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Izo Nara
Izo Nara
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Izo's Genin exam Empty Izo's Genin exam

Tue Mar 08, 2016 4:33 am
The day has finally come, Izo thought to him self as he walked through the academy doors for hopefully the last time as a student.

Izo walks over to the proctor at the front desk and introduces himself “ HI I’m Izo Nara and I’m here to take the genin exam!”

The proctor greets Izo and tells him to sign in and take a room number, looking in the direction of a fish bowl filled with crumbled up papers.

Izo complies and draws from the bowl room 11. Both excited and nervous, Izo heads down the hall until he comes to room number 11. He walks inside takes off his bag and places it on the back of his chair. Izo than takes a seat and waits for the next available instructor.
Hado the Octopus Sage <3
Hado the Octopus Sage <3
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Izo's Genin exam Empty Re: Izo's Genin exam

Tue Mar 08, 2016 4:41 am
For once, someone would get a happy proctor.

The next available proctor, a brown haired and red eyed individual teased often for an unkempt appearance, sent out the previous fellow, headband in tow.

Swilling his cuppa joe, Gorou Hashamoto wondered who would come next to challenge his puny test.

"Alrighty, who's up next?"

His voice was imbued with youthful optimism, as he was only on the third day of this job,
Izo Nara
Izo Nara
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Izo's Genin exam Empty Re: Izo's Genin exam

Tue Mar 08, 2016 4:58 am
Seeing the ninja before him leave with a headband helped to calm Izo’s nerves. Hearing the proctor call out from inside Izo quickly jumps up from his seat and rushes to stand at attention in front of the proctor  

“good day, my name is Izo Nara and I’m here to take the genin exam”
Izo says as he waits in anticipation of the start of the exam
Sweat beginning to form along his hairline
Hado the Octopus Sage <3
Hado the Octopus Sage <3
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Izo's Genin exam Empty Re: Izo's Genin exam

Tue Mar 08, 2016 5:13 am
Gorou Hashamoto studied the character in front of him. This was not metagaming since calling a person a character was legit yanno.

"Hey Izo, good to see ya buddy! You look excited, I like that!"

The proctor had an infectious grin on his face, placed there partially cause of happy personalities, and partially because he wanted to make the student feel more at ease.

"Lemme see what you got, no pressure, nobody will get angry if you make a mistake or two. If you can, I'd like to see both the Art of Transformation and the Clone technique please."

(I shoulda done this in my last post, sorry! Can we has 800 words of demonstration of the two techniques? If you have good reason it can be kinda silly and watnot)
Izo Nara
Izo Nara
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Izo's Genin exam Empty Re: Izo's Genin exam

Tue Mar 08, 2016 6:48 am
Hearing the proctor call him buddy and seeing the grim on the proctor face helps Izo to loosen up a bit.
After being given the go ahead from the proctor, Izo begins to walk to the center of the room. While walking, he decides to begin the exam with the clone technique as he did not have as much time to practice it, and wanted to get it out the way while still at full strength.

Once in the center of the room, Izo turns to face the proctor.

“This is it finally time to put up or shut up” He thinks to himself  he tightens his bandana around his left bicep before beginning.
Standing in the middle of the classroom Izo announces to the Proctor that he will be starting with the clone technique. Closing his eyes and spreading his feet shoulder width apart Izo begins to gather up his chakra. Straining to make sure he has enough chakra in order to make both clones life size, but not wanting to use up all of his chakra.

It takes Izo a minute or two before he feels that he has gathered up the right amount of chakra. With that he flashes the hand sign ram snake tiger. In front and to the left and right of him appears to dust clouds that quickly disappear to reveal two clones. Both clones were perfect matches for izo; down to his black cargo pants and red shirt. Both even having their respective bandana’s  tightly tied around their arms.

Once he was sure that they were perfect replications of himself, Izo began to do jumping jacks to which both clones followed suit and began doing in synchronization. Izo did this to demonstrate the clones ability to mirror their creator.

