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Zansū Rayu
Zansū Rayu
Academy Student
Academy Student
Stat Page : Raging Storm
Mission Record : mission Log
Taijutsu Weaponry Ninjutsu Default
Lightning Default
Village : Kumogakure
Ryo : 0

The start of the storm Empty The start of the storm

Mon Jan 29, 2024 7:13 pm

Atop one of the highest peaks of the village, Zansu was climbing the rocky cliffs, her forehead and whole face sweaty from the hot sun shining right in her eyes, and from the efforts of her scaling the stone wall up the peak.

''Damn these fuckin' greedy bald chickens! Why you had to take it uh!?'' Said loudly Zansu to herself regarding the situation, frustrated and struggling to climb, as she looked up toward the top of the mountain she was climbing up, looking directly at the vulture nest with the vulture itself in it, the snatched pink purse hanging on the side of it, glistening in the sun with the gold details on it. As she continued her assension on the surface, securing one hand after the next, with her feets following closely behind pushing her whole body up with each move, Zansu felt this was a very funny begining in the village of the hidden clouds.

As she had her head way above the clouds, seeing only peaks of stone and buildings attached to it, the white haired woman couldnt help herself but to pause a little, enjoying the incredible view and landscape of the village of Kumogakure. After a few seconds of break, Zansu turned back around toward the rocky surface, and started to climb again, reaching higher and higher to get to the bird's nest. 

After a while, her hand reached the top flat surface of the mountain top, pulling herself one handed with her great strength and muscular shape, throwing her own weight upwards, making a frontflip and landing on her feet atop the mountain, close to the nest of the thieving bird.

''do.. not.. move.. stupid.. bird..'' whispered Zansu as she got closer and closer, sneaking up on the nest. 

As she arrived and reached it, her swift movement caught up the bird, grabbing it by the neck and lifting it with her strong grip.


The bird wouldnt shut up. With a face of annoyance, and with frowning brows, the impatient Zansu just shook the bird for a whole minute vigorously and strongly, until it was stunned and just threw its limp body as far as possible, falling into the depth of the clouds, disapeering into the distance. 

''There. Stupid bald chicken. Now to take the bag...'' said out loud the muscular woman, reaching out her arm to grab the now alone purse, left in the empty nest.

Another job well done! This was a hard start for her first series of missions, well mostly annyoing more than hard, but to reach here was quite a challenge. Fortunately, she had experience scaling cliffs and in climbing, as when she was a fishwoman, living on the shores of the land of lightning, she used to climb sea side cliffs all the time, reaching into the violent and dangerous ocean, with waves crashing violently on the stone surface. 

Now, for the next task on the scroll of missions she was assigned. Luckily, it was close to the top of the very same mountain, a popular spot for birds and avians alike. The next job was not less annoying either. As she read it, the short white haired woman sighed at the idea. Cleaning bird poop? damn. She only began being a ninja of course, but these type of task wasnt what she hoped to do for sure. She wanted to fight, to drive her fist into the jaw of an enemy, to break bones and chop heads. Oh well, in due time, she needed to show that she was first able to do even the most low task, as a way to prove loyalty and dedication. After grasping back her motivation, Zansu walked with an assured footing toward the aviary.

After a few minutes of walking atop the mountain peak, she reached the building, a small round tower filled with cawking birds and messages boxes, the prime system of communication in the high sky that hosted the village of Kumogakure, and entered it. Immediately, her nose was assaulted by the horrible smell of hundred if not thousands of birds droppings reunited and dumped in the same place. It was as if someone painted the whole interior of the aviary with bird shit.


Zansu gagged loudly, the smell assaulting her heightened senses. Almost immediately, she took her headband, wich conveniantely was a purple bandana, and wrapped it around her face, making a crude but working mask to hide her mouth and nose from the awfull smell and aroma.

''Good. Get a hold of yourself Rayu, you smelled worst things.'' Said out loud to herself the woman. Indeed, as a former fishwoman, she used to smell way worse, and usualy was really resistant to things like this, but it took her by suprise, leaving her vulnerable and not prepared mentally for that. Now having gotten a hold of herself, Zansu started to scrape the sides of the stone interior, scrubbing the bird poop out of the walls and stone cavities for the birds themselves. As she was surounded by tons of flying birds, Zansu kept her cool, unphased by the feathers ruffling around her, and kept on scrubbing off the place until it was all clean. 

