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Written Exam: Tottori Empty Written Exam: Tottori

Thu Mar 30, 2023 12:14 am
Mission Info

Kumogakure - the Village Hidden in the Clouds, the land of lightning, the paradigm of might where power and resolve reigned supreme - whatever monickers one desired to ascribe to the village hidden by the clouds and lightning, it was apparent that it was a village of purpose. It was one that never slept, never relented, and absolutely never seemed to amaze the Ninja World. However, the land of eternal strength had not always upheld power to its highest degree. It wavered. It faltered. It hesitated. The testament of Kumogakure's faults was when it was embarrassedly subjugated at its lowest point by the elusive man that was Gidyne Rygisae, usurping absolute control as the Ninth Lightning Shadow - before stepping down soon after. Many would say that the man was a coward, a mere failure of a Raikage for not assuming his role - yet many neglected that was the point. It was not his role to be a constant leader whose consistency would mistake others to believe that he was a being who would rule eternally, but rather, he was the engine - the flame which spurred the once euphemistic halcyon that was Kumogakure, into a brooding storm - hellbent on retaining its torrential vigor. He laid the stepping stones for Kiseragi Onomori, who passed the crown down to Noboru Kaito soon after, then onto the Drunken Storm known as Ichigo Sato. The village - in a matter of three years, turned from an insidious nation slowly rotting from the inside, into the raging storm that it once was. When people see lightning, they notice the vibrant lights that dominate the skies. They flock towards the impressive display of energy and what to see it for what it truly is. That was what Kumogakure embodied and what Tottori remembered his village once was...and that was the exact reason he stood in this Examination Room once again to test his might and reclaim his rightful place as Chuunin of Kumogakure.

The Examination Area of Kumogakure no Sato was an area full of fond memories that created the specimen known as the Executioner of Kumogakure. The marooned Hyuuga recalled the countless memories that he forged in this place; right after graduating from the Ninja Academy, the teenage heir did not rest in his shinobi endeavors as he immediately revealed his talents as a shinobi, recording such in the Chuunin Exams where he was evaluated to become a Chuunin in less than a few months after he became a Genin. The Chuunin Exams were child's play for the prodigy, attaining the rank with relative ease and he was about to do so with the rank of Jounin...but that was when everything turned upside down. His parents, his life, his pride...everything was lost in an instant.

"Whatever you lose, you'll find it again, but what you throw away you'll never get it back."

Tottori's father, Atsuomi's words gave his strength that he would always return, that'd he eventually find his way back to his village. Even in the darkest of times, even when there seemed to be no light at the end of the tunnel.

He'd eventually find it.


