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Akaime Chinoike
Akaime Chinoike
Missing-Nin (B-rank)
Missing-Nin (B-rank)
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A Tale of Tribulations and Mystery Empty A Tale of Tribulations and Mystery

Fri Mar 29, 2024 2:21 pm
Da Missions:

Shifting silhouettes began to stir under the glowing hues. The bustling in the streets and the quick greetings could be heard all throughout Tsukigakure. Trickles of light begin to envelope and consume the shadows brought by the waning moon and the distant, but yet ever-present, stars. Those celestial bodies disappeared as the heavens above flooded the sky in a light shade of Azul. Massive bodies of misty vapors were not in sight as far as the eye could see; but the cooling breeze that was felt, one could tell that a tempest was brewing in from the seas. A calm before the storm, so to speak.

Malevolent eyes peered from the balcony on which they rested upon, to the sights below. Civilians and shinobi alike progressed through the streets as they began their day, either for business ventures, missions, or just a stroll. However, one could tell that something was unusual about the people that inhabit this place. Unusual in the good way as for they all seemed in joyous spirits. While most villages had their happy days, they also had gloomy ones as recent attacks from the last year upon the major villages, the shifting of powers, had left one to worry. However, since this village is secluded, they must feel that they are out of danger. Childish thinking as the ascension to power comes with the unwanted knocking at the front gates.

Even with that happening to so many villages before, Akaime does not wish to see that fall upon this village, and thus his hand has been called upon.

It has been days since Akaime has met the moon maiden that led the village to its current state. A respectable, kind, and skilled leader who showed great aptitude in her role. He expected no less from another with Chinoike blood running through her veins. In all honesty, if she did not have the blood flowing within her from their forefathers, he would have not offered his assistance. While bonds with friends can grow substantially, the familial ties that bound those of the same lineage are much stronger…much deeper.

He closes his eyes for a moment to feel the cool breeze flush against his skin. Taking in the feeling, he let a smile appear before he slowly opened his eyes again. Yellow wings. Pale purple speckles. Some light dappling of red. These were the only splash of color to be spotted against the drab blue of the overcast skies above and the urban structures all around. The only natural, organic thing, besides the inhabitants and vegetation below, to be seen amongst the mangled limbs of bent wood within their pulverized husks of plaster and masonry. All packaged in this tiny, fluttering thing, hardly managing its paper-thin frame against the gusts of that day's particularly capricious breezes. The little creature seemed hardly disturbed at all by the warm-blooded fingers outstretched toward it.

A ferocious gust of wind came forth and blew the butterfly far from Akaime’s grasp. 'How unfortunate,’ he thought as he watched the spectacular insect flutter in the air as it descended to the lands before. Something that Akaime should be doing at the moment. He recalled the events from the days before, and how he had to partake in a series of missions with an individual named Jun. He had not received much information about her but only that she was also a descendant of the Chinoike, and that she needed to be ‘shown the ropes.' Of course, he happily obliged. To teach another family member about their history and all things related delighted him. Family was indeed important to him, as such, she will be considered as well. Placing a foothold upon the wooden railing, Akaime launched himself to the ground below from the second-story balcony. Passerby paid no heed as he landed gracefully on the shagged grovel road and began moving in the direction of where he was supposed to headfirst: the science institute. 

Walking through the village he took in the smells, sights, and everything that had started to become familiar to him. And with such familiarity, the residents started to take notice of him too. Akaime would figure they would be suspicious considering his very nature; but they were all warm and welcoming. It was strange to the Chinoike as during his time in other countries, those people feared him and deemed him a monster. Going as far as branding the forest he resided in as the Wicked Grove, and thus his infamous title was given: the Witchking. It was unfortunate as many men and women lost their lives to something they didn’t understand. But nonetheless, that era has soon but past as now he looks forward to the future and prospects that this village has and is providing.

Akaime continued his elegant stride inside the village's complex pathways, all surrounded by differently built houses and businesses. The sweet aroma of a nearby bakery filled his nostrils. Strawberry pastries are a guilty pleasure of his, but now was not the time to stop and indulge his sweet tooth. Giving a sigh with a sad undertone to it, he ventured forth on his path.

Continuing on his journey through the resident/eatery district in Tsukigakure, he entered the trade district. It was impeccable. The trade district is a vibrant tapestry of lights, colors, and bustling activity, especially at night. The low-rise commercial buildings form a canyon of commerce, each storefront adorned with bright, glowing signs and window displays that beckon visitors. The air is filled with the enticing aroma of street food, creating a sensory symphony that envelops the area. Hundreds of people throng the streets, weaving through the labyrinthine alleys and avenues. The hum of excited chatter, laughter, and the occasional street performer's melody create a lively ambiance. Even with the sun out, the glow of paper lanterns and hanging fairy lights overhead casts a warm and inviting hue on the animated scene.

