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Kujaku Uchiha
Kujaku Uchiha
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Uchiha Tribulations Empty Uchiha Tribulations

Sat Feb 04, 2023 2:05 am
Kujaku woke up like he did every morning, early snd filled with eagerness. It was the crack of dawn when the young Uchiha leaned forward in his bed and opened up his eyes.

Those precious Uchiha eyes.

Kujaku had grown up listening to his father talk about how the Sharingan was ever so coveted. "As an Uchiha of Hoshigakure its your duty to protect our clan in this nation. Don't use your Sharingan frivolously." Of course Kujaku didn't awaken his single tomoe Sharingan eyes for some years after his father had told him that; it always rung true however. Kujaru was deeply afraid of going blind. His whole life his eyes were the most important part of his physical health, to lose his sight was horrifying to him.

Some of his earliest memories was going to an Uchiha ophthalmologist to get his vision tested for genetic defects. He was always healthy so those were good memories for him, but behind those memories rested a primordial fear of losing his red orbs.

Kujaku tried to shake off the idea as he rolled out of bed. He walked over to his hardwood, red oak dresser to find some ckothes for the day. Pulling out some socks first he then grabbed a fresh pair of tighty whiteys. Once Kujaku had his under garments changed he walked over to his closet to pick out a shirt to wear.

He was still thinking about his Sharingan eyes, and how others coveted them. He was struggling to shake off the feeling of dread.

After Kujaku decided on a pair of tight black leather pants and a simple black t shirt with the Uchiha crest on the back, he walked downstairs from his bedroom to the kitchen where his mother was brewing coffee.

Imani was a tall woman with no wrinkles, and she wore a pretty pink dress. The woman was certainly ready for the day and was in the process of brewing a second pot of coffee for her and her son to share. As her son Kujaku stepped down the stairs she smiled brightly at him, a smile only an Uzumaki could wear. Imani's bright red hair was draping past her shoulders and she waved to Kujaku.

"Good morning Sunshine!" Imani said to her son. She always said that, and it was her way of saying I love you. Kujaku grinned back at her and rushed faster to the kitchen, eager to bond with his mother over a hot cup of coffee.

The two sat quietly for just over twenty minutes. Kujaku chugged two cups of black coffee, he liked it hot; while Imani slowly sipped on her one cold cup of coffee and milk. As they sat longer they talked more and the conversation eventually neared toward Yusuke, Kujaku's father.

Yusuke had been away on a mission for some time, eight months in fact. The forty eight year old man was still in the prime of his life and usually took long distance missions. They paid better and he was more suited for battle than his wife Imani was; despite both of them being high ranking ionin in Hoshigakure.

Yusuke was an Uchiha who had mastered the Sharingan, and he was well known around Hoshigakure as a Sealing Corp Ninja. That wasn't Yusukes only merit however, he was also highly skilled in Taijutsu and the eight inner gates. Kujaku called him old man, but that old man still had a wild streak in him.

Kujaku and his mom talked about how Yusuke was likely powdering the enemies to dust, laughing and joking about the mans crusades. Both of them knew it was a serious matter, but they pretended like it was gravy between mashed potatoes. They trusted Yusuke, and his skills. Besides it did no good to fret over something out of their control. As Ninja they both respected Yusukes work.

After another hour of telling Imani what he planned to do today, Kujaku got up from the table and headed back in his room to get ready for ninja duty.

Standing in front of his closet Kujaku leaned forward. He knocked on a portion of the wall ever to lightly with his fist, and a panel of the wall collapsed in. In a coalescing effect the rest of the panels on the wall folded upon themselves revealing Kujakus armory. He grabbed some shuriken, kunai and his katana. Kujaku figured that would be enough for the day.

