thoughts of
her to her. “Very well,” she said,
drying her eyes with a sleeve of her kimono, “then I humbly accept what all is
about to befall me, and I’ll bear my duties to you with the utmost honor. If I ever shame you in any way, I humbly
accept the punishment you see fit enough for me to receive for my actions.” Her voice was solemn as she broke her
fighting stance in order to kneel down to the earth and press her head against
the ground. “This is the oath of Hyuga

She stood back to her feet for a moment, taking a minute to
regain her stance. She smiled openly to
Viper, and was happy that he would no longer be holding back. Such strength would help her find her
weaknesses in her strength. Her eyes
were as determined as ever. The flames
were just the beginning of Viper’s power, but she had no intention of burning
down in failure. Her oath would prevent
her from doing that, but she hoped the punishment awaiting her would not be too
harsh. This was the only way she had ever
known, but something in her said that Viper would not hold her as strictly to
the oath as she would.

Normally, the Hyuga did it so that no one would speak out of
turn, and so far, she had succeeded in tricking even the elder into thinking
that she was too docile to do anything great.
With Viper, she wasn’t as afraid to be herself, but she still had to
remember that she was a Genin living under her aunt’s roof. The thought made her twinge with some
regret. “If I may speak…um…about my aunt…where
should I live? She’ll suspect something,
I fear…” Her voice had returned to being soft.

She still kept her body taught and firm as she waited, and
then she remembered to loosen her muscles, so that she could be flexible and
hopefully avoid a few of Viper’s attacks.
No doubt training like this would cause her to be in the hospital almost
constantly. “There’s another thing…won’t
the nurses constantly expect something if you keep hauling me into the
hospital?” For a moment, she wondered if
Viper would be able to watch her be in pain, but she brushed this thought aside. She trusted him, and that was enough.
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The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai] - Page 4 Empty Re: The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai]

Thu Sep 06, 2012 1:44 am
Viper hears he question about her aunt, Viper tries to find the right words.
"If you would do me the honor, you could stay with me. I'll explain the situation to your aunt myself." Viper now has a mixture of his smirk and a smile, he hopes she will take the offer, he is not afraid of her aunt, what parent would not be proud to find that their child is eventually marrying not only in to another high ranking family such as the Uchiha, but to be the future bride of the Hokage and lord of nations.

He now hears he question the hospital visits, this makes him chuckle a bit, though he cant help but think she has the wrong impression.
Viper plans to push her to her limits as much as he can, not just outright beat on her, that is one thing he could never bring himself to do.
"Do not worry, the last thing I will ever do is hurt you. Trust me" The remaining portion of his smirk fades replacing it with his smile, "I have my own method of training for you, I will not give you anything I do not think you can handle."
With this Viper nods slightly reassuring her that everything will be ok, his position remains as he rolls his shoulders a bit loosening up, the metal plates of his armor layering his shoulders impacting each other slightly for a metallic clanging sound with this movement.
"Now, come at me and show me what the future bride of the Hokage can do!" He says as his smirk forms once more as he starts the challenge once more.
Viper plans to have fun with this, his powers are dangerous but he needs to be smart with them so they can be used in a more sparring method. Viper thinks back to his spar with his new anbu Navi Yamaki, this brings back rather funny memories that please his ego as he remembers the fear in his eyes, something he has yet to see from his future mates, this pleased him in a different way and reassures him of his doubts that she will be able to handle the life ahead of her.
Akina Hyuga
Akina Hyuga
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The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai] - Page 4 Empty Re: The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai]

Thu Sep 06, 2012 2:41 am
Akina shuddered a little at the thought of Viper showing up
at her house, but then, there was something in his offer and in the look in his
eyes that made her want to ponder his offer.
“If…you can find some way of speaking to my aunt that wouldn’t get my
ass kicked, I don’t care…I need some stability in life anyway.” Her voice was soft and somehow sad. She doubted her parents would ever approve of
her going to live with an Uchiha, even if he was a Hokage. She could see her aunt accusing her of no
longer being pure, and that thought made her blush a little. It was an unfortunate circumstance of the
time she lived in. “Just do you know…I…” She was blushing furiously. “I’ve never…uh…” Her eyes drifted down toward
the ground. “I…don’t want to until…well,
my….h-husband…” She just stopped speaking, her own nervousness making her

She simply nodded and tensed her body, until she heard him
speak again. “Fu-fu…future…b-b-b-b-bride?”
At this, the girl nearly fell on her bottom from the shock, but she
remained as firm as she could. Her eyes
were serious, but her cheeks were so scarlet, she was glowing pink. She nodded and moved toward the Hokage, still
poised for 64-palms, though hers would lack the chakra to do any real
damage. She poked her finger out at
Viper’s chakra points as quick as she could when she got within range of his
body. She highly doubted this would do
much, so she prepared the best she could for the damage she was about to take.
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The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai] - Page 4 Empty Re: The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai]

Thu Sep 06, 2012 2:57 am
"Trust me, I'm good with people." He sticks his tongue out a bit playfully.
He hears her next words about a future act, Viper cant help but chuckle at her reaction to her thoughts. "Well, we know where your mind went." He says teasingly to get more of a reaction from her.
He watches her tense up and then stutter at the mention of his words, Viper found this adorable that she is reacting as such. Despite how tough she acts, through these displays he views what he deems as the true Akina for but a moment.

