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Himari Hyuuga
Himari Hyuuga
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Genin Exam [Jak Lee] Empty Genin Exam [Jak Lee]

Fri May 26, 2023 4:20 am
The Mission Detail:

Himari's Stats:

Today was an especially important day for Himari. Not for herself, but because of the assignment she was given today with direct permission from the Hokage himself! She is to act as the designated proctor for graduating a sizeable, prospective class of Academy Students to becoming fully-fledged Genins. To many of them, it may very well be the most important day of their life thus far, for the many who've studied the arts, train in the basics, and their aspirations and hard work which fanned the flames to persevere and overcome until the final stretch.

To presume that she's nervous would be an understatement. She's swelling with a mixture of bubbling anxiety and fervent excitement. Yet, she could also empathize with them. Exams, in general, are stress-inducing, requiring one to produce information and results, not just from what they learned in lectures, but from homework assignments and practice exercises each day they attended the academy. And that fact alone knowing everything that they've learned hinges on this final assessment and proving as a testimony of their abilities worthy of graduation may very well psych a few out of it.

But, Himari has every ounce of faith in all of their ability to perform with excellency. Or at least, up to par. Nonetheless, she feels no less honored by participating in a life-changing event as a delegate. And although she may be a recent graduate and Genin herself, she would argue that, as someone who was held back a year from graduation due to a medical condition that made chakra control difficult to learn and adapt, she has at least a slightly keener understanding of the manipulation of chakra to execute the basics.

And today would prove to be a useful opportunity to test her own knowledge of those selfsame basics, too.

She arrives at the facility with a few minutes to spare before the demonstration portion of the exam begins. She goes over the details she's scribbled on a small sheet of paper one last time before entering. Her assignment itself was simple enough in nature: assess and grade the final results of each Academy Student's overall performance by demonstrating the Transformation and Clone techniques.

When she enters the class where she'll be proctoring, a large room greets her with a wooden podium facing toward several long tables sectioned across each other with two walkways that divide the left and right-hand sides. And with those tables are an abundance of young, fresh-faced Academy Students all in clamorous commotion. Although she receives only a few passing glances, the uproar from the amalgam remains. It isn't until she stands in front of the podium, clears her throat, and claps her hands together in rhythm with her chants to a familiar singalong until she completely holds everyone's attention.

"Heyya, everyone," Himari announces. "I'm Hyūga Himari and I'll be your proctor for today's Genin exam!"

Thereupon are whispers that ebb and flow between the academy students, and some who express their initial doubts as though this was an elaborate but lame jest that rouses a handful of snickers and chortles. And she could understand their confusion and suspicion. Typically, this role was given to Chuunin or to shinobi of a higher rank to fulfill. And to find someone who's essentially relative to them in age as their exam representative appeared out of order. Nevertheless, it takes a bit of time to temper their hue and cry before she reclaims the spotlight to continue.

"I know, I know. It's weird to think of a Genin as your proctor, right?" She places her hands in akimbo. "But, don't worry! I received permission from the Hokage himself to act as an official and I'll do my best to properly evaluate everyone on what they've learned!"

Giddy with vim, she reaches over to the podium and collects a clipboard with the names of each academy student present.

"Now, I'll be calling one person, in alphabetical order, into the examination room to perform the following two techniques: the transformation and clone jutsu. After that, I'll let ya know whether ya pass or fail… Oh! And remember to have confidence in yourselves! I know it's easier said than done, but I have my full faith in all of you to deliver!"

She then thumbs through papers to find the list of the examinees' names and their corresponding details.

"Hmm, alright. Let's start with… Aburame Nagisa. Is Aburame Nagisa present?" Among the sea of students, one hand rises and leans to show a young boy emerge. "Great! If you'll follow me, I'll show ya to the examination room and we can get started!"

One by one, she calls each student into the examination room and assesses their performance. So far, a majority of the student body passed, but it also wasn't easy when she had to regrettably fail a few due to discrepancies and faults in their technique. And on one rare occasion, she found herself in a disagreement with one of the students who didn't pass, which resultantly required the presence of a higher-up to resolve the verbal conflict.

By the time she got through most of them, she has one last and final student on the list to graduate, Jak Lee. Himari smiles upon seeing the statistics summary, Lee was a well-rounded student in all four departments and even learned a few taijutsu up her sleeve. To end the examination day on a high note would be fantastic, all that's left is to assess her performance and the subsequent results.

When Himari calls her name, she then guides her to the examination room, then stands parallel to her a meter away.

"Alright, Jak Lee," Himari says with her smile still on her countenance. "Whenever you're ready, you can start!" She gives her a thumbs-up.

WC: 965
TWC: 965/500

Passively accumulating 2 Heavenly Body Stacks (2/10)

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