Today Kujaku was being assigned a C Rank Mission. This particular mission was on the higher end of dangerous for a C rank mission, but it was a team based effort which allowed advanced genin like Kujaku to join. Kujaku rarely worked with a team so he was excited to show his comrades what he could do. Strapping his katana to his waist Kujaku headed back out of his room. After saying his I love you and goodbye to his mom Kujaku made a beeline for the gates of the Tachibana Wildlife Reservation.

Dressed in all black and moving as fast as he could Kujaku looked like the shadow of a large bird as he ran through the city. Eventually he made it and was greeted by a familiar face. Hapu Uzumaki, a churning who graduated with Kujaku, was waiting for him at the wild life reserve gates.

Hapu was a soft spoken young man and said, "I'm the leader today, we're just waiting on Mizaki." Hapu swiped his nose with his bare hand and looked around. "I don't see her yet, but we still got about forty minutes until we have to enter the Reserve. " Hapu was wearing a flak jacket, and for some reason he looked real nervous. The bulky flak jacket seemed to accentuate his anxiety.

Kujaku was smiling at Hapu and said, "Well cool. Tell me about this Mizaki."

Hapu scratched his head. "Well she's a medic, who summons squirrels and specializes in Suiton." Hapu looked down at the ground. "That's about all I know. But like you she was top of her class and a highly praised Genin for Hoshi." Hapu tried to smile but his anxiousness shone through and the gurn he displayed was most horrifying. Kujaku tried not to puke.

"Cool..." Kujaku didn't know what to say. Fortunately he saw in the distance someone running. There was a thick cloud of dust being kicked up and a little person seemed to be causing it. As the image came in closer the dust cloud got bigger and Kujaku could see that it was a little girl running her fastest. She cried out to the duo, "Sorry I'm late! I'm Mizaki!"

Hapu waved and whispered, "She should really keep quiet.."

When Mixaki got close the trio introduced themselves and huddled up to discuss the mission. Hapu had all the details and explained them to his genin team mates.

"So we have poachers. Not normal ones though. These poachers are using some kind of acid to melt the faces off of bison in Tachibana, then cutting their bare skulls off and leaving carcasses all over. Predators are migrating from the mountains to eat, and it's making the Wildlife Reserve dangerous. It's our job to find the the poachers, and apprehend them. No killing. Now," Hapu checked his wrist watch. "According to Intel they've been assumed to hunt around this upcoming hour. We're going to fan out and run in zig zags. Fist person to find them releases a flare."

Hapu suddenly got more anxious looking then before. Kujaku looked at him with concern, but the Uzumaki seemed not to notice. "Listen we don't know where this acid is coming from. It could be snake venom, or spider poison. It could be a chemical made in a lab. It could be.. ninjas. Be careful." Hapu put his fist in the middle of the team huddle. Everyone followed suit and bumped fists.

"For Hoshi!" The three quietly whispered then dispersed in a flash of Body Flickers.

Kujaku was set to take the eastern most expanse and was doing it pretty fast. Though not as fast as Mizaki. She was covering the direct north woods, but she was way faster than Kujaku so it was no surprise she would be the first to find the poachers.

She didn't let her flare gun off though.

Kujaku and Hapu were miles apart and they heard the worst blood curdling scream at the same time.

The worst had happened. Mizaki was sprayed with acid. Kujaku could only assume by the screams, and he knew that meant there were people in control of the acid, not monsters. Maybe ninjas. He darted to his left, hoping to flank the poachers.

In mirror image Hapu made his way to his right. Hapu wasn't nearly as fast as Kujaku though.

Kujaku arrived on the scene with his katana drawn. What he saw was not what he expected at all. A long black haired, green skinned kunoichi who was holding her hands in a seal and spitting more venom on a dead Mizaki.

Standing in front of him were two people, one alive and one dead. One half human, the other half faced.

Mixaki had gotten blasted with poison and her face was rotting off. Half of her scalp was peeling away from her forehead, and her eyes were gushing blood. It was a most disgusting sight. Kujaku quickly turned his eyes from it to the Ninja who was still spitting a bit of acid on Mizakis corpse.

