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Stat Page : Sakurai
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There is no limit - Page 2 Empty Re: There is no limit

Fri Dec 09, 2022 11:47 am
The young ushitora would have no problem leading the mission. Although, he would be needing fenn help once in a while. The first mission would be pretty easy. Sakurai would lead the way to the mining location, and hopefully the white head wanderer would follow.  It did not take long to arrive at the location. The Young ushitora would arrive at the mining location. From the mission briefing, it was reported that that there were steels underneath the ground. Having no mining equipment. The crimson head ushitora would trust his taijutsu ability. The ocean blue eyed would tell the white haired to move away from the technique that he is about to use. This he said, to avoid hurting the white haired with his technique. If Fenn agreed and Once fenn has moved a considerable distance, the crimson head would strike the ground with his right first. Upon impact, aw wave of powerful win and dust cloud would spread out. Aside the dust cloud and wind, massive earthquake, several meters deep, would spread out as well, revealing the items to be mined.  Sakurai would signal to the white hair wanderer to come closer, so that they can go down to mine the items. But this would be after the dust cloud has cleared, as the dust obscures vision, unless one possesses the ability to see in the cloud. Even for the user of the technique, sakurai, his vision was obscured. Unless, fenn has a suggestion on how to extract the steel, the ushitora would begin walk down into the huge hole that has been created. The surface walking technique which he learned during his childhood day comes handy in times like this.  The crimson head would hope that fenn will join him to mine the steel, but that is totally left to him.

The steel was in large mass underneath the ground. Sakurai has no mining tool on him, and it does not seem like fenn has any on him too, if he does, then the young ushitora is yet to find out. sakurai would simply rely on his brute strength to do the work. With a strength of 150, the pureblood ushitora need no enhancer technique like the eight gate to smash steels such as this. HIs strength was enough. Sakurai would strike the large mass of steel, breaking them into smaller fragments. Thankfully, the pureblood ushitora had thick leather bags in his cross bag, which was hanging across his body. He would simply bring one out, and if fenn was within reach, he would bring another out, and hand it over to him to him.  The pureblood ushitora would continue smashing and loading the fragment of steels into the body. It was not an easy task. Staying underneath here alone, has its own punishment. Sakurai had to endure the intense heat coming from the steel and the earth around them. sweat drips from the crimson head’s body as he loads the steels into the bag. 

After packing as many as possible, Sakurai would start to bring the bags to the surface of the earth, one by one. The crimson head ushitora would hope that his teammate would join him, but that is totally up to the white haired wanderer to decide. Once all the bags have been moved. it is time to move them to those who need them. The high grade steel was used to make powerful weapons, armors and many other equipment. Sakurai would move the bags of steel to those who will craft them into their desired need. Apparently, these are workers and blacksmiths with many years of experience. Sakurai have no need for this steel, else he would have taken some for himself. The pure blood ushitora was not a weaponry user, he prefers to use his own as his own weapon. The crimson head was unsure about the white haired ability, and his preferences, if he would want to take some of the high graded steel for himself to craft or augment his weapons an armor with. Sakurai would let the white haired wandered do whatever pleases him.

The day was still early, there is still plenty of time to carry out the other missions, but that is not an excuse for slacking. The second mission would require both sakurai and fenn to travel to a distant place, the ruin of an ancient city. The archeologist who ordered for this mission to be carried wants them to explore the place and give him details about the ruin. The city is in kumogakure and since fenn is more familiar with kumogakure than sakurai is, the crimson head would rely on the white haired wanderer for directions on how to get to the ruin of the ancient city. It was a long journey, they had to travel through a thick forest as short cut, which was house several dangerous animals. And despite taking short cut, it still took them some hours to arrive at the location. 

After progressing several distance, the duo would finally arrive at the targeted scene, and Upon arriving at the ruin, sakurai would notice, at first glance, that there is not much about the place, but it would be too early to tell.  Their duty here is to research and check everything in this ancient ruin, and hopefully, fenn would be of great help. The only peculiar thing about this ruin was it size. It was not the first time that Sakurai would see a ruin, but this particular one was extremely large in size. There was virtually no grasses or trees, at least, that was based on with what sakurai was seeing at the moment.  There was several huge rock stand and the ground was just plane fine dirt. Perhaps, if the crimson head had the legendary bakugan, he could have easily see everything in ancient ruins and got on the information that he wanted don time without wasting much time, but that was a price to be won for another day.  For now, these two shinobi have to work with what they have. Sakurai would begin to walk deeper into the ruins. The ocean blue eyed would gently walked and scan the area as he progressed, turning his head left and right occasionally, hoping that fenn would have find any piece of info also. 