After about two hours of scrubbing, scrapping, soaping and rinsing, the aviary looked like it was brand new, and Zansu looked like she was dragged trough a stream or a swamp, dirty and tired. 

''Done. Now what is the next mission... For the love of Raijin, if its another bird thing, I'll fry them all...'' said Zansu, out of breath while reading the unfolded scroll of missions she was given as a beginner. 

The nexts series of missions were all in the village level, so lower than the peaks, and fortunately, didnt involve any birds or avians, making the white haired warrior sigh out of relief. As she saw bellow her in the village a large bath house, Zansu immediately smilled, and had an idea. Taking a short distance to build up enough momentum and speed, the muscular woman tied her kimono around her waist to not loose it, and sprinted toward the edge of the cliff. Her legs ran faster and faster, all the way up to the edge, and she lunged forward, aiming for the bath house underneath, diving litteraly from more than fourthy metters high, right into the hot and steaming waters of the onsen. The large splash sent hot water, bird poop and dirt everywhere around, as Zansu plunged in the warm waters, emerging a few seconds afterwards, with guests and relaxing people scared from the litteral body drop she just performed. As she got out of the water, all smiles and giggles with her jagged teeths and sharp smile, shaking her head to remove the water in her hair, Zansu was now clean, her muscular shape glistening and wet under the sun after her magnificient and reckless stunt jump from the top of a mountainous peak. 

With everyone looking at her with eyes of judgment, Zansu only looked toward them and growled, smiling and taking joy in the terror and confusion she caused. As she walked away from the place as if nothing happened, the woman started to dry back and get normal as before this adventure of poop and cliffs. With a small move, now in the middle of the bustling village hidden in the clouds, Zansu put back on her kimono on her shoulder, dressing herself in her usual fashion, with only one of the two sleeves worn and the other just hanging out in her back.

As she began to patrol around in the streets of the hidden cloud village, distancing herself as much as possible from the incident of the bath house, Zansu looked at her mission scroll once again, focused and determined to finish them before sundown, leaving her free to enjoy a large plate of food well deserved at the restaurant. The next assignement was patroling the streets as a general thing troughout the day, practicing her to real patrol missions, like in the most dangerous districts and neighborhood of the village, but also at the gates or even, once she is experienced enough, outside the village. The other task was to remove a series of publicity in the form of posters, but a bit too much intense in their spread and presence in town. 

As she looked around herself, indeed, the white haired woman found that every place her gaze looked upon, a ton of flyers and advertisements littered the walls and posts around the village, so much that it didnt leave place to other types of publicity. The posters were of bad taste too, representing a lousy new shop in town, owned by none other than one of the chuunin of the village. While Zansu respected her higher ups, and a chuunin was to be respected, the spread of publicity of their shop was all over the place, and the muscular woman made it her own personnal goal to remove as much posters as she could. Wandering the streets, she removed and teared up posters left and right, leaving behind her a trail of ripped and shredded papers and teared appart posters. Thankfully, to not create too much litter, Zansu picked up the posters she removed, tucking them all in a large ball of sticky paper in her hands, as her rampage continued in the following streets.

After making it all the way into the next district and clearing it of the posters, Zansu decided to pass a large part of her afternoon to patrol around the neighborhood, trying to just look around, and learn how to patrol. In her walk, she saw every type of persons and civilians who populated the hidden cloud village, ranging from merchants, to citizens, and ninjas, all the way to mercenaries, lowly thugs and higher end criminals. Speaking of wich, after passing on the side of a back alley, the white haired woman overheard a discussion suspect amongst two criminals, speaking of a plan to steal and snatch away a large sum of ryo that was to be transfered in a mercantile transaction in the local market. Staying a few metters close to them, looking like she was only taking a brief respite in the shade from the hot and heavy sun, Zansu listened more to be sure she wouldnt intervenne only based on a wrong choice of words.