The kunoichi looked at Kujaku and he froze in fear. Kujaku had never been face to face with such a threat and once he noticed her eyes all of the fears from this morning woke back up inside of him.

To make matters worse the adversary that had blasted away Kujakus teammates face was a poised ninja. The ninja put together three hand seals and spit forward acid from his mouth.

Kujaku shook off his fear and turned just in time. A blast of liquid acid was facing him and he had no chance to dodge it. Instead Kujaku did the only other thing he could do. Kujaku sliced forward with his sword as he pivoted on his hip, cutting a waft of clean air in between the acid. He was safe for a moment, but some of the acid he parried got on Mizakis corpse.

Hapu suddenly arrived and jumped on the scene flashing handsets. The Chunin shot a fireball out of his mouth and toward the acid ninja. Kujaku was certain Hapu had the edge. But he was wrong.

The enemy Ninja slunk into the earth, dodging the exploding fireball. Kujaku knew he would be the next target and leapt into the air, keeping his feet away from the ground. As he flew high into the air Kujaku looked down and saw the worst thing his eyes could have set themselves on.

The enemy Ninja leapt from the ground and grabbed Mizaki by her decaying legs, pulling her under. Kujaku could believe his eyes.

Then suddenly his eyes began to change. They turned a bright crimson red, and a tomoe appeared around the pupils. The sharingan awakened. As he began to descend in the air Kujaku experienced a new thrilling sensation. With the Sharingan time seemed to move at a surreal pace, he was so in control of his body to finest detail with such a magnified concept of space and time. Flying in the air Kujaku's sharingan spun for the first time.

Before he landed Kujaku could hear heavy crunching under the ground. He tried not to imagine what it was.

"A great shinobi stays calm and level headed during battle." Kujaku told himself as he landed on the ground.

At the same time Hapu landed on the ground. Hapu looked and looked for a sign of where the enemy would appear from, but he couldn't find anything.

Kujaku on the other hand was experiencing something knew and wonderful. Fortunately he was well read and knew what to expect from the Sharingan. In this case that being Chakra Vision. Kujaku could see a mass of blue Chakra tunneling under the ground.

"HAPU!" Kujaku called, but it was too late. The enemy grabbed Hapu by the foot and began dragging him under. Hapu put up a fight though, and managed to keep his head and arms above the ground. But suddenly he began shrieking with agony.

"Ouuuaaaaagh!" Hapu screamed as the enemy Ninja began liquidating his bottom half with acid. It wasn't long before Hapu was dead.

While the enemy feasted on Hapu Kujaku thought of a plan. He figured the enemy would stay underground, and he knew that his Sharingan would be a surprise when the enemy popped out.

Kujaku leapt up into the air and headed near a tall tree, as he soared through the air he casted a shadow Clone.  The shadow Clone landed back on the ground and began performing handseals.

As the real Kujaku landed in the tree he too began performing handsets.

Once the clone was finished with his handsets his hand pulsated with bright blue electricity, and all around him the sound of one thousand chirping birds could be heard. The Clone waited, charging up his chidori.

Kujaku did the same in the tree.

Suddenly the enemy Ninja jumped from the dirt. But not underneath of the Clone like Kujaku expected. Instead the enemy leapt up behind it and facing the tree Kujaku was in.

"A sensor!" Kujaku shouted. Nevertheless Kujaku leapt forward out of the tree., his lightning blade reaching out with him.

The enemy kicked off a rock and dodged Kujaku, who went soaring onto the ground behind the enemy. Kujaku rolled through the dirt.

As the enemy turned around and spit acid Kujaku was nearly finished. Luckily his Clone jumped in the way and took the hit.

Kujaku didn't know how he would defeat this bastard. But he had one more idea. Quickly he forged together more handseals for the Chidori once again and his hand pulsated with bright blue electricity.

