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The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai] Empty The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai]

Sun Sep 02, 2012 1:27 am
Viper wakes up early for his training session with the Hyuuga girl named Akina, he promised to help her with her Byakugan today.
With this Viper gets up and shakes the tiredness from him whilst rubbing his eyes and throwing on his clothes with a yawn, Viper looks through his armor and clothing to see what he wants to wear.
Viper selects his garb, one he normally wears for war, the thin black body suit crafted especially for the six tailed jinchuriki, and his red plated armor, he unwraps the cloth he sleeps with on his head revealing his Rinnegan eye but only for a moment before he ties the Konohagakure no Sato headband firmly upon his head.
Viper slips on his sandals and gloves, he looks at himself in the mirror and fixes his hair a bit, he wanted to make an impression upon the girl and look as awesome as he can.

Viper looks towards his bedside table which has an open scroll about the Hyuuga clan that he was studying up on last night, he found out a few things that may help her out.
Viper puts the scroll in his drawer and plans to return it later but for now he has to leave to meet Akina as training field 11, he wonders if she is waiting on him or not.
Vipers form swirls as he transcends the space to now appear at the training field, Viper stands at the center of the chosen field, one measured to be a roughly 100 yard circular space surrounded by a sense forest, the perfect place to privately train the girl.
Akina Hyuga
Akina Hyuga
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The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai] Empty Re: The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai]

Sun Sep 02, 2012 2:19 am
Akina walked quickly to the training ground 11. She was sprinting in her geta, which was an
impressive feat, especially if the wearer wasn’t used to them. Her white tabi were turing brown from the
dust she was kicking up. In her hands,
she held two obento boxes cautiously.
She had made two grilled steak with mashed potatoes. Something within the girl felt fulfilled,
other than the fact that she had woken up a little late. Her body trembled nervously. This was the first time she would be training
with Viper-sama, the Hokage of Konoha no Sato.
The sun gleamed off her headband that was tied decoratively around her
neck. Her black hair swayed in the wind
gently as her footsteps slowed. She
walked into the training grounds and heaved a sigh of relief. There was no sign of the Hokage anywhere.

The meadow seemed as peaceful as ever. She carefully set down her obento boxes on
two of the three stumps that were in the north of the field. She sighed slightly, her body relaxed, and
her feet shifted into a standard practice stance. Her hands were poised for an attack sequence,
and her chakra had begun to flow through her body gently. She made the hand seals for Byakugan and
redirected her chakra flow carefully to her eyes. The chakra pounded through her temples and
caused her world to be painted in a world of black and white. The irony of this concept made her laugh a
little. Her body tensed as she caught a
swirling motion in front of her. As it
materialized into the Hokage, she habitually began to bow, but remembering how
he caught her in the library, she stopped herself short. It was almost painful for her not to bow to
her Hokage, but she had made a promise to herself to start viewing him as a

If her aunt had seen what had just happened, though, she
would have surely been scolded and possibly beaten within an inch of her
life. Her aunt and uncle were strict,
but loving people to say the least. Her
gray yukata flowed lightly in the wind.
She smiled warmly. “V-Viper…I
made us lunch. Luckily, my aunt wasn’t
awake yet, or she would have never stopped joking about my crush on a boy.” Her smile widened at this slightly. “If she knew I was making lunch for the
Hokage, she may have just fainted.”
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The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai] Empty Re: The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai]

Sun Sep 02, 2012 2:33 am
Viper hears her voice, he turns to face her with a soft smile, he views her stopping her bow as he chuckles a bit, "Still trying to break that habit huh?"
He says teasingly, he takes a step back so there is a small area of space between them due to how he appeared.
He notes her eyes have seemingly changed a tad, it seems she managed to get her eyes to work a bit more than before, he now hears her words about the lunch she prepared.
"Your aunt sounds fun" He says with a chuckle, Viper never really had much family in his life, for as long as he can remember it was only his brothers and his father that was barely around so the brothers learned to depend on one another.

He looks towards the lunches she prepared each in their own case and upon the stump behind her, "So what did ya make us?" He questions playfully.
Akina Hyuga
Akina Hyuga
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The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai] Empty Re: The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai]

Sun Sep 02, 2012 2:56 am
Akina half-nodded, half-bowed as she answered his question
to the affirmative. “Uh…huh.” She
laughed a little as he commented after her aunt. “Sure, if you call so strict you can’t have
any fun entertaining, then I’ll introduce you to her.” Her smile was sincere, but there was
something ever so slightly off about it.
Something within her felt saddened, and she found herself letting go of
her chakra control. The sweetness that
came with the rush of power coursing through her veins dissipated quickly. She looked at the boxed lunches and smiled a

