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Inaba Kurohane
Inaba Kurohane
Vagabond (D-Rank)
Vagabond (D-Rank)
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Sun Oct 30, 2022 6:34 pm
Mission #1:

“Sir, you can’t smoke in here,”


Inaba pulled the cigarette from his lips and flicked it out the window. Looked back to the matron with lifted brows, then up to the sign where various massages were posted in gaudy red lettering. He wiped beaded sweat away from where his head protector should have been; his head felt light without the added weight. Finally a Mission with some guts. Don’t get caught. So the Jounin had said. A racket, huh? Corpses being smuggled through a massage parlor? One would think this more a place for a prostitution ring, not a–

“Sir, do you plan on ordering anything?” She huffed,

“Yeah, yeah. What is the Akatsuki special?”

“Why, that is our premier spa treatment! Ten minutes in the sauna to open up your pores, followed by a full body massage by one of our specialists, and to finish: an acupuncture treatment. It is a house favorite, sir. One which I’d personally recommend.”

Lilac eyes looked up to the sign once more. 1500 Ryo? Talk about price gouging. I could just as easily jerk–He nodded in compliance.

“I’ll take it. What’s the next step?”

“Sir, if you’ll wait, I’ll explain.”

“Okay, okay.”

She handed him a white towel from a rack from behind the desk, turned to extend her arm to guide him down the hall. Inaba followed with the towel draped over a forearm. They came to a door with the silhouette of a man, and she gestured for him to enter.

“Here you can change from your street clothes. Just down the hall there is our sauna room. We have the temperature adjusted for you–I believe some clients are already inside enjoying our treatment. Once your pores are fully opened an attendant will come to look for you. It’s Inaba isn’t it?”

“Yes, that’s correct.”

“Enjoy your time here. And I hope you feel refreshed afterward!”

Shouldering the door open, Inaba spied rows of unlocked lockers. He approached, slipped his shirt from over his head, unfastened his pants, and tugged off his sandals. The metallic locker hinge creaked as he opened it, and placed his clothes inside. Around his waist, he tied the white towel, and around his thigh, he strapped a camera he smuggled inside for reconnaissance. Just a spa day. Snap some pictures of anything suspicious, and don’t get caught. Relax, that’s all you have to do. Play it slow and easy, Inaba, old boy. Nice and easy.

When he exited the locker room, his head snapped to the grating sound of wheels on linoleum. Turned to watch an attendant in white push a long tray with something on it–something corpse-sized. A black linen cloth obscured what lay underneath. Bingo. Inaba’s legs worked slowly, soundless footfalls stalking the attendant pushing the cart. Followed him down a long hall until he entered a door marked Private. Inaba pressed his back against the wall, craned his head to spy into a circular window in the door. He could barely make out the muttering of the attendant through the doorway. A pale arm flopped out of the black linen as the cartwheels snagged on an uneven trough in the floor. Inaba unlaced the camera from around his thigh and took a picture.

[WC: 541]

Claiming 5 stats towards chakra stat

500 words towards genjutsu binding

1000 ryo from mission and 5 ap[exiting]
Crom Orochi
Crom Orochi
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Clan Specialty : Medical
Village : Otogakure
Ryo : 500

Ack Ack Ack [Missions] Empty Re: Ack Ack Ack [Missions]

Thu Dec 15, 2022 6:42 am
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