The acid Ninja watched Kujaku, waiting for him to strike but Kujaku didn't. Instead he swung his arm around and fired a thousand chidori senbon. The needles flew at the enemy, colliding with him and leaving burns all over.

"Nows my chance!" Kujaku thought to himself and put together the handsets for Chidori again. As soon as the lightning blade began to form Kujaku started running at his opponent. The enemy was still twitching from all the high voltage electric shots Kujaku had given him, and it was easy to sink the distance.

Kujaku rammed his four pointed fingers into the acid ninjas torso. The enemy was killed instantly, his heart electrocuted and burned up in an instant. The Uchiha ripped his hand from the ninjas chest and his Sharingan released.

Tired but not defeated Kujaku walked back towards the gate of Tachibana Wildlife Preserve carrying what was left of his comrades.

As Kujaku made the long walk back he recalled the vagueness his father had given him when the youth asked about the Sharingan. Kujaku figured he now knew why father had been so nonchalant about how the sharingan was activated. Kujaku knew the Sharingan could feel suffering. The euphoria he felt as he used his ocular prowess to protect his life was unreal, and that kind of phenomenon can only be triggered by life and death situations.

"What a good father I have.." Kujaku whispered thankfully to himself. Had he known the mythical Sharingan came with such a burden, such a traumatic memory in life.. well Kujaku was certain that he would have grown to be a different man. He had his father to thank in every way. Snd his mom too.

That's when Kujaku remembered he would get to tell his family about his Sharingan. He wondered if they would be proud of him, knowing what he knew about its awakening. Kujaku tried not to overthink it and carried on even further. Carrying two corpses would usually be both tiring and disgusting, but these two corpses had been completely melted away for most of their bodies. It was disgusting to say the least, Kujaku got his clothes all stained up with oozes of liquefied flesh and bones.

Eventually Kujaku neared the gates to Tachibana Wildlife Reservation, and a ranger was there to most likely greet him. As he heaved the dead bodies on his back Kujaku looked down at the ground in shame. The ranger called out to him, but Kujaku couldn't make out what he said. Instead he dropped the two corpses of Hapu and Mizaku, and fell to his knees in tears.

"I couldn't save them..." Kujaki cried to himself as the ranger got closer to him. Eventually the ranger could see what was going on and pmradiod dispatch for reinforcements.

After an absolutely dreadful debriefing Kujaku left the Hoshigakure NOVA Foundation. That was where all the top secret debriefing were held, and likely other top secret tasks but Kujaku could only imagine.

He didn't have it in his heart to imagine now though. Kujaku had never seen a dead body outside of funerals before, let alone get washed in the liquefied flesh of two. On top of that losing two comrades made him feel like scum.

"Am I not good enough?" Kujaku asked gosked God over and over again as he hapkessly wandered back home through the alleyways. Kujaku knew his way around Hoshigakure and even in a stupor he could find his way home.

When Kujaku opened up the door quietly his mother knew something was wrong. Usually the teenager busted in with a thousand stories about the cats he saved, or the dogs he walked. Imani was sure Kujaku had done a great job on his mission. She rushed from the kitchen to the front doorway to greet her son, but the woman instantly could smell death in her doorway as she reared the corner.

"Kujaku..." Imani whispered and ran to her son. She reached down and gave him a hug, and Kujaku cried in her arms. These tears weren't like the ones before, in his mother's arms he could release his sorrow and let go of the pain. The two stood in the doorway crying for a long time.

Eventually Kujaku and his mom were sitting at the dining room table. "You must eat after a bad day. Don't trick your body and go into starvation mode." Imani told him in the doorway. Kujaku would barely talk, simply shaking his head or nodding his chin when his mother asked something of him.

Kujaku was torn. In a way he was proud of himself for standing up to an adversary like he did. He killed. That was a momentous day for any ninja, in whichever way. But next to losing his comrades, he felt so empty. Kujaku felt only pain, but he was sitting with his mom now. The two drank some warm sugar milk.

