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Fuyo Uchiha
Fuyo Uchiha
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Fri Jan 11, 2019 11:35 am
Fuyo woke up to blinding light due to the reflection off of the falling snow outside of his window. Quickly Fuyo covered his eyes from the snows light and being the dim wit he is in the mornings fell accidentally fell off of his grand designed bed that used to belong to his father. Fuyo fell down and since he was blinded he couldn't catch himself in time to get back up and be okay. Fuyo landed straight on the bridge of his nose causing it to bleed but little that he forgot that his cat Matatabi was flung into the air because his dim wittiness of his actions Matatabi landed of fuyo and wildly started to scratch fuyos back with her long sharp claws slashing wildly. Fuyo shot up off the ground sending Matatabi across the room (Landing on her feet of coarse Shes a cat after all). fuyo sprinted to the nearest bathroom to look at his nose and his back. When Fuyo got to his bathroom someone was already there trying to tame his hair that looked like he couldn't revert from super sayain. his friend nekrun wiped around and slammed the door shut on fuyo and said that the bathroom was occupied. Fuyo then ran to the next bathroom and slammed that door shut so hard the door shook violently in its frame. Fuyo then grabbed a tissue box and grabbed a tissue after tissue wiping, soaking and cleaning up the blood that leaked from his entire body. at the end of things, he had about 14 and a half tissues soaked in his own blood. Fuyo felt very light headed after all his blood loss. Later Nekrun came to aid Fuyo in his wounds. He laid next to fuyo healing each cut on fuyos back. The green-blue light extorted around Nekruns hands hovering over fuyos back. But as soon after nekrun sealed all fuyos wound nek stood up and punched fuyo in one of the scares on Fuyos back nek knew that certain scars were on nerve clusters so he picked one that would hurt the most. Nek proceeded to lecture Fuyo for being stupid and that he needed to get his shit together and what not. Fuyo rolled his eyes at nekrun causing him to get another beating from nek but Fuyo thought it was worth it. Fuyo grabbed his cloak that bore the Uchiha crest and walked to the training fields he wanted to learn a new jutsu on his own but probably wouldn't be able to finish learning it that day. Fuyo walked down the path back to the village. (Because the Uchiha part of town is outside the village walls. Because they used to have there own government.) Fuyo was having one of the worst days for his modern life. And the next part of the morning just made it worse. As fuyo tried to make it back to the village he had some trouble at the gate there was a new shinobi posted there than usual. Fuyo sat there in the gate frame looking at the new shinobi posted at the gate. The new shinobi was intensely looking over some of Fuyos identification like cards, papers and etc. Fuyo was starting to get royally pissed at the new guy. this dumb lump of mistakes sat there staring at Fuyos I.D. Fuyo knew that he should have let fuyo in as soon as he saw the Uchiha crest.
Fuyo stood up and released steam he walked up to the new shinobi that was bordering the gate and asked him what was taking him forever to let him into the gate. the shinobi said the most stupid things and said that he had to call in some other shinobi over for there expertise to check if Fuyos document was forged or not so fuyo walked back to the side of the gate and sat down and did anything to try to entertain and distract him from killing the shinobi. Fuyo turned his left pocket inside out to see what he could do with whatever was there When he turned ou his pocket nothing but a toothpick and some lint fell out of the fabric. Fuyo grabbed the toothpick and started to do dumb things with it like balancing the toothpick on the end of Fuyo's finger and see how long Fuyo could keep it there (without any tricks like chakra control to keep it upright) Fuyo then started to throw it like a dart at a wall eventually he threw it to hard and the toothpick broke in two. fuyo cursed and picked up both of the pieces from the ground the new wood was stretched and tore with dirt in the smallest cracks of the new oakish wood. Fuyo decided to turn out his other outstanding pocket of boredom. Fuyos eyes lit up. Fuyo totally forgot that he always carried it with him. He ran to the shinobi and gave him the ninja headband that he had stashed in his pocket. the shinobi put on hold the other shinobi that he was talking to and inspected the headband from Kono. The shinobi then took up the phone with the other shinobi and cancelled his request then he looked up up the stack of papers and the headband back to fuyo and allowed fuyo to head to the training fields. Fuyo took a step through the gates and the shinobi said oh wait. Fuyo whiped to look at the shinobi. the shinobi soon turned his attitude back to a joking one and started laughing and gave Fuyo the go-ahead to go through the gate without worries the shinobi bowed to fuyo and asked him to forgive him for the long wait and the sudden absence of the original gate person. Fuyo told the shinobi that it was no worries and whipped back around and started to walk toward the training fields finally Fuyo was set free of the gatekeepers Tierney! (Fuyo snickered at that thought).
