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Kujaku Uchiha
Kujaku Uchiha
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Arrival! Blue! Empty Arrival! Blue!

Sat Feb 04, 2023 7:05 am
Sometime before Kujaku awakened his Mangekyo Sharingan he met a young man who would grow in life to be his best friend. At first Blue wouldn't even speak to Kujaku, but as the years would grow on so too would their respect for each other.

This is the story of their first epic spar. In fact their first spar ever.

Kujaku had been at the training grounds since early in the morning, stretching out at first to warm up for the day. Kujaku was touching his toes when he shouted. "PHEW!"

Blue happened to hear him, and saw the Uchiha crest on the back of his shirt. Hoping for a battle Blue walked over to Kujaku who was now bending  backwards to stretch his core.

Kujaku saw a most curious sight from upside down. Blue had a straight top, pencil eraser shaped haircut; and it was blue! Kujaku thought he looked most funny in his goofy aquamarine jumper. Blue raised a fist up at him, and gestured outwards as if to signify he sought some kind of battle. Kujaku flipped over from his backward bend and held his fost out. He gestured forward for a fist bump and Blue reciprocated

The two got in the ring in the center most of the training grounds and prepared to face off. Kujaku stood in his typical stance. Not indicating he was ready for battle. He just simply stood there facing Bkue with his hands at his side. "Say," Kujaku called out. "What's your namr?" Blue pointed at his hair, then his jumper.

"K then.. you're Blue.." Kujaku whispered. Both combatants were ready and they had a referee. It was a three combo count match. No jutsu, just physical prowess. Kujaku knew the rules and so did Blue.

The referee called them into the center.

"You know what we do here. Good, clean fight. Now square up." Kujaku stayed as he was, meanwhile Bkue assumed some kind of modified boxers pose. With much of his weight sitting on his front foot. It was most unusual to see, and kujaku was tempted to activate his Sharingan.  He didn't want to be a showboat though, and besides he had three rounds to impress Bkue.

"Hehe. What's a guy named Blue doing here?" Kujaku mused to himself and then suddenly the match began. Blue came rushing at Kujaku, both fisted geared back for some punching.

Struggling to activate his Dojutsu Kujaku did what other trick he knew he could. He jumped in the air and soared over Blue's head. Usually he would have performed a shadow Clone jutsu or chidori senbon, but in fights like these that was illegal. Instead Kujaku prepared for some kickboxing counterstrike and rolled in the dirt. He jumped up, springing to his feet.

Blue came in close with a left cross, but Kujaku countered him with a forward front kick. Blue stepped back.

"That was my chance.." Kujaku thought to himself and put his hands up. Usually he relied on the sharingan in taijutsu situations, but he was holding back. Nlue leapt forward with a wicked right jab, bashing Kujaku in the face brutally. The Uchiha stumbled back. "Damn," he said and tightened his elbows up. Blue came flying with another jab but Kujaku countered it perfectly with a spinning crescent kicked. The Ychiha flew through the air spinning backwards at lights peers and bounding his heel off Blue's temple.

Kujaku thought it looked like he was rocked, and he jumped in for a combo. Soaring high into the air with a flying knee Kujaku aimed for Blue's chin, but he missed and flew over top of him. That's when Bkue sunk the round in.

Blue chased after him and him with the old three punch combo, rocking himself and winning the round.

After a few minutes Kujaku regained full functionality of his motor skills and the next round began. Kujaku wasn't wasting time this time. He activate dhis three tomoe Sharingan right away. Blue wasn't surprised though, he knew Kujaku was an Uchiha right from the very start. The boxer ducked and weaved about the ring, moving as randomly as he could to keep the Sharingan from tracing his movements too well. Blue knew what he was doing. He was odd certainly, but next to that fact was the fact that he was a great fighter.

Kujaku was having trouble predicting his movements, even by recording his fine muscle twitches. Blue was certainly skilled and experienced. Kujaku decided he would take the fight to Blue. Kujaku ran forward with another flying jnee.