Kujaku liked his hot drinks hot, so he gulped it down quick before it got cold. Once it was gone he suddenly started speaking.

"You see mom.. I never would have believed I could face that kind of danger. That fear, that misfortune, it awakened something inside of me." Kujaku paused and inhaled a deep breath. "Mom, I awakened my sharingan today." Kujaku looked at his mom and suddenly his pupil divided into two, with a spinning tomoe orbiting his pupil.

"My son.." Imani whispered and held Kujaku's head. "We hoped you would never learn. But we knew, you were just so smart and.. talented." Imani let out a sudden wail. The woman was crying now. "The stories your father told me about his man-" Imani suddenly stopped talking and let out another wail.

Kujaku didn't notice she had cut herself off. Instead the teenager was having vivid flashbacks. The feeling of his Sharingan triggered the same feelings he had endured in the battle. He felt.. predatory. Kujaku looked around watching for danger.

Imani squeeled again, and Kujaku was shook from the hypnotic euphoria of his Sharingan eyes. His eyes reverted back to their normal blue. Kujaku squeezed his mom for a long time. Eventually they separated and both of them sat there in silence. They wiped their tears and said goodnight, then went to bed, but neither of them slept.

Kujaku laid awake wondering what more horrors laid in store for him. Every time he started to fall asleep he was reminded of the putrid stench of Mizakis flesh covering him.

Imani on the other hand tossed and turned in her bed, remembering all the horrible stories Yusuke, her husband and Kujaku's father, told her about his mangekyo Sharingan. Yusuke had come a long way since he was fourteen, in fact he didn't awaken his sharingan until he was sixteen. But the tragedy came in full swing for Yusuke. Imani hoped fate had other plans for her son.

As she prayed on her knees at her bedside Imani was struck with an idea. "While Yusuke is away, I'll train Kujaku." Imani almost smiled at the idea. She tried to go to sleep but had no luck and eventually got up from her bed and began preparing for her training with Kujaku.

When morning came Kujaku got up early like he always did, but this time he was a little slower to get out of bed. He was dead tired from the raucous events the day before, but fear kept him high strong. Kujaku decided he would take a shower, and hopped in.

After his shower Kujaku got dressed in the same usual black clothes. Today he was wearing a jacket. As he was getting dressed he remembered how nasty it was to have his flesh touch the liquefied flesh, and he put on a jacked to cover his exposed arms.

A trauma response, but he didn't get bothered by it. Kujaku was cool and calm. Once he was ready for the day he came downstairs. Usually his mother greeted him as he came down the stairs but she was nowhere to be seen.

There was, however, a fresh pot of coffee brewing. Which meant she was just in the kitchen. Kujaku walked over to the coffee pit and poured himself a mug of black goo, and took a gulp. When he set the cup down he noticed a little post it note on the counter.

It read, "Good morning Sunshine! I know you have the day off, but I want to train with you. Meet me at the training grounds. I'm going to show you some old school training your dad and I used to do. Love Mom."

Suddenly Kujaku was free from the pain he had endured all night. The love in his mom's words, and warmth if her actions lit his heart up. Kujaku took another big gulp of coffee and set the mug down. He ran back upstairs and went to his armory. "What should I bring today.." Kujaku whispered, he was totally excited. He completely forgot of the rotten faces of his comrades, if only for a second. He reached for his katana, but it had been destroyed in his battle. Frowning at the reminder of his losses, Kujaku grabbed his wakizashi.

Kujaku ran out of the house and headed to the training grounds. Fortunately he lived real close to it and was there in just two minutes. Kujaku was fast like greased lightning.

When Kujaku arrived his mom was waiting. She stood in the middle of the combat grounds, holding a weighted chain.

Imani was an expert in bukijutsu. Particularly long range weapons like projectiles, chains, and bo staffs. Imani was no slouch as a Ninja, in fact she was just t as dangerous as her husband was. Imani was also a medic with experience in space-time ninjutsu and advanced metal release jutsu. A full package to say the least.

