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Kujaku Uchiha
Kujaku Uchiha
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The Guided Eye Empty The Guided Eye

Sat Feb 04, 2023 5:51 am
After a few years Kujaku learned to cope with the dread his Sharingan brought him. He eventually talked with his father, who assured him it was normal to feel such fear for one's own eyes. Quite simply Kujaku learned to deal with it, and day by day the darkness was freed from his soul and he was able to enjoy the light his Uchiha bloodline gave him.

After two years he still held the fear, but it no longer washed him down in the most unpleasant way possible. Kujaku was freed from the chains of the Uchiha heritage.

Or so he thought.

All that Yusuke, Kujaku's father, had told him was true. And he told him everything, about the basic sharingan. But what Yusuke never divulged was the information of the Mangekyo. The curse of hatred ran deep through Kujaku's Uchiha veins, and his father knew it. Kujaku however had no clue the type of despair that laid in wait for him though.

The morning that Kujaku's Mangekyo Sharingan awakened was like most others when Yusuke wasn't far out in the countryside. Mom and dad woke up together, happily talking about the days good fortune to come. They were truly in love. They woke as early as they could just to spend time with each other, Kujaku was happy to see it.

Kujaku was finally getting some sleep in his life. He had mastered the sharingan in only two years, and that plus the knowledge his father gave him of how it worked helped him sleep peacefully again. No more did he have treacherous, gruesome nightmares.

For now.

Kujaku rose from bed and got dressed, still wearing white briefs for underwear. After he matched his socks and put his slick black leather pants on Kujaku went downstairs shirtless. It was the thick of summer time and humidity was high on that day. Rain would fall later, rain Kujaku would never forget.

Sitting down at the table with his mom and dad Kujaku talked about his plans for the muggy day. He had the day off from work so he was going to go to the training ground to get some high intensity sparring done with his partner Blue, a silent and mysterious ninjutsu adept. They had the time arranged already when they last met up, and Kujaku was excited not to miss this.

After breakfast, pancakes with maple syrup, Kujaku rushed upstairs to get fully dressed. He put on his favorite black sparring t shirt with the Uchiha Clan symbol stitched to the back. Kujaku went fully loaded, bringing shuriken, senbon, a tanto, both his wakizashi and his katana, food pills and everything else he had. He wasn't joking around.

Blue was hard to beat, even with the edge of his Sharingan. Kujaku had to be on his toes.

Since he was fourteen and his mom kicked his ass in a spar Kujaku began training harder. Since he had seen his team mates faces melted right in his face, he began fighting harder. Kujaku had honed his killer instinct in two years.

And most recently he adopted a new technique into his arsenal. Kujaku was excited to show it to Blue and rushed out of the house without saying goodbye to his parents. Something that would haunt him for the rest of his life.

When Kujaku made it to the training grounds he saw Blue waiting in the usual ring for him. Blue dressed in a strange leotard that was light blue, almost an aquamarine sort of color. It looked ridiculous, especially for a ninja; but Kujaku couldn't judge him. From where he stood Blue had defeated him 49 times in a row. Kujaku needed to win two sparring matches in a row to beat him and make fifty. He was determined.

As Kujaku walked to Blue he waved his hand and simultaneously activated his Sharingan. His eyes flashed red and his tomoe gently swirled around his iris'. Kujaku was watching every fine detail he could, waiting for Blue to make a move. He didn't, this time. Instead Kujaku walked right up to him and they just stood there for a moment. Then Blue put his fist out to signify he was ready to start the match.

"Hold up!" Kujaku said, his Sharingan still active. He trusted Blue. Usually Kujaku would only flash his Sharingan and analyze what he saw in the instance. But Blue was a friend and Kujaku felt comfortable with his eyes illuminated.

"Let's go over the rules." Kujaku spoke candidly with his best buddy. "The first one to land a ninjutsu technique on their opponent wins, or a three hit combo with Taijutsu, or a Genjutsu, or a strike by Bukijutsu. Right?" Kujaku looked at Blue, his eyes spinning a bit faster as his excitement grew. They were nearly hypnotizing.

Blue nodded his head then dashed back. The blue man assumed his ready pose. Blue fought like an old man, his hands held up like he's in a boxing ring. Somehow it worked for him though.

Kujaku walked over to where the starting bell was, he hoisted it up into thebair with a mighty throw. When it it the ground and rung the match would begin.

Kujakus eyes watched his opponent carefully. He would sense any slight movement to give away the first move.

Kujaku was a counter striker.

The bell suddenly hit the ground, and Bkue didn't move. He was playing defensive. Kujaku knew why. The long he used his sharingan the weaker his Chakra reserves grew. Kujaku decided to make the first move. His kaleidoscope eyes were spinning at theirmaximum rate now, for Kujaku knew as soon as Blue could he would counter the Uchiha. It was up to Kujaku to counter his counter strike if he wanted to win.

Most of their sparring matches were over in less than ten seconds. This one was no different.

Kujaku swiftly weaved together a few hand seals and conjured two shadow clones. The clones rushed forward their eyes spinning like Kujaku's. Kujaku hoped to catch him in a genjutsu, but Blue kept his eyes closed. He was a sensory ninja and could afford to risk it in the face of six Sharingan eyes. Blue began weaving handseals together for a Water Dragon Missile Jutsu. But Kujaku would not give him enough time. Kujaku put his own handseals together and formed a Chidori in his hand. The noise gave it away however and Blue quickly assumed a tiger crouch.

Kujaku expected as much and weaved together a short series of handseals. Then he reached down to his boot where he kept his tanto and drew it. Kujaku stabbed it in the ground and suddenly lightning burst from the ground. A Shockwave followed the Great flash, shaking Blue and knocking him down. As he tried to get back up Kujaku's two clones jumped him. Staring directly in his face with their fists raised.