Beginning to feel a bit exhausted and not wanting to over do it, Izo dispels both clones; who leave in a cloud of smoke.
“and that is the clone technique” Izo says, visibly winded.
Half way to achieving his goal of becoming a Genin and not wanting to let down his clan or the happy proctor down, Izo gathers himself and begins to introduce his final technique

“ finally..I’m going to..transform..use..the .. transformation..technique” Izo manages to say between deep breaths.

Taking one last deep breath and exhale, he once again stands before the proctor.
I only have enough strength left for one transformation, that means I got to get it here or I’ll have to start all over, Izo thinks to himself. With that in mind he decides to try and transform into the proctor. Thinking that if he could pull this off he would surly pass.

Izo, still standing in front of the proctor, closes his eyes and begins to mentally recreate the man standing in front of him. Remembering back to when they first met a few minutes ago. Izo begins to remember the man’s height weight clothing colors and even the grin that helped to ease Izo’s nerves when the exam first started.

Izo was sure that he had a pretty sure that he had a good image of the proctor in his head, he begins to gather up his chakra. Undoubtedly the hardest part of this jutsu for him. Becoming more and more exhausted with each passing second Izo begins to have difficulty maintaining the chakra that he has gathered so far.

Afraid that he is going to fail horribly, Izo opens his left eye to take a peek at the proctor s reaction. Seeing the proctor still standing there with that grin on his face, and thinking bout to the sound of optimism in his voice, Izo begins to get a second wind

Not sure how long this opportunity will last Izo decides to take full advantage of it, closing back his eye he begins gathering chakra again, this time pulling in more chakra than all the previous training sessions combined. With the chakra maintaining at an adequate level Izo decides to go over his mental image one last time.
Brown hair, check!
Red eyes, check!
Wrinkled cloth, check!
Infectious grin, check!
And with that Izo was ready to preform the hand signs Dog boar ram. Izo is instantly surrounded by a cloud of smoke and emerges 3 seconds later looking like a mirror image of the proctor. Even holding the coffee mug in the same hand.

In an imbued and optimistic voice much like the one that had inspired him earlier, Izo say” alrighty, and that’s my transformation jutsu!!” then he flashes an infectious grin back at the proctor
Izo waits a few seconds before dispelling the transformation. Upon doing so he passes out on the floor out of exhaustion.
Now more nervous then ever Izo peers up at the proctor from his current position on the floor in front of the proctor awaiting his faith.

WC 808
Hado the Octopus Sage <3
Hado the Octopus Sage <3
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Izo's Genin exam Empty Re: Izo's Genin exam

Wed Mar 09, 2016 1:06 am
"Careful, don't spill that coffee"

Gorou Hashamoto winked at the young ninja. "I think you pass, let's take one of these headbands just to be sure."

He pulled out a headband from the sack and tossed it in a gentle lob to the newly minted genin. "Good luck out there!"

When the ninja had vacated the room, he would take a sip of coffee, more to moisten his throat more than anything. "Who's next?" would be clearly audible throughout the nearby hallways, calling in the next participant.

(Genin status conferred/exam passed, also, the "topics that need replies" thread is more for getting someone to look at the topic to begin with, rather than prompting replies. If you are needing something replied to that someone was already looking/working on, its better to pm them directly, or catch them in the CB)
Izo Nara
Izo Nara
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Izo's Genin exam Empty Re: Izo's Genin exam

Wed Mar 09, 2016 6:43 am
Excited to hear the proctor passed him, Izo jumps from the ground to catch the gently tossed headband.

Still a bit tired he ties it on and tanks the proctor before turning for the exit. As he walks through the door he turns around one last time to thank the proctor who his sipping his coffee and already moving on with his day as he gives out a loud “who’s next!”
Deciding not to trouble the proctor any more Izo turns back and heads for the front entrance to the ninja academy.

(Sorry about that. Kinda new and thought that is where to post when waiting for response.  Won’t happen again. Oh and thanks for the help)
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