"So, here's the plan son." Imani barked to Kujaku as he quickly walked over to his mom. She continued when he was closer. "So listen. I'm going to attack you with this chain, and it's your job to dodge it. Let's go a few rounds."

Kujaku replied, "Alright mom." He grinned a devilish grin and did a double back-lit to create some distance. He wasn't sure how long the chain was, but he knew she was almost as fast him. She would close the distance quick so he went extra far back.

Kujaku had ni idea what was in store for him.

"Learn to prepare for battle with your edge accounted for."

"Huh-" Kujaku said but was quickly cut off by his mother's swing of the chain. Suddenly he had the chain flying at his cheek. Kujaku jumped up into the air dodging the strike.

"Wrong move!" Imani shouted. She twisted her wrist and snapped her arm, altering the chains trajectory and sending it flying at Kujaku from below.

"Don't you want grandkids!" Kujaku squeeled, while he quickly weaved together Shadow Clone Jutsu hand seals. The Clone popped above him and he leapt off its shoulders higher into the air. The chain busted into his Clone, disaperating it.

"I told you! Wrong move son!" Imani swung her chain down and hit it on the ground. She flew up into the air towards Kujaku and began spinning like crazy in the air. The chain was whipping around her.

Kujaku didn't know what to do. He stared in her direction for a micro second, but that was all he needed. Fear kickedbin and Kujaku felt a familiar pulsation in his eyes. Chakra began to well up in his eyes and they turned bright red. His sharingan activated and Kujaku could suddenly see more clearly

Before he saw though. He felt that familiar euphoria. Kujaku suddenly felt the same way he did the day before and all of his memories began to flood him with fear. In another nanosecond he digeste dthe fear, his eyes focusing his mind on the impending danger. His sharingan began spinning, predicting the trajectory of the threat flying at him. He could see where she would fly. Kujaku folded his knees up and sunk in the air, flying just underneath his mother. She flew far in the sky.

Kujaku landed on the ground and had a moment to compose himself. He still felt surreal, the power of the sharingan overwhelming his mortal mind. But somehow in battle he could control himself better. Kujaku began weaving handseals together. His hand suddenly flashed with crackling blue electricity.

From the distance the chain came flying at him, but Kujaku easily saw where it would strike and dashed forward. He dodged the flying chain by dashed underneath ofnit, but that was only the beginning.

Un the distance Imanu was hard at work unsealing her Scroll of 19,99 Shuriken. Sitting on the ground over the scroll she used one hand to release the seal, and the other to form a handseal to infuse her Chakra. As she did this Imanibused psychic manipulation to fire the shuriken ten at a time. They went flying at Kujaku.

The first ten were easy to dodge, Kujaku's sharingan easily displaying the routes the shuriken would follow. As time went on though, more shuriken came at a time. No matter the challenge Kujaku pressed forward as he dodged the shuriken, his hand still shining with lightning.

Eventually the onslaught of shuriken was too strong for Kujaku to continue going forward and he was stuck in one place dodging the flying projectiles. That's when he knew it was time.

"One Thousand Howling Lightning Strikes!" Kujaku yelled and flung his Chidori Senbon Jutsu.

He liked to come up with cool names for his jutsu.

The senbon flew in the air knocking the shuriken off track at a one to one ratio. In second his mother was overcome by Chidori Senbon. That's when Kujaku rushed forward again. Ku Body Fluckered forward and was instantly in front of his mom.

"Dodge this!" Kujaku drew his wakizashi. Imani dodged it by leaning backward, then she leapt in the air and kicked the blade from Kujakus hand. "DAMN!" Kujaku shouted, his Sharingan still active. He was caught up in battle snd had no pain to lament in the moment. He felt good. His mother knew the distraction she offered her son, and continued her attack.

