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{Familiar Traning} Nutty's Training! Empty {Familiar Traning} Nutty's Training!

Wed Jun 13, 2012 4:43 am
{Registering Nutty as a familiar.}

The Hokage known as Viper Uchiha sits within his office, what seems to be a blur dashes through his office, it rebounds off his desk, the walls, barrels through his paper work, then finally stops in front of him upon the desk, this creature is revealed to be no more than a infant squirrel, it's fur is light brown with a white patch on it's stomach area, along the edges of it's tail are silver strands of fur.
The squirrel looks at Viper with it's pitch black eyes and blinks staring at him, Viper sighs lightly,"What am i going to do with you nutty, you do not listen to anything i say?" Upon completion of his words the squirrel bites down upon vipers right index finger with a growl, Viper yelps and pulls his hand back shaking it a few times,"Get off of me devil squirrel! I am your master!"
Nutty eventually loses his grip upon vipers finger and is flung across the room only to nimbly rebound off the wall and land gracefully upon the ground, it squeaks lightly and flicks it's tail, Viper sucks on his right index finger, his pets teeth drawing blood, Viper's eyes narrow as his Sharingan spirals in to his eyes, Nutty lunges, Vipers left hand swings forth and grips it's torso in his grasp, Viper pulls his finger from his mouth and speaks,"Look, I do not know what problem you have, but you better stop!" To most, their Hokage would seem crazy,he was talking to a squirrel, is this really who was chosen to lead Konoha? But strange enough, nutty stares at Viper as if he understands his words, he nods and squeaks a few times, viper noting this, sits him down upon the desk.
Nutty curls in a ball, he starts playing with his tails as he runs his claws through it and nips at his fur to clean it, Viper watches him confused, only moments prior Nutty was so hostile, now he is grooming himself in front of him, what is wrong with this squirrel? He thinks with a sigh, this peace is short lived as Nutty grasps once of Vipers pens used for his paper work and swats him in the chin with it, a playful squeak coming from him, Viper breaks form his thoughts as he gets impacted, he looks down angry at first, but senses no hostility, only the squirrel taunting him with its new "Weapon", Viper smirks,"Fine then." Viper grabs another pen from his holds and holds it between his right index finger and thumb, viper strikes lightly as nutty blocks with his own pen, Viper chuckles at this, this squirrel is truly something else, for a few moments the two play back and forth in their pen battle, nutty striking hard and Viper playing along releases the pen letting it go flying to the floor, Viper puts his hands up, "Ok ya got me!" he says with a smile, the infantile nutty joyfully squeaks and raises it's pen to the sky shuffling in place in almost a "Victory dance".
Viper chuckles at this, he truly has one "Interesting" pet.

{Word Count:528/500
Can anyone tell me if Familiars get stats since they require training posts?

Kurisu "Fifi" Ametsuchi
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{Familiar Traning} Nutty's Training! Empty Re: {Familiar Traning} Nutty's Training!

Wed Jun 13, 2012 9:06 pm

No idea if they get stats.
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