He watches as she approaches him with her glowing face, Viper's right hand sweeps forth only to intercept her strike gripping her finger in his palm.
With the girls forward advance Viper pulls back slightly as he crouches and spins on his left heel bringing his right leg around only to impact the back of her legs attempting to kick them out from under her, her finger is released should she fall.
Viper swiftly completes the spin and re enters his stance taking a single step back so she can get up once more.
Akina Hyuga
Akina Hyuga
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The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai] - Page 4 Empty Re: The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai]

Thu Sep 06, 2012 4:25 am
Akina nodded slowly as she heard Viper. “I will trust you, though please, don’t hurt
my aunt.” She had said this because she
wasn’t sure if Viper was serious or joking, and unfortunately, she could see
him totally joking about what he had just said. The sun had sunk far below the tree line, and
her stomach undesirably rumbled right when Viper made his next joke.

“It’s…it’s not like that,” she shook her head ever so
slightly as she felt her fingers get caught in his hand. The impact made her wince ever so
slightly. It was enough to make her calm
down. “That…kind of…scares me.” She
admitted with a surprisingly straight face as she noted his crouch. There was something that twitched within her
and told her to jump and flip in the air, which would probably result in a
broken finger, but she needed to avoid being put on her position where she
would be flat on her back after making a comment that he could use to try and
use to unnerve her. Her feet left the
ground gracefully as soon as she saw Viper start to twist his body. She tucked her knees up to her chest and did
a frontward facing flip. Her eyes betrayed
her by widening slightly and nauseating her by watching her entire surroundings
flip around. She landed on her feet
shakily. It wasn’t her best performance
ever, but she kicked at Viper’s chest with her left leg while using the palm of
her right hand to try and deliver a type of open palm upper cut to his chin.

She was breathing quite heavily. As far as she knew, she had no recollection
of ever kissing anyone, and her dreams were probably not the most reliable
things to base her past off of. Still,
she was curious about Viper. If she was
really going to be moving in with him for a time, then there were a few things
she needed to know and a few rules she needed to lay down. “Viper-sama, what’s your house like? Are there…people who’d have…problems with me?” Her tones reflected some concerns as to how
other Uchiha might view a Hyuga entering their home. Of course, Akina wasn’t quite sure what the
Hokage’s home would look like or where it was located. There was another thing
that was seriously concerning her. “We
won’t be…together in the same…sleeping area, will we?” Her cheeks colored
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The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai] - Page 4 Empty Re: The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai]

Thu Sep 06, 2012 4:50 am
Viper watches as he feet leave the ground, he releases her finger when she does as to avoid an unneeded injury.
Viper's palm shoots forward palming the bottom of her foot meeting the impact force exact, detailing it with his crimson eyes, he leans his head back her palm hitting the air as he takes a step back still smirking.
Viper hears the words that follow, he stops for a moment to answer so she can ask what she wants without fear of being attacked.
"My house? Well I have two. The Hokage mansion, and the house I grew up with my father and brothers in." Viper's words do get a tad quieter when the mention of the house is brought up from his past.
"There is no one who would have a problem with you, the only ones I live with are my brother, and my adopted sister. If someone does have a problem with you, they can take it up with because I'll instantly have a problem with them." Viper's eyes narrow a bit, his protective nature showing through his words, he would make sure she was accepted no matter what even if he had to force each and every Uchiha to their knees to kiss her feet.
Viper hears her next question, it is a tad silly but important none the less.
"You can pick either, I can set you up in the guest room in the Hokage mansion that we reserve for visiting Kage and Daimyo's, or I can build an addition on to my house so you can have your own room.
I understand if you do not want to share a room with me."
He smiles supportability, although Viper would prefer it if she did stay in his room, one thing he has always wanted was just someone to hold as he slept, someone he knew would never leave his side, alas he was being selfish with these feelings and he would allow her to take her own steps.
"Do you have anymore questions before we continue?"
Viper questions, he waits for confirmation to begin fighting once more if she is done, or awaits further questions.
Akina Hyuga
Akina Hyuga
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The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai] - Page 4 Empty Re: The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai]