This one didn't miss. It hit Bkue square in the forehead and sent him flying back, but it wasn't over. Blue shook it off and wiped his flat top off. Then the monster of a man charged forward. Kujaku figured he was trying to bait him and come at him either a spinning back hand, so kujaku did what he knew best. He jumped high into the air over Blue, and as he did so his sharingan traced every curvature of figure on Blue. Kujaku could definitely read his movements well now. Ku landed on the other side of Bkue an entered the crane pose. Blue began circling him, knowing he was hoping to counter strike and capitalize on any damage Blue had done in the last round.

He was right too. Kujaku was aiming for his head and he let out a side kick, which missed by quite a bit. Then Nkue jumped in. And just like before he was caught with a spinning Cresent kick. This one knocked Bkue out cold though.

With the Sharingan to help him aim, Kujaku could hit every critical point hebcould find. Easy as stealing candy from a baby.

The referee eventually determined Blue couldn't fight anymore. His day was done.

Kujaku eventually decided on just relaxing for the rest of the day by the water gazebos Un Hoshigakure. It was beautiful there and Kujaku could really soak in the days experience where he stood. He had grown so much as a fighter during his boutique with Bkue, and thinking it over in the dark dusklight Kujaku felt proud.

It was obvious the mute, Bkue, was a taijutsu specialist. Kujaku wondered what kind of other skills he had. Kujaku could see his Chakra network was vivid with alterations to the flow. That was a sure sign of someone who knew nature and shape change in Chakra. Had he seen Blue infuse any Chakra he would have a better clue, but the detective was stumped beyond that.

What he knew for certain was that his Sharingan had won the battle for him. While Kujaku could take pride in his acrobatics and kickboxing skills, it was truly the sharingan that perfect his method of battle. With better aim, quicker reflexes, and the ungodly rush that came with infusing Chakra into your eyes, Kujaku wasn't surprised he beat someone who probably didn't have a Clan.

Kujaku wondered what Blue's story was. He had never seen the ninja before, in fact he wasn't sure he was a ninja. Kujaku had never squared up with a MN who hung so low and tight. He definitely fought like that for a reason, and Kujaku wanted to know what that reason was. He resolved to come back out to the training grounds again on his next day off. Kujaku wanted to find out just who this Blue was.

Why was he silent? Who tutored him? What skills does he excel in? Come to think of it... was he a he? Kujaku didn't know and it was all eating away at him.

Eventually Kujaku was reminded by the late-night songbirds that he had come to this gazebo for rest and relaxtion. Soon Kujaku emptied his mind and closed his eyes, meditating with nature around him. Kujaku felt very chill, and his mind stopped wandering. He soaked in all that was around him, the lovely smells, the beautiful sights and everything in between. Life felt truly beautiful in those moments.

Kujaku wanted them to last forever, but his stomach started gambling. "Well I guess that's my cue to go.." Kujaku thought to himself and, eyes still closed, stood up to his feet. "Ahh.." Kujaku sighed and opened his eyes. The night-time seemed so bright even there was no moon. Kujakufelt utterly serene and made his way off back toward home.

Once he got home Kujaku warmed up some of his mom's dinner and scared it down. When he was finished he went into the freezer and grabbed a quart of ice cream. He grabbed a little spoon and headed up to his bed with it.

Before he passed out he ate it all, and even came back downstairs to throwing away. He never put dairy in his bedroom garbage can. Kujaku was fussy over cleanliness.

A few days passed by and Kujaku had the free time to head back to the training grounds. He made sure to get there the same time as when Blue had arrived. He waited and waited all night long, but there was no sign of Blur. The mysterious person seemed to disappear. Kujaku did some shadow boxing to finish the nights training off, practicing the same moves he used to knock out Blue.