Imani put together a few handseals. "Iron Mantle Quake!" Imani formed a sheet of metal deep underneath Kujaku's feet and began rocking it, shaking the earth directly underneath Kujaku's feet.

Suddenly on shaky ground Kujaku went to jump off of it but his mother expected that. Imani drew a kunai from her pocket and threw it at Kujaku.

Kujaku knew he couldn't dodge this with such rocky footing. He had only one option.

With his right hand Kujaku drew his sheathed at the very last second, slashing upward and tipping the kunai that was flying directly at him. It twisted in the air and landed directly in the shaking ground.

Imani was smiling and said, "I didn't see that coming son. Now, try this!"

Kujaku was beginning to feel the strain of the sharingan, but he knew he would need it to defend himself from his mother's next attack. She finished castedher handseals and nothing happened. In fact the rocking ground stopped too. Kujaku was curious what she had done, then he began to formulate an attack of his own.

As he did so his wakizashi was being transformed with the Steel Serpent Incarnation Jutsu. Imani transformed his metal sword into a deadly metal snake that was creeping closer to Kujaku for a surprise attack.

Before Kujaku could get off an attack of his own at his mother he was struck. The snake bit him on the thigh, piercing his flesh with four inch long retractable steel fangs. Kujaku began bleeding profusely and fell to one knee. Fortunately the snake only had one attack available to it before turning to rust.

It wasn't over though. Imani was ready to attack again and as Kujaku hit his knee in pain she finished casting handseals. "Metal Bullet!" Imani fired a fist sized sphere of metal at Kujaru. It wasn't moving that fast though, and to his surprise Kujaku could easily see how to dodge it without hurting himself.

Kujaku jumped another fancy double back flip, this time a little shake. He dodged the collision though. Then suddenly he felt a strong strain in his eyes. Kujaku collapsed to the ground.

When he woke up his sharingan was deactivated, and he was bleeding profusely. Fortunately he was at home in the care of a medic. The family medic in fact, hername was Joanne. She came from a long line of village clerics who practiced medicine, and as Hoshigakure grew stronger the clerics picked up on Iryojutsu and passed it down to their children. Joanne had been with the family for many years. She had stopped the bleeding of Kujaku's leg.

When Ku woke up in bed Joanne immediately began lecturing him.

"You're young. Don't be goaded into overdoing it. Even by your mom. You could hurt your eyes overdoing it like that! You nearly fell out for good overtaking your body like that. The sharingan is a valua-"

"A valuable asset to the clan." Kujaku finished Joanne's words. His father always told him that. "And I know Joanne, I should not use it frivolously. I was just training with mom. That's all."

Kujaku didn't want to mention he was fighting off demons too. He didn't want to admit that since he awakened his sharingan he couldn't eat or sleep.

"Anyways listen. I'm going to tell you some stuff I've learned about the Sharingan since I've been taking care of your father." Joanne reached around the back of Kujaku's bed and raised his posture up. "Now listen. The sharingan has a heavy upkeep, and someone of your level can't keep it active for long without suffering massive Chakra drops. Be careful." Joanne dmcoughed. "Now too. You can see Chakra now, and the Sharingans ocular capacity allows it to predict tangible movements. Thats what your mom was teaching you. Why she made you bleed like that, I don't know. Ask her though. Your dad would surely like to know-"

"Ahem Joane." Imani was standing in the door way, her hand resting on the side of the door way. "I attacked him like that to teach him hehe must utilize his strengths. But never depend on them to win a battle. Your strengths become obvious, easy to predict. You must go beyond that. Anyways," Imani smiled more warmly, and her tone softened. "You did great sunshine. I knew Joanne could heal you up. Now rest. You got a long day of work to account for tomorrow."

Kujaku nodded and closed his eyes. His beloved Uchiha eyes. He wondered what his dad would say in such a situation. Probably the same as his mom did. "I need you dad.." Kujaku whispered softly.