Shop windows showcase the latest fashions, ninja tools, and culinary delights, each storefront competing for attention with vibrant displays. Pavement cafes spill over with patrons savoring a variety of local and international cuisines, their mingling scents adding to the culinary orchestra. As shoppers peruse the myriad of goods, the soft melodies of street musicians playing traditional instruments provide a backdrop to the energetic atmosphere. Vendors sell everything from handmade crafts to local delicacies from colorful stalls lining the streets.

The buildings, though low-rise, are a canvas for imaginative architecture and dazzling signage. The narrow streets are alive with the constant movement of people, each immersed in the unique experience of this shopping haven. As the morning progresses, the district takes on a magical quality. The energy of the crowd is infectious, as families, couples, and solo explorers contribute to the dynamic rhythm of the area. The kaleidoscope of colors, the symphony of sounds, and the aroma of diverse cuisines blend together, creating an unforgettable and electrifying spectacle.

“All this at the first break of dawn,” he said with a smile, wishing to join in. But nonetheless, he had to contain his sorrows as he neared his destination. A pristine building made of glass came into his view. Standing as an epitome of architecture and beauty, the science institute was housed at the northern region of the trade district. Iron-infused marble made up the entire structure, showcasing the wealth behind it. The glass-like walls reflect the sun and the moon rays, making the building a pillar of light in the world. Akaime would definitely be lying if he said he wasn’t mesmerized by it.

Arriving near the doors, he took his place on a bench to wait for the arrival of Jun. With nothing else to look at, he summoned a book from his scroll titled ‘Blood Rituals and Sin’. Opening the book, he continued reading the page on which he last left on.

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Jun Tsukiko
Jun Tsukiko
Tokubetsu Jounin
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A Tale of Tribulations and Mystery Empty Re: A Tale of Tribulations and Mystery

Wed Apr 10, 2024 1:50 pm
The day before, she had been called into the Kage office to discuss some business with her creator. Junko would inform her of a young man by the name of Akaime Chinoike who had recently entered the village. The two of them discussed him at length and Jun learned a bit about him. Though Junko wouldn’t impart all she knew about him to Jun, it was enough information to make her aware of the potential danger of being around him. After about an hour of discussions, Junko then would request that Jun show him around the village a bit to which of course she would agree.

Though she found the thought of this man alone to be a bit terrifying, she wanted to impress Junko so she thought this would be a good opportunity to do so. Once the conversation had ended they exchanged pleasantries and Jun returned to the room. That night she spent the whole time deciding what she was going to say, how she was going to act, and overall just how she was going to navigate this encounter. Admittedly she was nervous about being around him, from what Junko had inferred to her, he was a rather powerful shinobi.

Jun awoke the next day in one of the lavish rooms found in the Kage Tower a bit late into the morning. Since she hadn’t been staying near Darkside or above Daiki’s bar anymore, she had been drinking less and less so thankfully she wasn’t hungover. Though she did indulge when she didn’t have assignments to tend to the next day, she knew that Junko needed her assistance. The last thing she wanted to do was anger her creator, and Jun was growing bored of the drunken stupor she often found herself in. She desperately desired to make a name for herself in the village and prove to be of value to Junko but she knew that it wouldn’t be an easy task

After stretching a bit in her comfortable bed, she would pull the sheets off of her bare body and make her way over to the bathroom. Slowly she’d begin her routine, starting first with a nearly scolding hot shower. Something about the stinging pain from the hot water sent relaxing and euphoric sensations throughout her body. After reveling in the water for a few minutes, she would begin washing her long hair meticulously, then she’d move on to her petite body. Once she was satisfied and the water had begun to lose its heat, Jun would turn off the water before exiting the shower.

With a towel wrapped around her body and her hair, Jun would find her way into the bedroom once again as she began looking for a proper outfit. Wanting to emulate Junko a bit, she would pull out one of the exquisitely made sun dresses that she had first purchased upon her creation. Though she found herself wanting to wear a bit more revealing attire, she decided that it would be a bit unprofessional to show up in something too casual. After getting dressed, putting on a touch of makeup, and spraying herself slightly with floral-smelling perfume Jun would make her way to the meeting spot.

As she made her way there, she snaked through the streets with very little grace. She often bumped into others, nearly tripped, and constantly was apologizing to those she came in contact with. Thankfully the crowded streets dispersed slightly as she made her way to the Tsukiko Institute of Medicine and began looking for her new companion. As she approached the front door she noticed a young man reading a book on a bench nearby that fit the description of Akaime. Before getting too close, Jun would make her presence known to him by clearing her throat slightly before speaking. Like Junko, she had a warm and welcoming aura surrounding her, but hers was a bit different. Where her creator exuded confidence and experience, Jun had more of an innocence in her.

”Good morning! I hate to bother you, but are you Akaime Chinoike?”