                           Fuyo was running into the sea of people crowding the streets of the village walk ways. Fuyo looked at the people that bumped in to him. They all looked so normal to him... With there brown, Black or simple blonde hair and there stupid suits and dresses running to get to there work. There pale skin and biased minds judging other minority like the shinobi and the other ethnicities it all disgusted Fuyo. This is the reason for the will of fire has dwindled to barely the concept of ash with the smallest of sparks dumbly blinded by there Hokage leading them down the path of loss and pain. But Fuyo knew so many of his friends were those sparks the blindly followed the smoke of there "God" there "Kage" the leader that they deserve. Fuyo was elbow checked by a man with a brief case and a pin striped suit trying to go some where too fast Fuyo guessed he was late for some thing and super tense so he decided to let him go with out trying to talk to him. Fuyo turned his head and was trampled to the flat, dirty, Hard, cold and paved ground by some small, blonde, tender hearted, kid with passion trying to find his mum even when he crashed into fuyo he kept calling for his mum not even stopping to apologize to the young genin that he knocked an Uchiha to the ground the kid had guts so Fuyo stood up brushed of dirt particles and dust off his cloak and kneeled in front of the kid "Hey I'm fuyo Uchiha and I'm more than happy to look for your mom with you okay? Fuyo stood up and looked down at the kid. The small boy raised his hand up at Fuyo and Fuyo took his hand and walked to the street with the boy calling out for his mother. It wasn't quite working so fuyo pick up the kid and ran up on the side of a building and set the kid down on top of the roof and asked him what his mum looked like. "M-my Mum looks tall and she is very nice and, and." Fuyo noticed that the boy struggled with words so he triedto put on a fake smile and tried to ask him some basic questions about his mum. 
"Is she skinny or more big chungas?" 
The boy snickered at the joke and said 
"more skinny th-then anything."
"how bought her hair is it long or short?"
"I-Its shorter them most mums i have seen."
"What color is her hair?"
"she is a black haired."
Fuyo snikerd at his grammer even thogh his was just as bad.
Fuyo looked over the crowd looking for a shortish, skinny, mum with short - ish black hair Fuyo thought that the mum would be quite concerned so he looked for some one that was looking sharply around the flooded streets with tons of people. When he looked down he thought he was looking at a wheres waldo page. Fuyo kept looking for this child parent but all he could he where buff men that totally just went to the gym with out taking care of any type of hygiene because they were secreting oceans off there body ( Not literally it a hyperbole if you don't know what that is you should look that up you nim wad that's like 4 grade English, Lol. Okay I'm going back to the story.) and short skinny moms that are trying to show off some rated M thing to the crowed. (Fuyo kept the boys eyes coverd when some came by.) Fuyo looked for this woried willis but there was no signs of the childs mum. Fuyo looked at the boy and asked where he lost her first.
"umm at the dinner a c-cuple blocks d-down." 
Fuyo kept noticing that the boy had a speech issue ans was wondering what it was it was eather that the kid was sacred mabey nervus or mabey it was just that the kid had a speech impedement. Fuyo made sure to look after the kid fuyo picked him up and decended ever so carfuly to the ground with the boy in Fuyos arms. Fuyo put the boy down then he him self fliped of of the ground and took the boys hand and started to walk to the dinner that was only a cuple blocks away from where the child bumped in to the young Uchiha. Crowed streets were such a neusense to where Fuyo was trying to get to people pushed shoved and checked the Uchiha and the boy Surprisingly even though he's just a small child. Fuyo then got tierd of it so when people got to close to the dynamic duo Fuyo refused to be the pushed to he bacame the pushee no matter who they were. some wiped ther heads at fuyo and others just passed him minding there own bissnuse thinking that the shove to the side was just another day for them fuyo charged on with his fake smile trying to make the boy more happy then worried by telling him the dubest knock knock jokes some dad jokes etc. Some times the kid laughed and some times there was just awkward silence. Fuyo kept going tward the diner trying to return the kid back to his mother. Fuyo looked over the crowed and could see the biulding and picked up the kid and sprinted toward the building. The asked the young Uchiha if there was a bathroom near by because he had to take a piss. Fuyo told him that he needed to hold it because he was almost at the dinner and they had preety nice bathroooms at leadt that was fuyo thought. Fuyo had only travled once to that dinner once in his life. fuyo kept going twoard the biulding to try and help the kid out whe fuyo pushed the final person out of the way the dinner door was right in front of fuyo and the boy  Fuyo set the boy back on the pavment and opend the door still with the boys hand in grip. Fuyo opend the door an a small bell rung to signal that a person had enterd the biulding when fuyo enterd his right away asked if anyone had lost a child. Fuyo then amedilt noticed a young looking girl coming out of a back room that mached the discription of the young boy and the girl was in tears. she ran up to the young boy and said
"Oh my god tobias you nearly gave your mum a heart attack do you hear me?"