The ushitora was keen on finding something, but there was not really much for now. As he progressed deeper into the ruin, he would come across what seems to be an ancient house with cracks all of over the building. The roof of the building itself seems to be made with clay. Sakurai would approach the entrance of the building, first peeping into the building to check for anything, before getting inside. He would call for fenn to come along with him to check out the old building. Hopefully, fenn would hearken to the youngster. The inside of the building was quite hot and even crackly than the outside. It would look as if the building would soon collapse because it had so much cracks all over it. Sakurai would wonder what brought about building this building in a place like this. Perhaps, some people got stranded here and built the building to shield themselves from the wraith of the sun. As sakurai scan deeper in the building, he would see what seems to be pile of human bones. The moment he caught sight of the human bones, he would start to hear some strange footstep.  He could not really predict where the footstep wheere coming from, because the footstep is random and disoriented. 

Out of now where, the wall of the building who burst open, a giant reptile-like creature emerge, no, it was not one, but two of these beast like creatures, bursting from both sides to attack sakurai. But the taijutsu expert was fast enough to react, the crimson head would roll out of the way of the attack before stopping. He would be in such a position that his right knee would be pointing towards the direction of the creature, while his left knee was sitting on the ground.  The ushitora gazed in amazement to see the monstrous size beasts that has attacked him. The beast looks almost like dinosaurs. One could even say that they were dinosaur, the only different was they had a very dark skin, but aren’t dinosaurs extinct?

The beast growls, as the ushitora fixed his gazed on them. Thick Saliva dripping out of their mouth, and blood stains all over their mouth and some part of their body. The salivating pretty tells sakurai that they want him for a meal. The beasts would charge at the crimson head. Thankfully, sakurai initial roll had position him at the entrance of the building, the boy would pick to his heels and would dash out of the building. Fenn was probably seeing this. The ushitora would the white haired would be able to help the situation on ground. Maybe use some skills or some techniques of some sort. 

Despite being smaller in size, the ushitora was somehow able to outrun these beast, thanks to his speed. After gaining some distance between himself and the beasts, who are still currently chasing the boy. Sakurai would suddenly turn to face the beast. The crimson head would watch as the beasts approached. The boy was getting reading to use one of his jutsu. Although, it was not his strongest jutsu, he was hopefully that the technique he planned to use would put an end to the beasts’ assault. Once the beast was within range, the boy would use his evening elephant technique. The technique would fill the space in front of him, charged towards the assaulting beast. 

The result is inevitable, the beast stood no chance. The technique would pierce into the beasts, the sheer power of the technique drilling into them, ultimately killing them.

Those two beast really gave the ocean blue eye some run. The ushitora would hope fenn was still alive, his eyes would scan the area for the white hatred vagabond, and there he is. The ushitora approach fenn to check how the lad is doing. Hopefully, he is fine. “Do you think it's time we leave here or should we continue the search? I think we should search a little bit more before leaving”, The ushitora would say. The crimson head would start to make his way to another section of the the ruin, and once there, he would note his findings. He would do the same thing for the other sections in the ancient ruin, noting all the findings. Of course, that's what they were here to do. Sakurai would hope fenn would help with making the research and findings too, which would ultimately make the job easier.

Upon making all the necccessarry findings and noting them down, the ushitora would signal to fenn that it was time to leave the ruin, and if the white haired vagabond would agree, the two shinobi would leave. The ushitora would head to the the man who needed the info, the one who gave the order. Sakurai would narrate everything they experienced at the ruin to the man, how they encountered the beasts, how he killed them and the likes. The man, upon hearing the info, was worried that the ancient ruins were filled with beasts, but Sakurai was quick to calm the man down, telling him that was probably the last of those beast in the ancient ruins, as he checked the entire place together with his partner. The man would thank the duo, if fenn was still with him, or just Sakurai, depending on the situation. The man would give Sakurai his own pay.

Next, is the third mission. Pretty easy. All they needed to do was to take note of changes in the climate. They each have a recording book to record the changes in climate. The crimson head would to a large mountain, hoping that fenn would follow. There they would take their recordings.