Thu Sep 06, 2012 11:21 am
Akina listened to all the information Viper said. It seemed that this was a first step of many
down a road marked with pain for a lot of people. She mulled over what being in the Hokage’s
guest room would do to her reputation and bit her lip slightly. For the most part, that one seemed like she
could hide away and not be noticed by anyone, until another Kage walked through
the door, and then she may just hinder the Hokage himself and ruin his
reputation. She shook her head slowly at
this option and turned her thoughts to Viper’s house. If she had to guess, there was a good
possibility that either Viper or his brother inherited it, but knowing some of
his past, the girl offered up her condolences with a sweet smile, even though
just thinking of Viper’s past made her want to cry. She supposed it would be better in some
regards to stay with his family, though her concern for Viper losing them to
their glares in opposition made her shudder, since she had been getting a small
taste of his raw power bit by bit as the battle passed on. “Viper-sama…I think it would be best for me
to meet your family, for if some visiting Kage came, I may ruin your reputation
as a leader…and that, I refuse to do.” Her eyes looked into his briefly. “However, I think it is best for both parties
if I’m introduced to them as your apprentice.
I don’t want you to lose your family because of me.” Her voice was

There was a certain hunger in his eyes that told her he was
trying to support her decision to remain chaste, but he really wanted someone
close to him. It wasn’t a look of hunger
in a vulgar way; rather it looked as though he was just very lonely. However, it would be best if she had her own
room as to not arouse anyone’s suspicions.
Of course, Akina had never thought of what the Hokage could have gotten
used to. She colored slightly as she
spoke. “I am…sorry if the Hokage is much
more used to certain…pleasures during the evening, but I think it would be best
for my reputation with your family…and your relationship with your family if I
had my own room.” She bowed slightly and
shook her head to the askance as to whether or not she had any more questions
and apologized quickly for the delay.

The bottom of her foot smarted quite a bit from the impact
of Viper’s block. Seeing that her palm
had also been deflected, Akina tried to quickly scan the situation. Sliding off to the right ever so slightly,
she was able to change the angle of attack that Viper would be forced to use,
and she nodded slightly, indicating her readiness. The moon started to peek out from the tree
line, and even though she hadn’t eaten supper, the Hyuga girl pressed onward,
wanting to in some way impress the Hokage further.
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The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai] - Page 4 Empty Re: The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai]

Thu Sep 06, 2012 5:38 pm
Viper nods softly at her requests, "Is that is your wish, then it shall be done. Though, personally my family will accept you with open arms, but if you wish to be introduced as such then I will oblige with your request."
Viper pictures how it will be bringing her home, he had no real doubt Prim would be just as happy and giggly as ever towards her, especially since there would be another girl in the house.
But he is curious how Echo will respond, his hatred has always been towards the Uchiha due to their treatment, but how would he feel about a Hyuuga? He can not think of anything bad considering Akina's behavior being one to be admired, she is kind and polite, opposed to the classic Uchiha filled with arrogance.
Akina is destined to be a light in Viper's dark house, something that he feels his entire family needs.

Viper watches as she changes her position, he also notes the moon rising over the tree tops, how long have they been out here for?
Viper extends his left finger tips towards the ground, with her eyes she views five "threads" shoot forth from his hand, one from each finger tip and in to the ground, the crunshing of earth is audible as it is pierced right through.
Viper lifts his left hand as the chakra acts as its own support, a massive chunk of stone is lifted from the ground roughly 3 meters in complete size, the chakra holding it with ease putting no straight on Viper's hands due to the function of the chakra.
He sweeps his arm forward the strings vanishing as the stone flies towards her at close range forcing her in to a heavy evasion just to evade impact.
Akina Hyuga
Akina Hyuga
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The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai] - Page 4 Empty Re: The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai]

Thu Sep 06, 2012 6:18 pm
Akina smiled slightly and chuckled. “I suppose that I should start calling you
Viper-dono, then.” It was a title that
was befitting of a master of his ranking and she seemed to say it a little more
naturally. It was a little painful at
first, and her heart seemed to be having a rebellious moment, but she quieted
it a bit. Soon, she thought. It would
all be revealed soon enough, though she did not like having this much deception
around her. It was just how life would
go, but it was still painful part nonetheless.
She watched how Viper’s hand sliced into the earth, pulling up a huge

They were too close and she knew that, so she loosened her
body so that she could move away from the boulder. As the boulder flew through the air, her body
gracefully slid to the right while her body turned to the right so that she was
facing the boulder when it passed about an inch away from her face. She was now standing more off to the right
from Viper than she was at the start, and she exhaled slowly. Her body was quite sore from the movement,
but she waited to see what Viper would do.
It made sense for her to wear him down first.
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The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai] - Page 4 Empty Re: The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai]

Thu Sep 06, 2012 6:30 pm
Viper chuckles a bit at the title, he watches as she gracefully evades the boulder, the same threads from before form from the same hand, this time however the threads have Viper's katon chakra flowing through them, the threads looking to be whip of fire generated from his hand that extend 10 meters whilst he sweeps his arm outwards towards her, the whips going horizontal across the battlefield set to impact her on her left side, the whips aimed for her upper body.
Viper takes care to watch her motions carefully, should it look like she can not evade and will be badly injured by his attack he will disperse them immediately thus securing her safety, he is curious to see how she will react to the new assault at such a close range.
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