Kujaku was stumped. He wasn't sure why, but this Blur person seemed so unique to him. Like someone he wanted to get to know. Kujaku went home that night disheartened. Besides Blue's strangeness, he was the most formidable adversary Kujaku had found in a long time. There were a lot of people at Hoshigakures training grounds, that much was certain. But people of skill were far and few in between. Someone who could go toe to toe with a fully mature Sharingan was someone Kujaku would most definitely have on his radar.

For the next four weeks, twice a week, Kujaku went out hoping to find Blue. He wasn't lucky though, but eventually fortune would smile down on him.

When Kujaku arrived at the training grounds he immediately flashed his sharingan. He was searching for the familiar Chakra signature of Blue, and he found it! Kujaku was so excited he ran forward to find Bkue with his sharingan still on. He almost never roamed around with his sharingon revealed. He was just so excited he couldn't hold it in.

After a quick run Kujaku made it to Bkue. He tried to talk to him, but it was real awkward and Bkue mostly replied with simple shrugs. Kujaku was a bit stumped. Then he remembered the fight they had previously.

Kujaku pointed to the ring they had battled at before.

Blue held out one finger, then extended his fist to bump. Kujaku smiled ferally and bumped his fist back with his own.

The two gathered in the circle ring and prepared for another taijutsu match. Kujaku had his sharingan still on, tracing the familiar movements of Blue. He was so tightly wound it was almost funny. Kujaku could barely imagine how he would defend against jutsu like that. He nearly snickered when Blue assumed his stance. Not one to take his rival for a slouch, Kujaku readied himself for taijutsu. He had been practicing and perfected his own stance. Kujaku held his palms opene and facing Blue. He stood tall on his legs evenly distributing his weight. Kujaku was ready.

The referee signaled for them to begin.

Kujaku came in with a flying knee, his favorite taijutsu strike. He missed and Blue ducked underneath him and quickly pivoted. He was ready to punch before Kujaku even touched the ground, and he fired a surprising sweeping low kick. Kujaku couldn't land on his feet and hit the ground. Blue rushed him for the technical knockout but Kujaru sprung from the ground either a spinning crescent kick, his second favorite taijutsu move. When he landed the two were squaring back up, gauging the distance.

Kujaku attack first again, or so it seemed. He feigned a jab strike and followed with a rising knee. Kujaku hig Blue who was ducking his high fisted jab. Blue crumbled to the ground.

Kujaku was absolutely floored and started screaming. "RAHHHH! He shouted and circled the radius of the ring. There were about ten onlookers. , but it didn't matter to Kujaku. He beat his rival again.

After his celebratory dance Kujaku ran up to Blue and helped him off the ground again. "I can tell you're stronger than this. But you did a great job" Kujaku patted Bkue on the back and started to tell him the monologs he had going on inside of his head during the fight. Bkue just smiled and nodded, he nodded more than he smiled.

Kujaku went home happy that night. He had no worries, nothing to fret over and most of all he won an epic fight against his rival. Kujaku wondered why Bkue didn't talk, but he had faith if he stuck around he would find out. Kujaku slept good that night. He had no bad dreams or feelings of his eyes being ripped from his skull. Kujaku was learning how to cope as an Uchiha, and he found the most soothing instrument to be a war waged between two. Kujaku loved his sparring sessions with Blue. He looked forward to the next time he would find his new friend, the mysterious blue, Blue.

Total WordCount: 2,232

Stat Allocation:
+17 Chakra
+5 Speed

Technique Training: 25% Diacount for Training Grounds
Sharingan - 3 Tomoe (Previous Training)(4,500/4,500)
Shadow Clone Jutsu (1,125/1,125)
Clan Pureblood (527/3,000)
Ayato Hyuuga
Ayato Hyuuga
Stat Page :

Mission Record :
Summoning Contract : Forest of Dreams Ravens

Living Clones : Natsuki
Familiar : Maneki
Legendary Equipment : Raiment of Eternal Fortune
Stone of Gelel
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Clan Specialty : Taijutsu
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 435700

Arrival! Blue! Empty Re: Arrival! Blue!

Sun Feb 05, 2023 10:03 am
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