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Hisashi Saio
Hisashi Saio
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Azaiyo's Five Elements Seal Training [PRIVATE] Empty Azaiyo's Five Elements Seal Training [PRIVATE]

Thu Aug 16, 2012 10:21 pm
Azaiyo would wander the sandy training grounds of Sunagakure no Sato. The strong winds would cause dirt to fly through the air, splattering over Azaiyo's face as filth would run down his body. Here would lie one of the most important spots for Azaiyo at the current moment, for he would think thoroughly about his events in the past. His alliance with Kirigakure, what has that turned into? The meeting with the Raikage, when is the support arriving? And finally, the Akatsuki, what are their biggest goals? Azaiyo still had many people in mind of whom would secretly be involved in that organization, but would now leave it aside as he would train a great technique known as the Five Elements Seal. With this mastered, Azaiyo would be able to counter seals active towards him and knock out his enemies at the same time. It would be a win-win situation as Azaiyo would smile. The preparation of the seal would start:

Fire- Azaiyo would place his palm against the ground. By channeling chakra into it, he could feel sudden heat swarm across the thick sands of the training grounds as he could feel a repelling force fight its way back in the direction of Azaiyo. Azaiyo would start to think that this would be the test for the Five Elements Seal's mastery. By channeling more chakra into his arms, he could feel a refreshing feeling in his hand as the strong heat would begin to settle. The heavy force would calm down as a sudden burst in the form of a straight line would appear about ten feet away from Azaiyo. In a positive mood he would begin to realize the effects of this seal. The sudden force would charge harder as Azaiyo could feel himself grasp it. He would look at his palms as fire in the shape of a thin wire would try and come in contact with Azaiyo's hand, but be contrasted by the force of the sudden waters that formed in Azaiyo's hand. Slamming his hand down once more, a stream of water would form as the flames would wear off. Azaiyo would sit back as the first element was complete, taking a quick breath.

Water- Now on the second level of the mastery, Azaiyo would firmly place his hand against the ground once more. This time he could see a large force of water coming at him as he would channel chakra into his arm. Attempting to use the seal, he would notice both elements turn into a shadowy color. As this would occur, the shadows would block the large force of water as Azaiyo could see it shift back and forth. The mighty waves would not be good enough as the shadowy flames would overcome it, overlapping the strong waters as they would splash against the ground, the shadowy flames taking them over as yet another line of sealing was formed. Azaiyo would notice a connection between the two elements he had mastered so far. He would notice the second line of sealing suddenly merge with the first line of sealing to create an extensive barrier. Azaiyo was happy as he could see the barrier become stronger. Standing to stretch once more, Azaiyo would be ready for the third level of the Five Element Seal's mastery, the element of Earth.

Earth- Now in a more confident mood, Azaiyo would look down as he seemed to be doing quite well in mastering the seal. Within mere moments, two of the five basic elements were mastered as Azaiyo would discover that there was more to this seal than simply the five basic elements. Using these five elements, he could create a bond between them all to overpower any advanced elemental nature, thus causing the opposition to be taken down. Azaiyo would firmly place his hand against the ground for the third time. It had not even been an hour since the preparation for the very start of the mastery had began. This time, Azaiyo could feel strong rumbling as he would feel a much stronger force from underneath the ground try and pull him into the depths of the Earth. Planting his hand into the ground more forcefully, he would channel more chakra into his hand as the shadowy flames would burst through the area. The sand would repair the quaking as it would overflow the crumbling. Azaiyo could feel the rumbling still occur beneath him, much then feel heat rise as he could tell the shadowy flames from the seal were slowly calming the strong forces of the environment. Azaiyo would look ahead of him as he could see another line of sealing appear, and then connect itself to the other two seals. Now, of course, the seal was resistant to three of the five basic elements, and any combination between the three.

Wind- Stretching for even a longer period of time than the last, Azaiyo would finally notice the hour pass by. The heat was beating on him ruthlessly as he was planting his entire body on the ground, allowing the heat of the sand to tan him. Any moment from now, Azaiyo would expect to feel another source of rumbling from anywhere around him. He would look forward as he could see the last three elements try and break through the barrier. However, he would then notice that support would suddenly appear behind the elemental forces, trying to penetrate the seal. A small sand storm would slowly approach Azaiyo as Azaiyo had no choice but to forcefully plant his hand into the ground once more. Channeling more chakra into his arm, he would throw exploding tags at the storm to settle it down. As the storm would begin to reform, he could see the old shadowy flames begin to consume it, a good result in the eyes of Azaiyo. The storm would try to quickly rush at Azaiyo, but quickly fall as the particles of sand would suddenly drop back to the surface. Azaiyo would smile as he was nearly done the mastery. The fourth line of sealing would form as Azaiyo could almost see a completely circular seal activating. He would stand proudly as he would stretch even more. It was nice to stay healthy during training like this.

Lightning- Azaiyo was now on his final element, the most dangerous one in his opinion, for it would obviously come from the sky, and not from the ground. Being honest with himself, Azaiyo was fortunate that the previous storm formed from the ground. However, he was definitely sure that this challenge would come from the sky, thereby requiring much force to conquer the element. On the bright side, Azaiyo had not used much chakra to take out the previous forces. In fact, he had only used about forty percent of his chakra on the other elements; ten percent each. However, this challenge was gonna be a different story. Azaiyo could see a sudden thunderstorm appear as lightning would attempt to strike Azaiyo. He could see lightning build in the clouds as he would try to conquer it with a special tactic. However, what would that tactic be? Azaiyo was clueless until he would see what seemed to be a creature of lightning lurking around the clouds. Shouting at it, the creature of lightning would appear on ground level as it would challenge Azaiyo. Gladly accept this challenge, Azaiyo would begin to fight it off. The creature would strike, seeming to be quite fast, but not fast enough to catch up to Azaiyo. Enraged, it would begin to create obstacles by trying to eliminate the barrier standing before Azaiyo. Azaiyo was trying to think hard of a tactic strong enough to conquer a creature like this until he found out a certain maneuver. Implanting the center seal on his chest from his cloak, his chakra would become stronger. He would then launch his Great Shark Bullet as it would collide with the beast. The two creatures would fight each other off until the Azaiyo would jump into the back of the shark, flowing inside it as the shark would overcome the creature, knocking it down as it would form an arch that would launch itself into the ground, burying the creature of lightning alive. A second before this would occur, Azaiyo would quickly release himself from the shark as he would watch both the shark and lightning fiend break through solid ground, the shark without a soul while the fiend was dead. The energy of the creature would seem to be the final line of sealing to complete the seal. Azaiyo could see shining light rays shroud the area as the image was astonishing. The entire barrier was form as Azaiyo could hear absolutely nothing, all of the forces immediately eliminated.


~Five Elements Seal Mastered


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Azaiyo's Five Elements Seal Training [PRIVATE] Empty Re: Azaiyo's Five Elements Seal Training [PRIVATE]

Sun Aug 19, 2012 3:49 pm

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