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Hikari Namikaze
Hikari Namikaze
Stat Page : Hikari no Tenshi
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Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 276150

A crazy night with the Twins Empty A crazy night with the Twins

Wed Dec 21, 2022 12:10 am

It was a fridged winter night as the young Akari found herself currently alone in a rather large but empty estate. Not a lot of time had passed since the Kunoichi had arrived in this small icey village of an unknown origin, but of course it didn't take long for the Akari to get to work in trying to find missions to take part in. The last few times the Akari had this happen to her, the Kunnochi would have spent days, if not weeks gathering information on how she had arrived to this strange land, what sort of technological advancements could be gained from the country's scientist, what sort of new medical practices could be obtained from the country's doctors. That being said, this time that information gathering objective had been wiped clean from the woman's mind, and had been replaced by the simple desire to earn some coin.

After asking around for a short period of time, the blonde Assassin had found her way into the local law enforcement headquarters, and didn't take long for her to cozy her way up into finding out what some of the more difficult cases involved, and who were the private citizens who would be looking to get some additional protection outside of the local law enforcement.

And that was how Hikari Namikaze found herself where she was now. On the outskirts of the merchant district, there had been a young family who had been wanting to hire on some additional protection for their estate for the night. Apparently, the head of the household's siblings had all been targeted by a group of burglaries and as such wanted to keep someone around to watch the house for the next few nights while he and his family spent the holidays at a nearby resort. It seemed like a very simple job, just to essentially house sit the property for a few nights, so the Kunoichi jumped on the opportunity for the job.

The client had told the Haven native that they had reached out to others about joining Hikari for extra defense, but whomever had offered the position hadn't arrived yet. As she waited for either her partner or the burglar's to come, the Assassin would be laying on on her back a couch in a living room decorated for the holidays. In the Kunnochi's hands would be a romance novella that she had picked up from a haven book store a few days before coming to the wonderland. The only light illuminating the room came from an ornate fireplace which warmed the room. Namikaze, who was on the job, would be wearing her old black latex Nova outfit. Her long blond hair would be tied up in a bun around the crown of her head. She had been only wearing one of her contacts, hiding her byakugan behind a cosmetic which made her eye appear to be a natural eye with an Oceanic blue Iris. Her other eye would lack such a disguise, and would show her natural Golden Eye. She wouldn't bother with her mask currently, as she wasn't operating as a member of the black ops currently. She had no headband around her forhead, and only the golden Hoshigakure star earrings that dangled from her ears would mark her as a Hoshigakure Kunoichi.

Placing down her book for a moment, the Akari would reach down over to a cup of cinnamon tea she had prepared for herself to help keep her awake throughout the night. Taking a sip of the sweet nectar, before placing it down and returning to her book as she waited in silence for the night to end.

WC: 614/2,000
Elizah and Elijah
Elizah and Elijah
Missing-Nin (D-rank)
Missing-Nin (D-rank)
Stat Page : Stat Page
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Water Default
Clan Specialty : Medical
Village : Missing Ninja
Ryo : 500

A crazy night with the Twins Empty Re: A crazy night with the Twins

Sat Dec 24, 2022 12:37 am
There was a reason that Elijah had liked it in the country of wind: If he was wearing a coat, it was because the coat was stylish. Quite possibly to the point of impracticality. Here, however? He was wearing a coat because it was fucking cold outside. And outside was where he had to be, considering that he had been cordially invited to attend a house sitting event. Which of course actually means he had been paid handsomely to do exactly that. Well, would be paid handsomely. For SOME STRANGE REASON, they did not trust a guy with a slash mark tattooed on his forehead to hold up his end of the deal if he had been paid upfront...

Oh well!

Now, you see, he was being paid to keep the place safe from potential burglars. Which meant the place would be heavily scrutinized for thievery afterwards. But you know what they NEVER check?

The medicine cabinet.

And, if you looked hard enough, there was a second place they never checked: their perfect angle of a child's closet. Or under their bed. Maybe stuffed in the wardrobe, or at the back of their dresser in the second to bottom drawer. They absolutely NEVER checked there. And of course, the implication is that the kid gets in more trouble if they complain than Elijah would if he were accused.

Not like he would ever be found guilty. This was Eliza's task. She was there when he got the job. But nobody else had known she was there, tucked safely away within his very body, she was all but erased from the world, experiencing only what he did.

Now, Elijah did know that someone else was supposed to be here. Possibly multiple someones. So he did 'talk' with Eliza, and she materialized above him, riding on his shoulders. That was the best they could do to hide her considering there was a bit of snow down, but it was not currently snowing too-too hard.

Had she walked normally, there would be a sudden appearance of extra footprints. This way, it would be far harder to notice.

They were still a few block equivalents away from the house, but it was already clearly a fancy neighborhood, even by this point in their trek. The house they were going to was even a cut above that.

Elijah helped Eliza to the ground once they stood at the doorstep, and then used the key he had been provided to get in, of course also letting Eliza in.

For Hikari, she would quite possibly notice something most peculiar approach the door, if she was paying enough attention to her chakra senses, and if they reached that far out. There were two decidedly identical chakra signatures there, except possibly for a small discrepancy: one was slightly, ever so barely slightly, stronger than the other. It that was a thing she would notice, well, it was there for her to notice!

So Elijah went to open the door and step in, Eliza following shortly afterwards.

To perhaps set the scene a bit more, Elijah was wearing a puffy black goat. While he had black jeans on, he also had a pair of snow pants over them. He truly did hate this combo, it was so... unfashionable. But he hated the cold more.

Eliza, on the other hand, was far less "prepared for the weather". She had, after all, been riding in Elijah for most of the trip, and hurried Elijah along for the ending of it. She had on a medium dark grey hoodie, the front of which was decorated with a decal of black flames, stylized to almost appear as a horde of serpents rising up from a shapeless void. Along the brim of the hood, along the seam between arms and shoulders, and along the cuffs, the hoodie rocked studs, rounded cones that, from a distance, looked sharp, but up close you could tell the rounding rendered them very safe. The hoodie itself was a bit overlarge for her, and hung low enough that her shorts were hidden behind it. Around her neck was a simple leather choker with a brass buckle front and center, and each thigh, just below where the hoodie reached to, were similar pieces, as if collars for her legs. She war dark red plaid thigh highs, reaching to just below the height of the bands, leaving only a tiny bit of skin visible between the two. Her shoes were a rather boring pair, simple black tennis shoes.

But that was what she liked.

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