It took the crimson head vagabond a while, but he eventually arrived at the mountain top. There were no instrument to measure climate climate now, but the ushitora has been given tips on how to go about the process. Once he arrives at mountain, he would start his recording. The ushitora boy would be quick with the recording. After a while, he would be done with the mission and would report to the appropriate quarters.

Sakurai is gradually coming to the end of the mission for the day. The ushitora was keen on finishing every task today, having no intention to procastinate or delay the completion of the missions while it was within his capacity to finish the task. There was yet one last mission to be complete now. The very last one.

He would have to locate and recover an ancient lost artifact. This would not come easy tho, as it was said that the location of this ancient artifact was extremely dangerous. Also, the location is very far from where the ushitora is. Although, the location is within kumogakure, it might take a while before he arrives at the specific location. The crimson head would immediately start his long journey. His aim was to complete his task today, all tasks, as he has other matters to attend to.

The crimson head was prepared to face anything that comes his way during this course of this mission and the course of this journey. He surely hope that fenn, the white haired vagabond, would stay with him until the end. It would only be a matter of time before they finish their missions. Great things takes time. In a matter of time, they'd be counting their ryo as reward of endangering their own lives and taking on these risky missions. The ushitora would not let himself be discouraged, even if fenn, the white haired vagabond, refuses to continue with him on the mission. The crimson redhead would journey on on his own.

There was need to pass through a forest before arriving at his destination. Now, this forest is said to be home to notorious and filthy bandits. The bandits are not shinobi per say. Although, it is rumored that some of these filthy bandits possess some basic ninjutsu skills. If Sakurai would get to his destination, he would have to go through this forest in front of him. The Ushitora would take a deep breath and then continue his journey. He expected a fight and he is ready for one. He had already told fenn that there was every probability that they face off some opponents in this last mission. The crimson head vagabond progress into the forest. The atmosphere was very tense here. It was very quiet. It was expected to be quiet, because people rarely go through this route unless it is really really needed. The ushitora confident in his skills and ability, knew he would survive whatever he face here.

It was just as expected. As the crimson head vagabond journeyed the forest, he would start to hear footsteps. There were several footsteps being heard. Suddenly, several figures in black outfit and black ninja mask would pop out from the forest trees that had been shading them, all surrounding Sakurai. These figures had successfully put Sakurai in a tight spot, and the crimson head ushitora must now fight his way out of here. The vagabond would not give in to any of their request or demand, regardless of what it might be, nor give In to the pressure of their number. The ushitora isn't scared of numbers and their numbers won't intimidate him. They are probably this many to intimidate the vagabond, but he won't be intimidated. Perhaps, these bunch of fools have no skills. Well, Sakurai is about to find out what their show is all about.

The Sakurai knew what was up and needed no one to tell him what was about to transpire. The ushitora would pull out a kunai. The bandit at the center would ask for Sakurai money, all of his money or he die. That is a threat to Sakurai, and threats are something the crimson head vagabond takes easily. The ushitora charge at the bandit with the kunai in his right hand as the bandit charged towards him. Was fenn here to help or was he here to be a spectator? or was he even here at all?

The ushitora fend the bandit attack as he stabs the first figure in the chest, right in the position of the heart, instantly killing him. That's one less bandit . The ushitora was close to killing the second guy, but he somehow manages to to dodge the the vagabond 's attack in the last mission. The ushitora would not stop charging, as he knows he has to finish off these banditd on time. More so, he has to finish this last mission today, so there is no time to waste. More importantly, he has to survive at all cost. He is not about to die here.

The fight rages on. And it got more intense. More and more bandits joining the fight as Sakurai slashed through these weaklings. initially, there were just eight of these bandits when the right was about start, but after observing his surroundings, there were over forty. This was despite Sakurai having killed some of these bandits. They keep increasing in numbers. There is probably an army of bandit in this forest. The crimson head vagabond would continue with the fight. It is not easy, but the shinobi, the ushitora is getting tired and weary, he had sustained some minor injuries himself. The bandits had swords, daggers and other sharp and blunt weapons in their possession to fight the crimson head vagabond. All the ushitora has is his kunai in his right hand. The ushitora vagabond would not succumb to their numbers anyways, he has to finish what he started.