1. There were a variety of factors that fueled my reasoning to become a shinobi. I believe the primary reason was because of my role as heir of the Hyuuga Clan Sector of Kumogakure no Sato. To be considered a rightful heir, one must be a capable shinobi first, and a skilled policymaker second. However, what differentiated my reasoning to become a shinobi compared to my fellow clan members had to be duty. This village clothed me, bathed me, nurtured me, and gave me purpose when my clan would not, pushed me to new echelons of power when I thought I would never get stronger. It's only fitting that I put my body and soul in serving my village to the best of my ability, with these eyes and my blade.
2. If I wasn't a shinobi, I would be a bureaucrat, specifically, a lawyer. I was always interested in how politics, the government, and how laws were created. I also felt as though I had an unconscious contract towards the village where in exchange for giving my purpose, I would use said purpose to bolster the village through a variety of means. Simply in this scenario, I would offer my body and bloodline for the sake of the village, but in a different scenario, I would study relentlessly and arduously to embody the law of Kumogakure and give due justice to those who dare violate the law of this blessed village on its own soil. Crime of any kind is inexcusable, and it deserves to be dealt with ruthlessly, yet thoroughly.
3. Ever since I was a young boy, I sternly believe that duty goes hand in hand with morality. Duty functions as the ultimate value system for all. Duty refers to a sense of obligation or responsibility to do something, often stemming from one's role or position in society. For example, a doctor has a duty to provide medical care to their patients, while a parent has a duty to care for their child. Morality, on the other hand, refers to a system of principles or values that guide behavior and determine what is right or wrong. At first glance, it may seem that duty and morality are distinct concepts. After all, one could argue that a person might be duty-bound to do something that is morally wrong, such as carrying out orders in a war that involves targeting civilians. However, I would argue that even in cases like these, duty and morality cannot be fully separated. To see why, consider the reasons why someone might feel duty-bound to do something that is morally wrong. In many cases, this obligation comes from a higher authority, such as a government or military commander. However, it is important to remember that these authorities themselves are guided by moral principles. For example, international law prohibits targeting civilians in war precisely because it is considered morally wrong. We are all born with a social contract to the society or government that we are born in. Society shapes who we are as people, therefore, we owe it to them to at the very least, not interfere with its internal positive development. Proactively, however, we owe it to the society that we are raised in to improve and offer our body and soul to its cause. It is my duty to help this village through ethical means, yet any threats will be vanquished at all costs.
4. I think I'm a rather morally consistent person. I try to do the right things at all times, even if it doesn't necessarily benefit me. However, since I am also a man of duty and loyalty, I will put the village over my personal feelings, which can be a strength in my own right since it shows my ability to think of the bigger picture and understand how my actions affect not just me, but others as well. However, for weaknesses, I think it's rather apparent that besides my extensive life as a shinobi and public servant, it feels as though I have neglected my other duties. One of which is being an heir of the Hyuuga Clan, which I still to this day haven't announced that I'm alive yet, and I'm still not sure whether I should change identities or continue as "Tottori Hyuuga."
5. Fuujin and Raijin primarily; other sects of religion do exist though, but they are minor.
6. Kumogakure's philosophy is a rather simple dogma to get behind. "Might makes right." Only the strongest deserve to have their opinions heard. Only the strongest deserve to stand above all. Only the strongest get to decide how to change the course of the world. Only the strongest thrive. This creates a competitive atmosphere that will aid in cultivating some of the most passionate, strongest, and resilient shinobi known to humanity.
7. It depends on the mission. If my death gives a net benefit for Kumogakure...then so be it. If my escape will help Kumogakure instead...then so be it. I believe in my judgment, so I know I will choose the situation that will create or salvage the most amount of benefit or gain for Kumogakure.
8. It is a foolish choice to continue a mission that does not need to be completed with extreme haste that will endanger potential future generations of shinobi. Everyone starts out inexperienced, and everyone starts out as a Genin. In order to rise above the ranks, one must improve their strength by taking more missions and building their way up. One does not use Genin as cannon fodder in missions whatsoever. So to be clear, I would never go through with such an unnecessary risk.
9. Complete strangers do make this a lot more difficult because if it were someone close to me, I'd have to choose them. Most likely, however, I could assess the two strangers' conditions and choose to save the one who is more likely to survive or has a better chance of long-term recovery.
10. If I could choose my own destiny...then I wish I wouldn't have to lose my parents and have so many of my years of being a loyal soldier of Kumogakure shortened by bastards of Missing Ninja. But besides that, I wouldn't change a thing. I am okay with myself, and that's honestly, all I can ask for nowadays.

Tottori flipped to the next page of his exam.

Scenario #1:
Before starting the mission, Tottori would conduct intelligence gathering to gather information about the "target." This included studying maps and satellite images through chakra routing, analyzing communication patterns, and gathering information from local sources. All of this would be done in a few hours, multitasking through a variety of methods in order to understand who this target was; sooner or later, he'd find out whether the target was a person or area. Now that he was done conceptualizing the target and planning, he would head out, adorning his Executioner's Sin which fully suppressed his chakra in hopes of completing an infiltration. He would head to the base where the target was hiding, sneaking through the area with his suppressed chakra and keen assassination skills, activating his Byakugan to have a constant scan of the area in a 100m radius sphere in hopes that no one would enter his range, but if they entered, at least he'd have some knowledge of what was happening. He'd stalk the target, ruthlessly...until it was time to strike. There would be no need to draw his blade; simply a silent flick of a Kunai or Shuriken to the head would eliminate the target. With little to no hesitation performed, the target would be dead, and the mission finished without much demeanor change from Tottori.

After all, he was the Executioner.

Scenario #2:
With his abilities, this would be quite an easy task for Tottori.  During his days of consistent training in Kumogakure, Tottori aimed to master his Byakugan to achieve its highest potential - funneling chakra into his eyes countless times to achieve masterful efficiency in his bloodline. Eventually, his proficiency with the Byakugan became unparalleled - no longer displaying veins around his temples as the need to imbue chakra was unconscious. The "Eyes of the Executioner" as many called it. His Byakugan possessed no indication that it was actually activated, meaning that cheating would be extremely simple since no one would be able to know that by using his eyes or not to see through anywhere in a 100m spherical range. None would escape his sight. However, if he had to do this without abilities, then Tottori would be adept at creating strategies beforehand to bribe proctors or participants to allow him to cheat without much worry. "Impossible Questions" aren't necessarily hard to predict, especially in exams meant for shinobi of all things.

With his Written Exam finished, Tottori would simply walk out of the room as he turned in his paper.


WC: 2020

+4000 Ryo
+20 AP
1500 WC to learn Shimi Daikon Skill [1500/1500] with 25% Max Stats Discount
500 WC to learn Throat Chop D-rank [500/500] (no discount cuz lazy)
20 wc into the voiiiidd
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Ayato Hyuuga
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Written Exam: Tottori Empty Re: Written Exam: Tottori

Thu Mar 30, 2023 7:06 am
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