Joanne pretended like she didn't notice Kujakus closed eye whispers.

Kujaku finally slept that night. He didn't pass out from pain likebhe had earlier in the day. Instead he willed himself gently to sleep by merely keeping his mind still. After about fifteen minutes of stillness he was snoring.

Kujaku dreamt wildly that night. He stood Un front of devilish gates, smeared with blood and guts. The stench was awful, but Kujaku kmhad a sinking feeling in his heart that he couldn't press forward. Weaving together handseals Kujaku formed a Chidori in his palm and activated his sharingan.

Suddenly Kujaku felt a familiar surge of power. His Chakra welled around him like a burning strawman. Kujaku felt an evil burning all around him. He began hyperventilating, and his eyesight started going black. He all of a sudden could see giant black holes in his vision.

"I'm going blind!" Kujaku cried, and the devilish flames around him quelled down. As they did though Kujaku felt a new evil around. This evil felt foreign, as if another devIL were spitting st his feet.

Kujaku could see again. But now he was being attacked by fiends made of black blood. He could smell the rotting flesh of the fiends as he engaged them in hand to hand combat.

As he finished off the last one with a roundhouse to the dome, Kujaku could feel the presence of a bigger threat creeping up behind him. He whipped around on his heels, and saw a beast spitting shards of glass at him. Kujaku activatedhis Sharingan.

Or he thought he did. There was no welling of Chakra in his eyes, or battle charged euphoria. He tried again, but this time he went blind in one eye. He tried again, but before he could infuse Chakra he was impaled by a glass spear. Bleeding out where he stood Kujaku kept trying to activate his Sharingan.

He woke up screaming. Kujaku had never felt such a real dream. Joanne came busting in his room when he awoke. Certain he was dying. Kujaku apologized and told her he had a nightmare.

"That's unlike you Ku." Joanne refuted.

"I'm just going through some things Ioanne. It's no big deal." Kujaku couldn't look her in the eyes.

That day Kujaku went back to work as a genin. He had an easy day ofnwork, catching feral cats around the village. Kujaku loved animals so the experience was fun to him. Most of all it kept his mind off of the gruesome dream he had. Kujaku couldn't believe such fearsome terror housed itself inside of him.

"All because of these eyes." Kujaku whispered as he ate lunch. A cat he had trapped in a steel cage must have thought he was talking to it because the cat started meowing. Kujaku gave it a piece of his bear Jerry. The cat seemed dhappy and stopped whining, now purring instead. Kujaku was happy to see it.

The distraction would only last so long though. When he got home and had dinner with his kosher Kujaku Varela spoke ten words. He was just so heart broken. He always looked forward to when he would awaken the legendary Sharingan eyes. This just wasn't what he expected his life to be.

The prodigy was stumped. "Change will come.." Kujaku thought to himself as he ate his mom's chicken curry. The dinner was delicious and Kujaku made sure to tell his mom that before he went to bed.

Standing on the stairs he whispered, "Mom, I love you.. thank you. For being here for me." Kujaku had tears in his eyes.

"I love you too sin. Your father would be proud of you now. It will get easier, I promise. If he did it, you can too."

Kujaku smiled softly and walked up to his room where he went to sleep dreaming of his dad's Sharingan.

Word count: 6,159

Stat Allocation:
+50 Vigor
+11 Chakra

Technique Training: 25% Discount
Sharingan - 1 Tomoe (1,500/1,500)
Sharingan - 2 Tomoe (3,000/3,000)
Sharingan - 3 Tomoe (1,659/4,500)
Ayato Hyuuga
Ayato Hyuuga
Stat Page : Ayato

Summoning Contract : Forest of Dreams Ravens

Living Clones : Natsuki
Familiar : Maneki
Remove Taijutsu Remove Sensory Space Time Default
Earth Water Lightning Remove Default
Clan Specialty : Taijutsu
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 11400

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