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Emilia Kaneko
Emilia Kaneko
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Helping track down Ingredients Empty Helping track down Ingredients

Sun Sep 03, 2023 1:27 pm
Mission Details:

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It's time… it’s time for another celebration of the late Akihana Akari… the second Hogokage. Emilia never really cared about this tradition one way or the other, but it seemed to always pop up when festivals were going on. A lot of what happens now is the city itself chips in to bake all kinds of goodies for the children, which honestly is really cool thing. Apparently the second Hogokage would take it upon herself to bake good for kids around the village – which is kind of difficult to believe, at least in Emilia’s eyes.

Her hand rolled over and hit the alarm clock as it went off. Her hands rubbed her eyes – trying to wake herself up just a little bit more. Moments later she would hop out of the bed and hit the shower, then get ready in her normal attire. Emi had actually already prepared for this somewhat. She knew she would be assigned this mission and had pulled out some baking ingredients that she never used. Things like chocolate, brownie mix, different fruits, sugar, and different spices or flavoring. Emilia figured this would be a better use of it than just sitting in the pantry at her place.

Emilia ended up grabbing the bag with all of the stuff and walked out the door – making sure to lock it behind her. Instead of her usual anxiousness, she was rather calm and just took her time walking out to the city square. The sun was out and provided a really nice day for all the kids to come out and get some different treats. This made Emilia happy – even though she didn’t care one way or the other about this tradition, she thought it was nice and it did bring a little smile to her face as she thought about some of the younger ones who would be so excited to get anything.

It wasn’t long before the square had appeared in her line of vision. It was already crawling with people – not that she really expected anything different. Her first order of business to go ahead and pass out the ingredients that she brought with her to folks who may be low in those things or want something she has. After that – she would begin looking around and seeing who all she could help and what ingredients she could get. Emilia took her final steps outside of the bustling square – noticing that most of the folks baking had sort of all formed a giant square, which helped keep things organized.

”Well, I guess I’ll just start with the first stall and make my way around until I run out of goods. At which point – I’ll head to the person in charge and see where I should start.” Emi nodded her head and smiled as the last word escaped her lips. It seemed like a sound plan to her.

Emi’s head turned to the left as she he come across the first baker – The line was sort of long so she skipped up and politely asked if there was anything that she needed. Oddly enough, this person really didn’t have any needs for anything. Which made sense after Emi looked around – there was stockpiles of ingredients all over. The young girl just lifted her hand up and smiled and went on to the next one. This time, looking around to see what all they had before asking. The last thing she wanted to do was just provide extra ingredients to folks who didn’t need something.

Oddly enough though – this person was about to run out of sugar… of all things when trying to bake. Emilia quickly rifled through her bag and pulled out a pretty large container of sugar – sharing half of it with the person, agreeing that it would be enough for now. She continued to make her way around the different stalls – stopping to hand out any thing she had on her. Some of them needed flour, some needed sugar, some chocolate, and so forth. It really only took about thirty minutes for her bag to be emptied out. Now it was time to get on the horse and start fetching the ingredients.

As Emi strutted from stall to stall now, she had a simple question that she asked each stall owner. ”Hey! I’m here to help out if you need any ingredients. Are you missing or needing anything right now?” Emilia would make sure to put a smile on her face during and after this question – that way nothing came across rude or disrespectful somehow. A lot of the folks would actually tell her that they needed something though. So after the first stall, Emi got an idea to just use her bag and try and pick up things for multiple stalls at a time.

So the first stall needed some sugar, which Emilia ran to a shop and picked up sugar… not really thinking this was an effective use of her time. The young girl had shown some common sense here as she grabbed the bag that she had brought with her. She moved quickly through the next five stalls, figuring out what ingredients they needed. Emilia would then hurry to one of the shops nearby and grab those things. It would be chocolate/vanilla/strawberry, flour, cookie dough, etc..

”I think there’s really only a couple of stalls left to see if they need anything. Hopefully they don’t, because if not – then I am going to make my way to the village gates and start the next mission. Getting two or three of these low rank missions at a time might be a smarter way of going about them.”

It seemed that Emilia would count her chickens before the hatch. She made her way back to each stall, ensuring that they receive the proper ingredients that they had asked for. After navigating her way through those five stalls, she moved on to the last two.. each of which needed several different things. Emilia didn’t want them to see her frustration, so she smiled politely – quickly rushing to get each of the ingredients. As she left the shop, she looked over her check list to make sure she hadn’t forgotten anything, sure enough though, she did forget one thing – so she darted back in for a few minutes and retrieved the missing ingredient.

”Finally. This should be it.”

Indeed it was. Emi finished handing out those few things – making sure to check-in with the person who had requested her help before leaving. Once she was given the all good, Emilia took off for the gates. She was getting ready to go tend to the garden!

Exit Claims:
Ayato Hyuuga
Ayato Hyuuga
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Mission Record :
Summoning Contract : Forest of Dreams Ravens

Living Clones : Natsuki
Familiar : Maneki
Legendary Equipment : Raiment of Eternal Fortune
Stone of Gelel
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Clan Specialty : Taijutsu
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 435700

Helping track down Ingredients Empty Re: Helping track down Ingredients

Sun Sep 03, 2023 3:17 pm
Emilia Kaneko wrote:
Exit Claims:

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