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Zaled Uchiha
Zaled Uchiha
Stat Page : The Breaker
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Clan Specialty : Genjutsu
Village : Sunagakure
Ryo : 3500

snack fest by a frozen fire (event mission) Empty snack fest by a frozen fire (event mission)

Sun Jan 01, 2023 7:03 pm
event mission:

Another year has come and gone, and zaled was busy amid the festive dizens of the multiverse nexus being his reception hall. Calls of many in cheer, and joy, some sobs of sadness, all to be filled with the slurping of various alcoholic beverages some beyond his wildest dreams,and others with his shinobi training, and overall light experience were better off not consumed by a basic humam form at least, as the much more hardier beings happily played wagers for the celebratory case.

Many like himself however gleamed over the screens of arubboth in discussion of a beff match which his own intuition by now has acutely developed enough to watch these all out brawls in the eternal iorn man tournaments. Although this was a dull one which he would admite to himself.

Thankfully his attention to the pulse he could feel of an unwelcomed guest within the dimension and as such he noted it was fine as he slipped towards his office humming to himself and heading towards the black box which with a few punches to the key's now slipped an box of chocolates, and  a nice cup of eggnog. The knock on his door and hurridly an elf of written historical children fashiom bowed and entered hurridly.

"good evening, what realm are you from? and please have a seat, warm up."

zaled spoke up punching the keys for another set of eggnog and to his amusement hot chocolate bombs, an unique ball of chocolate with a warm mouthful of hot chocolate to fill the mouth as both a hearty snack and drink. He offered one to the elf who happily took it in and giggled at the tasty treat.

"ayee much abliged host zaled, i offer a mission from the winter wanderland if you may, and may i have another?"

zaled nodded and with an outreached hand took the scroll  the elf had, and glanced the details out.A blizzard unfortuniatly left an single soul unable to make it home as easily. Which unlike many shinobi could easily adapt, and his near half a lifetime ofvlife experience behind him both as a knight, and a trained shinobi showed as such.

Zaled glanced back over at the elf now on his 5 th  ball of hot chocolate bombs all giddy and zaled nodded in acceptance. Besides a little snow was no concern but like the beach he inquired.

"i like the pay,just assure that if any were to join in they can meet me by the door I exit, as it is informal entrance they will be unable to neither follow nor  enter my domain, as you guys are outside of the shinobi world, and realm laws of casualty it is fine, but sadly this is important in neutral realms. After all i would open the realm more, but alas it cannot be while one possesses my similar power scource."

in short it meant while from the same world another could not just walk into his dimension. it was a standard contact rule Which all in all made sense yo the elf and zaled smiled as the elf asknowledged the detail and zaled went off to his wardrom to fetch the ideal wears. A thick wooly coat, some light weight boots, and of course underneath it all he had standard shinobi gear. Moreso  he sported a small box of the same stuff, and a cup of hot coco nice and hot from the machine as the elf lead the way out of zaleds office and down some corridors.

"imform me  of this matches results please boys, its hot coco hour!"

he shouted as he and the elf exited a nearby door into the now windy cold air of the chilly but lighty town. The cheets died out as now he was within the winter wonderland realm and took a sip of the hot chocolate and hummed, now he needed to know if there was a partner to be involved as he pretty much wanted to get this over with and return to watching the next fight. In simple terms. He had places to go and things to do outside of shinobi affairs. Even if it was for the hunger of another realm. He kept to himself in this way as shinobi realm drama was dull as of why he sat back in arrubboth learning of other realms. While the shinobi realm kept its eternal nature of silliness.

However who was he to judge as he was not one whom point, but granted he was an older man who faced many of his demons years ago. now happy to throw aside time outside of peevish affairs.

"now what and where will this person  be who got lost"

zaled mused as he sipped once more on the hot chocolate musing how far the induvidual went. He surmised it was an older man however thatvof course would get lost. They lack the resilience they used to possess and for sure these treats while warming up upon consumption would go far for his target to save.

"yeah these will help signifigantly and ill just make my way out. when done,but of course i will offer the milk chocolate one to my co partner here."

wc: 874
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