“Now, now, Viper, it’s a secret.” She smirked awkwardly, not
used to flirting, and she was not used to speaking to the Hokage. She walked over to the stumps and picked one
up. She proffered it to Viper using her
two hands. “Douzou, onegaishimasu.” Her tones were soft and formal.
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The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai] Empty Re: The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai]

Sun Sep 02, 2012 3:09 am
"I would like that" he says playfully referring to her aunt, "Bet I could get her to loosen up!"
Viper watches as her eyes look like they are returning to normal, it seems she did not have full control over it yet but no matter, that is what they were here for.
He watches her go towards the lunches and hears her attempt at flirting which he finds sorta cute how shy she is.
He finds it nice to get out and relax, a pleasure he has not had in some time now due to his current life style as the Hokage of Konohagakure no Sato, and the Fire Lord of the Fire Nation, both requiring nearly all of his time.

He extends his left hand softly placing it under the lunch box and nodded softly towards her, "Thank you Akina, this was really nice of you."
He opens the lunch box with his free hand as the scent of the contents fills his senses as he smiles a bit letting out an "ah~" "It smells wonderful cutie~"
He walks over to the side of the stump and goes to sit down motioning for her to join him.
"I got some good news" He speaks now, "I found some scrolls in my office about the Hyuuga clan and I think I found the perfect way to get your eyes trained so you can use them sooner." He takes one of the chopsticks within the box and begins eatting while he waits for her response eatting a small piece of steak first.
Akina Hyuga
Akina Hyuga
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The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai] Empty Re: The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai]

Sun Sep 02, 2012 5:20 pm
I bet anyone could
loosen her up…with some sake and a crow bar…
She merely smiled at what
Viper said; not wanting to disturb him with her shameful thought. However much she may have had problems with
her aunt and uncle, they were the ones trying to raise her. She sighed a little as she hung her head,
realizing for the first time just how much she missed the ghosts who had been
her parents. Sure, she had never known
them, but she did keep hearing stories that made her somewhat envious of the
people who told her the facts.
Sometimes, she wondered if some of the Hyuuga looked down on her for
being the cause of her mother’s death and becoming her aunt and uncle’s
burden. There was a slight begrudging
movement of her hands as she undid the lid to her own obento.

“It’s nothing, Viper-sama…it is merely the meal that I owe
you, unless those strange dreams are somehow lying to me as well.” Her words seemed full of thought, but she had
no idea of how to tell Viper the human, much less Viper the Hokage what she
felt was going on in her head. The
snapping which signaled that her chopsticks were broken brought a very light
smirk to her face. There was nothing
left to the façade today. There was only
emptiness and anger coursing through her veins.

Akina’s deft fingers picked up sizable bites of food and
thrust them down her throat. Her greedy
tongue encouraged her fingers to bring it food at increasingly quicker
rates. Soon, her chopsticks rattled
slightly in the bottom of an empty obento box, and the lid was placed back on the
top a little harsher than necessary. She
had been kneeling in the grass while eating, using the stump as a table. Gracefully, she moved her feet and stood
without really moving her body. Of
course, she had been taught all of this in the Hyuuga residence, and such
movements came naturally to the girl.
Akina’s eyes had hardened somewhat as she looked at Viper’s armor. “Obviously, you wanted to impress me with
your clothing, but there’s something about it that irks me. If you read over those scrolls carefully,
then surely, you must know of the Hyuuga’s fighting style…so, are you scared,
Uchiha Viper?” Her voice was very cold
and uncaring.

She smirked despite herself.
Her rebellious nature was starting to show, except, this time, there was
no one to stop her from being free. The
field was completely secluded, and she was prepared to fight her Hokage as hard
as she could without giving up. There
was a glint of sunlight that reflected off her headband as she slid into a typical
Hyuuga fighting stance. I need to let my element out here…if I can
do that, then I can get past his armor…as flashy as it is, it’s troublesome for
The girl tried to calm some of
her anger from before, as to not overflow her chakra control. The sweet power flowed through her and it
activated her Byakugan. She could see
the blue lights of his chakra points clearly for once, but the girl was
beginning to sense that there was something else going on about Viper that he
was keeping secret. She had to rely on
all of her strength if she was to impress the Hokage. It’ll
take a miracle for me to beat him, so I won’t act like I can…but, if he thinks
I’m giving up…even for a second…
stance deepened, and her hands began to glow blue with chakra. It was a start, but she needed to go deeper
within herself. She focused on the power
she was trying to achieve. It took a lot
of concentration to delve that deep into her chakra network, but there was a
crackling noise that faintly surrounded her.
Akina looked down at her hands found that her chakra appeared lighter
than normal. Had she really done
it? There was only one way to find
out. A sickening smirk appeared on her
face, and she found her body rushing toward the eating Viper. A battle roar spread from her chest to her
throat and echoed through the air. She
knew it was foolish to be rushing the Hokage straight on like this, but she had
to know. As she got closer to her
target, the chakra within her pulsed and exploded into a fury she had not known
existed within her. Her right palm went for Viper’s left arm, she merely wanted to know
what the crackling meant. There seemed
to be an arc of a spark that lighted as her hand got closer to his armor.