"We win." The clones said in unison with Kujaku and then dispersed.

"Impressive as always Blue. But that new jutsu you just experienced, I would say saw but.., anyways that's my newest technique!" Kujaku sounded happy, and his sharingan was still active. It was spinning however, and he had waked over to Blue to help pick him up from the ground.

Blue got up quickly in his own and nodded to Kujaku. That was his way of say, "Goodbjob." Kujaku had never actually spoken with Bkue he just knew him from the training grounds. In fact Kujaku wasn't even sure if he was a ninja.

Kujaku drew some shuriken out of his holster and crouched down low.  His sharingan began spinning wildly again. Kujaku waited for Bkuebto get ready, then he tossed a shuriken at the bell at just the right angle. The metal shuriken knocked the bel high into the air where it rang and rang and rang. Eventually it came back down and hit the ground.

This time Bkue was first to make the move. He dashed at Kujaku with both fists raised. Kujaku knew this technique. Blue could box and he was aiming to get a three score combo in to finish the match. Kujaku went immediately on the defensive and put his hands up.

As Blue closed the distance Kujaku could see his body winding up from his hips, back to his right. Kujaku knew a right hand was coming and he surged his Chakra into his eyes. Removing the limitations of his body Kujaku allowed the innate instinct of his Sharingan take over. Kujaku blocked the first hit, and still holding Blue's fist he rammed his head forward. Blue's fist met Kujaku's hard head and he reached back. Kujaku could hear him hiss as he shook his hand.

Kujaku sized the opportunity and came in with his own combi. First a left jab, then a right hook; both to the body. Then Kujaku jumped up into the air and swung his body around violently. As he did so he drew his blade and swiped off a tuft of Blue's ugly blue hair.

"Upin close inspection it looks dyed my friend" Kujaku laughed as he landed victorious.

"That makes me the champion." Kujaku said and Blue nodded. "Come on, let's get some Ramen to eat. We worked gard " Kujaku started walking toward the village center and Blue followed behind him.

Two hours went by and eventually the two friends parted ways. Kujaku had to make dinner tonight, and he was planning on duck soup so he took a little detour to get the meat.

Kujaku arrived home and jokingly knocked on the door.

"Run!" Kujaku's father screamed. "I told you not to comr back Imani!"

"Shut the fuck up Uchiha!" Kujaku heard an unfamiliar voice say.

Kujaku knew something bad was happening. He activated his sharingan and surveyed his house using Chakra Vision. There were two people in the house, and one was using doton. Kujaku could see it quite clearly, and the fact was that these ninja were too powerful.

"Run-" Kuhaku heard a horrible squelched noise and his father's voice stopped. There was some clanging in the house but Kujaku didn't see anyone leave.

He walked into his home to find it completely trashed. It was clear a fight had gone on there. Kujaku walked upstairs to where he had heard his dad fighting and noticed the walls littered with senbon.

"Dads Flying Needle Rain of Death jutsu.." Kujaku said. His sharingan was stoll active but only just now did he notice he wasn't picking up any Chakra signals. "OH no." Kujaku said and started running toward his parents room. Q

Kujaku opened the door and there he saw it. His father was dead on the floor, his blood smeared all over the place. Kujaku might have puked had hr not felt such extreme hatred.

Kujaku felt a powerful hatred inside his heart and as it's hot nature filled his body his Chakra began to condense in his eyes. Kujaku could feel something new. While he was staring at his murdered father he saw nothing but the feeling his eyes were welling up with. A tear leaked from his left eye, a tear filled with blood.

From his crying eye Kujaku unleashed a Hallstrom of Amaterasu flames. They burned and burned all over the house. Soon Kujaku was standing around ashes, his father's corpse gone with the wind.

"I suppose I should leave now." Kujaku whispered and his righteye began to tear up with blood. Suddenly the flames were put out. Kujaku's mangekyo sharingan reverted back to its basic form then back to Kujaku's normal blue eyes. Kujaku walked out of the partially burnt down house unscathed, but his heart was ripped in two.

His father had meant the world to him. Kujaku favored nothing more than the days his dad would come home from duty snd train with him, or spend time building bird houses with him, or making candy with him and mom. There was so much left undone. Kujaku knew there was nothing he could do.

"That's why I burnt it down." Kujaku told officials when they detained him.

Fortunately Imani, Kujaku's mother, managed to escape with an inch of her life. She informed the village of what happened, and the police informed Kujaku. "He was wanted by a gang of Hoshi ninjabwho defected, your dad chased their leader outside of the country and killed him. They wanted, revenge."

Kujaku turnedbhis chin upward and looked the cop square in the eye. "You see where that got them, and where it got me." KUMujaku spoke gruffly, it was clear he was hurting.

"Yeah well we're not gonna divulge the happenings of this for two reasons. One no one needs to know bandits are breaking into the city, and two the awakening of the mangekyo is rare. Some people, most people, have never even heard of it. Keep it to yourself kid."

"I.. will." Kujaku said and the cop left him. Eventually he was taken to the hospital to be checked for any poisons or Chakra disturbances. Which worked out well for him because his mom was there too. The villains jack knifed her face so she wasn't doing too well.

"Don't worry mom... I'll avenge dad." Kujaku said as she slept. Not long after that he admitted himself out of the hospital and started what would become the most important hunt of his life. The hunt for his father's murderer. As Kujaku left the village gates he could see his father's headless corpse, and tears filled his eyes.

Total WordCount: 2,261

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Sharingan - 3 Tomoe (Previous Training)(3,920/4,500)
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Ayato Hyuuga
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Living Clones : Natsuki
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Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 11400

The Guided Eye Empty Re: The Guided Eye

Sun Feb 05, 2023 10:03 am
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