Should he examine her features he’d notice that she was nearly identical to Junko herself. They shared the exact same facial features, body figures, and hair texture. The one main difference was Jun had bright green hair, unlike Junko’s jet-black coloring. She wore a loose-fitting black sundress that laid beautifully on her body and seemingly was made out of fine material. The straps sat around her shoulders instead of over them, and admittedly it was slightly revealing in the chest area. As she finished asking him her question, Jun would place both hands in front of her, hold them together, and offer the man a sweet bow.

If he affirmed that it was him, Jun would return to her standing position, lock eyes with him, and offer a sweet but alluring smile. If he allowed her to, she’d speak up once more as she began to introduce herself.

”I’m so happy to meet you! I’ve heard such wonderful things from my darling sister Junko. Oh! I’m Jun by the way! I think we’ll become great friends soon enough!”

Her demeanor was nearly sickeningly sweet as she began to gush over the man. Though most people acted like this to gain something, this was simply how she was. She’d wait patiently for him to respond and would introduce herself to any that may approach.

Yama Kokoro
Yama Kokoro
Missing-Nin (D-rank)
Missing-Nin (D-rank)
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A Tale of Tribulations and Mystery Empty Re: A Tale of Tribulations and Mystery

Wed Apr 10, 2024 3:50 pm
Morning came so quickly, yet lingering effects from the night before were still lingering. Yama's mind was unsure about what had happened or how he had gotten into the place he was in. His eyes fluttered open after a harsh wind came through and took his breath away momentarily. His fierce stare took in the sights surrounding him, analyzing the landscape he was in. Where was he? On a rooftop within the village. How did he get here? He had no idea. His head was pounding, and his chest felt as if something had caved it in the night before. 

He rubbed his eyes and sat up to get a better view of the area around him. Standing up, he carefully made his way to the edge before leaping off the roof and scaling down the side of the wall using some steel piping that led to the ground. As he made his way to the ground, he caught the gaze of several villagers walking by his location. Doing his best to act casual, he nodded towards them and smiled. Maybe it was the fact that he was half naked, or perhaps it was the fact that he towered over everyone else, but either way, they decided to walk quickly past him without making eye contact.

He sighed and sought any sign of familiarity with the village. He had only been within the village for a few days, and already, so much had happened that caused his mind to stir. He was thinking about staying within the confines of their walls and seeking different aspects of life here. At least those were thoughts that had run through his mind from time to time when he was still coherent enough to think. He couldn't decide if it was how available it was, or if it was the people he had found himself around, but alcohol had been finding its way to his bloodstream since he had entered through the gates, and it was undoubtedly causing his inhibitions to be removed rather wholly.

Today he figured that his main goal, or quest as it were, was to find Akaime and see just what exactly it was that he was doing in the village. If he was still finding it to his liking. He remembered that he had said some things about possibly staying here, which was something Yama was sure he'd never think of doing, but it seemed to make so much sense when he heard it coming from him. 

Luckily for him, the search for Akaime was rather quick. As it only took a small jaunt across the village streets to find him talking with a rather small woman, with blazingly bright green hair. He could tell that her eyes seemed to be glazed over as she was looking to Akaime, drooling over him. Soon after seeing her, a fire lit up within his chest, and his rage began to fuel his entire body. But he kept somewhat of a cool facade over his features to be sure he didn't give off a jealous look, even if that's what he was feeling.

He walked over to them both, his eyes fixed on the green-haired vixen standing before his Chinoike. She had just walked up to him it seemed as she finished her asking if he was Akaime shortly before he arrived within the conversation. "Akaime, my dear!" He exclaimed as he walked over to the Chinoike with his arms opened wide. He would attempt to embrace him lovingly for a moment before detaching from Akaime to look upon the woman. His eyes would be filled with a quiet rage, that was only visible to those that seemed interested in what was held within his eyes. 

His mind wandered to different ways in which he could rip this woman in half. Starting with the arms, moving to the legs. Hiring a medical ninja to keep her alive and save her life when she was nothing more than a torso with a head attached. Gouging her eyes out, ripping her scalp off her skull, listening to her screams. Bathing in her blood as he continued to keep her alive so she could bear the torment that would befit such a woman.

He knew what kind of woman she was. He just knew it. He didn't need any proof. While this woman may have only said a few things, there was something about her that he wanted to simply extinguish. To pull out of her living body, to slowly strangle her with her own intestines. But all in all, he quieted the rage that brewed within him. The sounds of her screams bellowing out as he cracked her bones would ring within his mind as he addressed her a few moments after embracing Akaime. 

His voice, cold and calculating, still brewing up different means as to which he would eviscerate the woman before every man, woman, and child that lived within the village running through his mind. "And you are?" Speaking of course to the green-haired tramp that stood before him. Should she answer, then his face wouldn't change a single bit, continuing to instead gaze into her eyes, hopefully telepathically transmitting the horrible things that he would think about doing to this miserable wretch should she simply give him reason to do them. He of course had no means to do this, even if he wished he could.

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