She flowed her way backwards, preparing some distance
between her and Viper. The strange
chakra dissipated from her hands, and her body seemed to slow down. She was seeing the world in color, so it was
obvious to her that her Byakugan had faded presumably some time ago, probably
when the lightning had entered her hands. She poised her body again, taking a breath as
she made the handsigns for Byakugan again.
Her hands shook ever so slightly, and she felt like running away, but
something within her had made her stay where she was. “You don’t have to tell me…I’m a glutton for
punishment…as I threw the first offense against you…” Her voice sounded weak and defeated, but in
reality, the flames of her resolve and anger were burning bright within her.

She saw the world in stark contrast, which made her smirk
again, but something about this contrast made her angrier. All the
Hyuuga care about is success and honor.
They refuse to see anything but this damn village and they worship their
Hokage as a god…how many times…have they died, shouting out his name?
Teeth gritted in a firm line as Akina saw
how she had imagined her father had died.
Her eyes hardened again as though they were cold blocks of steel. Thunder boomed in the distance, and her world
clouded over in a gray haze. “C’mon!”
Her voice was raw and seething with rage, which caused her trouble when it came
to controlling her chakra, but she was slowly learning how to control it even
in this state. Something inside me wants to fight back…against all their lies. It’s not fair…I’m a Genin and they all treat
me like I’m a bumbling Academy Student…except for one…
Her eyes took in the
form of Viper, and something within herself calmed a little bit. However, on the same token, the same thing
caused her to become angry again. “Why…why did they have to die? It’s not…like
they were protecting me…not like…” Her first question was more of an
accusation, but her statement was whispered to herself quietly.
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The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai] Empty Re: The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai]

Sun Sep 02, 2012 8:33 pm
Viper simply proceeds to eat his meal, his right brow rises as he watches the girl get bothered, the food is eaten roughly as her anger is obviously building for some unknown reason.
He hears her words about his current attire, to this he looks down slightly noting what he is wearing, the thought never crossed his mind, he is simply wearing his clans battle armor.
He watches further as she seems to grow angrier for some internal reason, his eyes dye themselves a deep shade of crimson whilst he watches her closely while he eats slowly.
Her eyes are noted to take many changes back and forth while she attempts to control this power, it is now Viper hears her cry out and make her advance.
His eyes take in every little detail of the girl as she approaches from the front, her movements are not anything really serious, the bento box is tosses upwards a tad as his movements are nigh invisible due to the dormant speed the Hokage has kept under control.
His left arm makes a circling motion that only takes but an instant, his palm curving to the left and up as a firm impact is felt upon the right side of the girls wrist, his palm parrying her strike in only one swift motion which should cause her arm to shoot towards her left due to the dormant strength within the Hokage aswell which should serve to put her in a slight spin.
He watches as she retreats backwards the bento box landing back within his palm with a soft bounce, the next piece of steak is picked up as he watches her.
His motions are bound to anger her further at how easily he fended off her first strike with but the slightest of movements and how he retains his calm casually eating his meal.
He observes her as she battles with her internal thoughts, he watches as her natural body signs give away her feelings, the alteration of breathing, the tense muscels, all of these give away the feelings she is trying to hold in for the most part.
His eyes take in one final detail for the time being, the soft words the girl whispers to herself, it is clear now that this will be more than just him training her, but it will be a release for her anger which he would fully accept.
Viper can only wonder what is going through her mind, he knows how much it hurts to lose people, most of Viper's family was dead leaving only him and his brothers to fend for themselves.
Viper speaks, his tone calm with a tad bit of curiosity, "Akina, is everything ok?"

Akina Hyuga
Akina Hyuga
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The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai] Empty Re: The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai]

Sun Sep 02, 2012 11:00 pm
Is that…Sharigan? Akina’s right hand stung slightly as she was
hit, and her body spun to the left, which she decided to complete the spin, so
that she would not be showing her back to the enemy. Her breathing was somewhat labored, and she looked
at the figure of the Hokage simply still eating her food. She was shaking all over, but it wasn’t from
fear or the fact that Viper had in one nearly invisible movement, made her move
and not of her own will entirely. She
gritted her teeth and activated her Byakugan, knowing that such an effort would
not help her much. Her eyes allowed her
to see his chakra points again, but she wondered how this would possibly help

When he asked her if she was alright, she felt her heart
beat faster. Something about his voice
made her calm. “Stop…stop…looking down at me, damn it!” Her voice echoed
through the air sorrowfully and lightning sparked through the air. Small rain droplets splashed just under her
eyes and streaked down her cheeks. The
raindrops felt cold as they fell off her cheeks and onto the ground. There was a small breeze that made her feel
somewhat colder than normal. She poised
herself for battle once more, even if she knew it was pointless. “If you seriously like me, Viper-sama…then,
please, don’t hold back…I place my life into your hands.” Her voice was very
serious, and her eyes showed her serious intent.

