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Emilia Kaneko
Emilia Kaneko
Stat Page : Emilia Kaneko
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Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 14000

Rattlesnake in the Gardens?! OH MY Empty Rattlesnake in the Gardens?! OH MY

Tue Sep 05, 2023 12:42 pm
Mission Details:

Emilia had finally made her way over towards the village gates after traveling from the square. It had already been a rather long day, so she really wasn’t up for making things any longer than they needed to be. All the going back and forth to retrieve different ingredients has really worn her out. The young genin would have to power through it though. She’s the one that decided to do multiple missions in a day and so she needed to make sure she was prepared to do her very best. Her feet slowed down just a bit as she approached her target spot, the garden at the gates.

Hoshigakure had a beautiful and lush spot here as the colors were just super vibrant. Though what else would you expect when you have many different kinds of flowers and plants. Today, Emilia had the wonderful job of tending to this garden and making sure it stayed beautiful. She had been warned that there may be some pests out and about that she would have to get rid of. Luckily, all of the gardening specific tools were close by on a wall - this was a good thing since Emilia hadn’t brought any of her own tools to use, not that she really had any.

Okay, first things first - Emilia wanted to walk the garden to see what all sorts of things needed to be done, she also wanted to see if she could spot any unwanted guests and go ahead and get rid of them! As her feet helped her wander through this luscious place, she started to notice that there were quite a lot of weeds that had grown in. This of course would attract all sorts of pests and bugs. One of the things she would need to do is to pull all of those up… and it was going to take a lot of time because there’s only one of her. They also would likely need new soil, but that was not a task that she was going to be able to get done today. She would try to get to a few spots if she could and make sure to water the garden… just not too much.

”Huh, what was that?”

Emi’s head twitched right as she thought she had seen something move ever so slightly. It was gone when she looked though, so she thought she may have just been seeing things. The young girl continued onward, stalking the rest of the garden, eyeing what she needed to get done. It had already been decided that her first order of business would be to clear out all of these weeds that had disrupted this area. Emilia headed back to where she had spotted all of the tools and picked up a set of gloves that looked about her size. She then went to the end of the garden and would work her way back up to the front.

”Weeds… I just love picking weeds.” The young genin was being sarcastic of course. She did want the garden to look good though and this was going to be a huge help. ”Damn. Was it last year when someone came out to get all of these weeds? Holy jeez.” Emilia sort of just laughed a bit and shook her head as her gloved hands reached down to grab the weeds. As Emi made her way back towards the front of the garden… it took her a full two hours just to remove those weeds.

”Finally. Now I can focus on watering.”

Emi went over and grabbed the watering can from where all the tools were stored and then proceeded to go get it filled with… water. It took a few minutes for the can to get full but once it did, Emilia turned the water off and went to grab the top of the can, stopping in her tracks as she could barely lift it off the ground. She laughed at herself embarrassingly, letting go of the can and just looking down at it for a moment. After she was able to compose herself she went and tipped the can over to let some of the water out. It was probably best to just do the garden in sections, so she’d water a section and then come back to get more.

”Annnnd… here… wee….. go.”

The water bucket tipped from Emi’s hand, allowing the plants and flowers to finally get some hydration. Her golden eyes looked down upon this first section of the garden, pleased with what she had done so far. It was absolutely insane how things looked that there weren't all the pesky and ugly weeds growing up around things. Emilia eloquently moved through the first section - making sure not to spend too much time and accidentally over water parts of the soil. She headed back towards the water spigot and filled the can up again, something she would have to do several more times - though this task wouldn’t take nearly as long as the other.

”Finally, almost done. Just a couple of more sections”. Emilia’s thoughts echoed through her head, just as she had seen it move once again. This time for sure. Her head twitched back left and noticed the rattle at the end moving and making a sound. It was the first time she had really heard the rattling sound. Snakes in general were not something that Emi was very fond of, in fact she was mostly scared of them. This wasn’t one of those times where she had the opportunity to be scared. Her hand let go of the bucket and it smacked the ground loudly… she didn’t want to waste time and wanted to get rid of this thing. Rattlesnakes aren’t ordinary garden snakes that clean out rodents - they can harm others and that’s something that can’t happen.

After motioning several different hand seals, a threaded web exited Emi’s finger and aimed straight at the snake’s head, piercing it and killing it rather quickly. She maneuvered the webbed thread and threw the snake away in a nearby trash can. She went back and picked up the watering can and finished getting the garden watered. After all of that, she stood from afar and looked at her work, pleased with what she was able to accomplish today. She wanted to leave it in much better shape than when she found… and she did.

”Now I can finally relax.”

Exit Claims:
Marabelle Blossom
Marabelle Blossom
Vagabond (B-Rank)
Vagabond (B-Rank)
Stat Page : The Everbloom
Mission Record : Misson Log: Everbloom
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Village : Vagabonds
Ryo : 2500

Rattlesnake in the Gardens?! OH MY Empty Re: Rattlesnake in the Gardens?! OH MY

Wed Sep 06, 2023 12:32 pm
Emilia Kaneko wrote:
Exit Claims
WC - 1115 | Vigor - 11

Ryo - 2000
AP - 10

(640)1750/1750 Starch Syrup Capture Field (1110 claimed Here)

475/1750 - Imitation White Hole

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