But the two lowly individuals confirmed that they were indeed, vermins of the worst type. After it was confirmed, Zansu approached them both, looking over them with a piercing gaze of disgust and disdain, her muscular shape flexing to signal to them that they were in big trouble.

''So stealing uh?'' Said out loud Zansu, confronting them head on, before going again. ''Don't you two fucks have more respect than that? I'll teach you some!''

Without even having the chance to answer, the two thugs grasped their blade handle with their respective hands, but before they could even unsheath their weapons, Zansu rushed over to them. slamming with all her might her large fist into the jaw of the left one with her left arm, sending him flying upwards. With her right hand, she gripped strongly the wrist of the second man, sinking her nails so deep into his skin that he would start to bleed, before with the same side foot, kick him in the privates, making him drop to his knees, twirling in pain. Without giving them the time to get back up from the innitial assault, Zansu started to kick them both relentlesly, beating them up to a point they couldnt move. Before they tried to get up again, she grabbed both each one of their legs, and crossed the over one another on the floor at the tibia level, before smiling with her jagged teeths once again, looking cruel as she looked them in the eyes, revealing her sadistic intentions. After a mere second of eye contact, she jumped with both feets landing on the top of the crossed legs with all of her muscular weight and might, cracking and breaking both of their legs in a single move, the cracking noise echoing into the alley, followed by their screams of pain.

''Now you will not mess with Kumogakure and their citizens ever again. Fucking rats.'' said in reply to their agony the strong woman, turning back heels and leaving them to their suffering fate. This patrol was getting more and more exciting! But there was only one task left on her mission scroll, and it was probably another moment for her to shine in a more shinobi way. She had been assigned to gather information on a local potential criminial enterprise, a front appearing as a legal shop, and to be more precise, appearing as a masseuse parlor, a raunchy store in the less recommandable places of the village hidden in the clouds.

As she installed herself in a nearby stall, looking like she is browsing the items, Zansu was in fact looking at the activity of the massage parlor. After spending almost 2 hours of the afternoon there, the details werent enough to conclude to anything, so, taking her whole courage head on, she decided to herself enter the parlor. As she entered the perfummed place, a lit candles ambiance welcomed her, along zen music and the smell of massage oils and herbs. Without waiting, Zansu asked away for a massage on the spot, passing as a client. As the receptionnist obliged, giving her a towel and directing her to the backstore, the white haired woman looked all around, acting as a curious first time customer rather than someone spying for the village authority. So far nothing seemed to be off about the place. 

Fast forward an hour, and Zansu exited the room, her skin and muscle all oiled up and relaxed, her face showing the clear enjoyment of such a bodily pleasure. As she payed and exit, Zansu kept her game cool, and walked out of the shop fresh and invigorated. Walking a few blocks farther to be safe, she whipped out a scroll from her pouch, and started to take notes on the massage parlor. In fact, when recieving her massage, she did see strange gear. In the back on the place where all the oils and creams and salves were placed, Zansu noticed a large quantity of ice bags, as well as coolers stacked on top of one another. Furthermore, there was in the far back corridor of the parlor a large iron door with a lock on the handle, the type of lock to prevent people from entering, the type of lock proving you have things to hide. But her job was only to gather informations, not act on the behalf of the village, so thats exactly what she did, and nothing more. Her stealth wasnt her biggest asset, but in this type of situation, it was quite easy and simple to just appear like a warrior in need of respite and not a village ninja, as she was only but recently a shinobi of the hidden clouds, so the role was easily hidden. 

This concluded her day and series of missions, and with that Zansu got toward the closest restaurant, helping herself to a large portion and meal, a celebration and self-rewarded prize for her missions well done.


TWC: 2570

Ayato Hyuuga
Ayato Hyuuga
Stat Page :

Mission Record :
Summoning Contract : Forest of Dreams Ravens

Living Clones : Natsuki
Familiar : Maneki
Legendary Equipment : Raiment of Eternal Fortune
Stone of Gelel
Remove Taijutsu Remove Sensory Space Time Default
Earth Water Lightning Remove Default
Clan Specialty : Taijutsu
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 435700

The start of the storm Empty Re: The start of the storm

Wed Jan 31, 2024 6:29 pm
Zansū Rayu wrote:


TWC: 2570


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