Don’t kill me too
There was almost an
unearthly smile on her face. “I’m
prepared to…” Her words stopped short as a picture of her mom flashed through
her mind. It was followed by her dad
leaving the house. Her aunt was scowling
at her. Akina didn’t stop staring at Viper viciously. It wasn’t his fault her parents were dead, but
she couldn’t help lashing out at something or someone. If she remembered what was taught about the
Uchiha, they were a very small remnant of a legendary clan. This thought made her feel slightly bad for
Viper, but it wasn’t enough to quench the roaring flames of her pain. “I don’t care if I’m weak…I won’t back down
from this, Hokage-sama! It doesn’t
matter if my eyes are weaker than yours…” She was clearly trying to get him to
move from his spot, at whatever speed he wished. It would be a cruel fight for them both.
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The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai] Empty Re: The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai]

Sun Sep 02, 2012 11:32 pm
Viper sighs softly, he hears her words, statements that were far from true.
The lid is placed back on his bento box the chopsicks within, his meal left unfinished.
Viper's right arm reaches back and places it upon the stump as he pushes down having it aid him in rising to his feet, he notes how serious she sounds, but also the sadness still present in her voice.
Viper's gaze moves upward as the morning clouds are growing darker rain beginning to fall, the girl is obviously hurting and Viper can feel it.
The feelings that you are not good enough, the constant struggle to prove yourself to others that you even have a right to live, things Viper and his brother have dealt with all their lives.
His voice remains calm as he speaks again, "I do not look down on you, Akina."
The lightning above flashes as the area gains a soft shadow that blankets the lands as the sun is covered by the storm clouds, the rain droplets for now are slow yet steady as they impact his armor and run down it, his hair getting soaked.

Viper stands ready, her painful words fill his ears as he watches her chakra flare up, it seems there is no avoiding it, he was going to be forced to fight her no matter what.
"Come at me then Akina, give me all of your anger, all of your hate, I accept it."
He stands ready to fight, but not to kill, he will give her the fight she wants but he out to find the cause of her sadness.
There is no emotion or action without reason, one of the main things Viper lives by and helps him understand the world a little better than most.
Akina Hyuga
Akina Hyuga
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The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai] Empty Re: The beginning of their future. [P.Vivi and Aiai]

Mon Sep 03, 2012 12:22 am
Akina watched as Viper moved. Her body flinched slightly, overreacting to
everything that was going on. She felt
the heat in the air and anticipated the thunder that rolled in the
distance. She barely registered the rain
that was making her hair and body wet.
It was merely a little cold, but it was something that had been
bothering her. She listened to Viper’s
words and a sneer appeared on her face. “It’s
not you, and I know that…but…the rest of them.”
The ground was getting softer and it would be easy for her to slip and
fall, but she wasn’t sure if it would work to her advantage or not.

She steeled her body as she began sprinting toward
Viper. He was so kind to her…and she was…for
a second, her steps faltered, but she knew she had to carry this through. If she didn’t, she would be shaming herself
and her Nindo. She couldn’t do that, but…she
didn’t want to go through with this. Her
right palm struck out at Viper’s armored body near his left kidney, and her
left hand was aimed for his chest. She
didn’t expect these attacks to do anything at all, but it was helping her anger
to subside. “My mom…” She growled as her
right hand turned into a fist that slammed itself toward his chest. Her teeth bit down into her lip. “My father…”
Her left hand had turned into another fist that slammed itself toward
his ribs. “And then…they…they!” Her
chakra flowed haphazardly through her hands and she began trying to smack him
with her palms again. Her left hand went
for his shoulder, right ribs, and right knee.
Her right hand tried to slam into his chest. She didn’t expect any of this to work, for surely,
the Hokage wouldn’t just let one of his subjects wail on him.

“I…hate them…I…I…” Hot tears began to fall to the earth, mimicking
the rain that had been falling for a while.
Akina’s body shook and she felt her weight slipping to the earth beneath
her. The ground was slick with mud, but
the girl did not care what happened to her clothes. Her aunt would just assume that she had been acting
like a child again, not knowing when to get out of the rain. True, most times, her aunt was caring, but
she always seemed to care for Akina begrudgingly.

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