"yes mum, sorry..."
"Oh shut it."
The mum wrapped her arms around the child named tobias and dident let go. she wept for the finding of her child and while the parent nor the boy was looking at fuyo he realeased his small fake grin and watched them hug. Which he was never allowed to do. hug. If fuyo tried to hug eather his parents his father would beat the child until he was vomiting from the pain that a whip would crack or a sword would cut through and on his body so Fuoy awkawrdly stared at the two of them hugging for a extensily long time. The Mum just refused to let go of her child Fuyo felt uneasy so he tured tward the door to try and leave but as he laid a finger on the door knob he felt a tight gasp around his wast. Fuyo felt a rush of emarisment go down his body his tured his head to see that the mum was holding Fuyo. Fuyo tured and weirdly tried to hug the mother back even though Fuyo had no idea of what to do when she wraped her arms around him like a snake. Fuyo hen got on his knees with the mum and sat there in silence hugging each other. The boy walked over and put his arm around the both of the two trying to ease the awkard moment to a loving one. The boys mum looked up at Fuyo Still with tears running down her face
"Thank y-you"
Then the mother once again broke back into tears wrapping her arms tighter and tighter squeezing the darkness from his soul and his being it self. Fuyo wished the woman could squeeze his demons away but that's what defines the young Uchiha. That day he realized he was his demon but not just any demon he was his own devil... the boy backed of and tried to pry his mother off the boy that helped him trying to tell his mother that he proboly had to do somthing important or he wouldent be in rush hour trafic where they met. Mum let go imeddietly and tryied to apologize for he insulense. Fuyo told her it wasent her fault and he hugged her back he got up high fived the boy and walked out the door and gave them a peace sign and Fuyo made his way back on track to the training feilds.
            Fuyo squeezed him self back in to crowds trying to get to his training but the fource of the crowd pushed him self back but he kept pushing forward trying his hardest to force his way to his destination to the tranning felds where he had a new jutsu in mind to try and get. so fuyo pushed on ward shoving everyone the crossed him and was too close for confort. fuyo just pushed and shoved pushed and shoved pushed and shoved. untill he made it to the final stretch that was close to the training fields. The young uchiha grunted and was happy that the pain his arms because he was pushing and shoving people around though he had no sympathy it tired his arms. Fuyo depite the tired ness he kept going at with a cold heart of stone making sure no one got in his way with out being shoved to the ground. Fuyo kept planting one foot in front of the other making his way to the training feilds he finaly made it threw the sea of people and made it to the tranning feilds and finnaly fuyo can start with his new jutsu fuyo walked to the open fields with beautiful green grasses leaves and blue skies and the sun shines on the cretures that enhabit the souronding area. well, this is what some of fuyos friends would think but fuyo no longer cared for these simple things. Fuyo cared for his rank and how he was portrayed in the village. Fuyo no longer wished to be weak. Fuyo lingered standing in place thinking of the people he had met that day. Fuyo just stood there until he noticed that the sun was lowering down the horizon Had Fuyo been standing there for that long? had he wasted his entire day? Had he been looking at the world around him for hours. Fuyo decided that he was finally going to train for a small bit so he took a step onto the training field tried something he had been working on. Fuyo concentrated chakra in a spherical orb put some space-time energy to it and aimed the sphere on the ground and shot it. The orb splaterd on the ground with a green cirlce. Fuyo then looked behind him and shot at a tree with the same thing at that but when it splattered on the tree he could see the skies orange sunset colour Fuyo knew he had done it he had perfected it jutsu he wanted Fuyo turned back at the green circle on the ground and looked at it he could see himself his back fuyo then stood up and jump onto the circle and he was transported through the tree and back to the ground. Fuyo had done it he has made a portal...

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Fri Jan 11, 2019 11:43 am
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