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Okisho Uchiha
Okisho Uchiha
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Tue Nov 07, 2023 11:47 am
Mission Details:

It was mid day, the sun hung at an angle right above the village. Nothing of note going on today, just your average Tuesday spent with idle time. Usually, an event would be going on in the market district. One of the founding clans celebrating an achievement or something. However, it was lunch time, and a lot of people were arriving in the market district in droves. The wait times must have been insane, no way could someone wait, have lunch, checkout, and go back to work on time. It just couldn't be done, Okisho pondered. He does this, while looking outwards towards the market district from the roof top he was currently standing on.

As for attire, Okisho is a minimalist, nothing too flashy and void of any logos. He is seen wearing a simple all light grey shirt, and a pair of dark navy-blue slacks which stop at the top of his ankles. A single ninja pouch concealed underneath his black shirt. The pouch his attached to his black leather belt, fastened on the back right side of his waist. His shoes are standard issued shinobi editions, revealing his toes and back ankles. His shinobi headband is tied tight against his forehead, but not so much to cause any discomfort.

He then looks downwards towards the rougher area of the village, eyeing the many civilians who were less fortunate than himself. He sighs at the sight, wishing he was else where. He would have taken any other mission, even the graveyard shift is possible. He bits his tongue, wishing he had not said that.

The outer slums, the part of the village with the lowest budget for maintenance. This side of the village was known to be full of crime, but nothing in regards to murder or anything like that. It was mostly theft, for food and abandoned carriages used for shelter at night. He found it odd how something like this could go on in a major village like Konoha. But, you can't have good without the bad. He leans forward, watching the wandering subjects roam around aimlessly, searching over anything they could use. It was a sad sight indeed, that could have very well been Okisho if he had been born on the wrong side of the tracks. However, his reason for being here wasn't to judge the have nots, he was here to provide them with food and water. As per his mission slip he received this morning.

He, and a few others were charged with passing out he surplus of food giving to them by the higher ups. It would seem that this years crops were more bountiful then they thought. Okisho, was then seen working his way down to ground level, leaping down from balcony to balcony in a graceful manner. As he finally touched down, he turns towards his oncoming teammates, and went over the game plan with them. Once again, he was working with others other than Team 212. The cold introduction were really getting to him, regardless, he managed to get through the ordeal. He needed to work on his social skills, him being dull and direct was beginning to cause more problems then he would like. Nevertheless, it was just another skill he would need to  add to his list.

After the game plan was formed, the team was approached by all sides from commoners roaming about. Their curiosity drew them closer and closer, with the team now on high alert. They however, remained calm a that was what they were trained to do. The last thing they wanted, was to be brought in for questioning for murdering civilians who just wanted something to eat. That would forever mare anyone's record with a shame frowned upon by all. No one wants a loose cannon on their flank, they just couldn't trusted.

As they approached, Okisho and the others attempted to placate the oncoming crowd, while the last member prepped the food for distribution. After that, one by one, the group started handing out packs of food, along with a single bottle of water. The each took the packs with haste and retreated back to their comfort zones. It all seemed to be going according to plan. Okisho was thankful it went so, as he continued to do so. However, things then took a turn. Okisho, was met with a familiar face, a face he had last seen in the Uchiha District.

Okisho, pauses for a moment, getting a good look at the man. It was, the old owner of the tailor shop in the Uchiha district. He remembered passing by his shop, everyday towards the Academy. But to understand the fact that this, was where he had been dwelling this entire time was hard to understand. Okisho broke off from the group, with permission of course, and asked as to how he ended up here. The old tailor shop owner then replied, with a story of sorrow.

"I tried to explain to the others, but I was labeled mad and deranged. First came the money, large amounts of all cash offers. I didn't want to sell. Then came the break ins, I have no children of my own, no body to aid me. Then finally, I was arrested due to my out bursts on why all this was happening. then the psych evals. I knew it had to have been the same Realty Group that was buying up all the properties in the district. It was obvious, but I had no proof. So after I was released, I did some digging. Property records are public, and after I got a hold of them, it all become clear. Same holding companies, at least 3. Same names kept comin up, authorizing the sales. Names that were in the High Uchiha council.

What they do is they seize the property of those who were old, especially those who had no offspring. We were the most sought after."

OKisho cuts in, asking him to elaborate more on the psych evals.

"That's how they do it, they round up those who wont comply, and ship em out of the village towards the asylum. I... don't know where it is. I don't quite remember how I even got there. One of my new friends, look...", he points to a strange woman over across the street, tending to the sick. She seemed like the rest of the homeless here. He looks back at the old tailor shop owner.

"She may look like one of us, but she is well educated. She told me what happened, how she found me tossed aside, drugged out of my mind in the gutter. She told me everything, that high council aint right for what they are doing to the uchiha. They are getting rid of us, to make a few coin. This would have never happened under Viper Uchiha, those assholes! They took everything, and I can't prove they were the ones behind it.

"What about the names on he public records? Can't we use that, and bring her along?", OKisho asked

"All notarized, and bring her wouldn't do any good. She's, an illegal. If you take her in, and she gets kicked out of the village, this whole sector would drop within a week. She's helping us stay alive."

"Okisho! let's go! We have to report back!", one of the shinobi said as the group got the carriage ready for transport.

"Look, Okisho? Something is going on here. If you could help, in anyway? We gotta take those bastards down! They're getting rich off of selling out your future for coin", he flips his hood up  and walks away weary of the talk. OKisho. did the same, leaving the scene. The old tailor shop owner's mind was now seemingly undone after the talk. But Okisho, was far from done.
Exit TWC/1310 Claiming 1,000 ryo and +5 ap, +26 Ap due to maxed stats. Using 211 words to finish this, and 1099 words towards 1099/1125 words this
Ayato Hyuuga
Ayato Hyuuga
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Valuable Assets Empty Re: Valuable Assets

Tue Nov 07, 2023 3:35 pm
Okisho Uchiha wrote:
Mission Details:

Exit TWC/1310 Claiming 1,000 ryo and +5 ap, +26 Ap due to maxed stats. Using 211 words to finish this, and 1099 words towards 1099/1125 words this

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