This scenario reminded him of his journey when he was coming to kumogakure. He was attacked by bandit twice on his journey from tanbo to kumo. Upon arriving at kumo, he had some rest for some days, and when he thought he was free from attacks, he was attacked twice again inside of kumo, that was a village which he thought had a tight security. It seems it is impossible to be fully protected. Some bastards who want you will just find a way to get you at all cost. The ushitora has seen getting attacked as a norm now and the boy has the mindset that one can be be attacked anywhere and with anything.

The ushitora vagabond would be focused on his fight. The crimson head knows he would survive this fight just as he had survived the other fights. One by one, the Crimson head slash their bodies into pieces, shattering their bones, killing them. The more he killed them, the more they increase and hop out of their den. The crimson head ushitora has the option to use one of the strongest technique in his arsenal, but he is choosing not to use it for now, for reasons that no one knows, not even himself. He just doesn't want to use. The ushitora had sacrifice his time and energy for this mission. The reward for it had better be worth it. The ushitora would suddenly come to an halt to observed his surroundings. The crimson head ushitora see them popping out as usual, “why are you all wasting your life? you can't beat me! go back to your family. Go back to your wife and children!” The ocean blue eyed would tell these words at the bandits who were hellbent on killing the boy and taking away his money. ,but his words fell on deaf ears. The bandits would continued their assault as Sakurai would continue in his killing spree.

The foolishness of these bandits was alarming. They didn't consider the fact that Sakurai might not even be carrying any money with him, they just believed that because the vagabond was journeying through here, that he had money with him. Of course, they were right, Sakurai had money with him. Who would be travelling on such a long distance without carrying any money on him. There might be need for an emergency. He might need to buy something urgently and the likes. Hence, the reason why he had money on him.

But despite having lots of money on him, the crimson head vagabond would not yield to the bandits. He had never yielded to anyone let alone those who he consider lower than him. These bandits, he considered lower than him. The ushitora would fight till the very end. He need the would soon come to an end.

The fight between Sakurai and the notorious bandit ranges on. By now, Sakurai had killed over a hundred and twenty of them, and there were still those stupid bandits charging at him, wanting to take his life, so they can steal his money. How foolish! Why go through this much stress just for so little. Their greed for money was so much that they would take the path of death.

Sakurai was left fighting with over forty bandits. At least, no more bandits popping out of the trees anymore. The ushitora knew this was almost over. This particular mission really gave him a serious headache. It would be the last time that he would take on this kind of mission. The crimson head vagabond would charge at the bandits killing every last one of them. Upon killing the last one, the ushitora would fall to one of this knees in weariness. Blood stains had messed up his clothing. The ocean blue eyed feel drained of his energy, but he had to journey on and finish the mission. He could have saved himself the stress by simply using his srank tech, the hydrogen bomb code nine jutsu, but for some reasons, he didn't. He couldn't even tell for what reasons he didn't use the technique to end the fight.

Well, the bottom line is that the fight has ended. The ushitora would continue to the location of the ancient relic, journeying out of this evil forest that has drained him of his energy. The ushitora finally found the ancient relic he was looking for after much searching. The ushitora would collect it and head back the way he came. He was rest assured that this time, he wouldn't need to fight at bandit because he had already killed all of them. The ushitora faced lots of shit during this mission. From having to wait hours for his teammate, who for some reasons refused to show up late or didn't show up at all, to having to fight beasts he had never seen before, and bandits that wears him out. The ushitora' life really has not known peace. All his life has been about fighting fighting and fighting. Is this what it means to be a shinobi, The ushitora had been desperately in need of money.

The crimson head vagabond had been orphaned ever since that flood hit their village. It was a miracle how he survived the flood. The heavens probably wanted to spare his life because he has a destiny to fulfill. The ushitora knew he was made for greatness, which was why all the time he was fighting, he knew he can't give up in the fight. Giving up means fucking up. That's not something the ushitora vagabond was ready to do. At finally, all the missions are completed, all that is left is to return the ancient relic to the man that gave the mission. The owner.

The ushitora would return the piece of ancient relic to the man. The crimson head ushitora would narrate his ordeal about the mission and everything he went through. The man wild thank him for everything he has done.

After a successful life threatening mission, the ushitora can now why take a long rest. These missions drained Sakurai so much that he would not be taking missions of these kind in a long time. He won't, unless in some circumstances. The ushitora would be rewarded for everything he has done and would return home gladly.

WC: 4055
TWC: 6606

(Exit, will make claims later)
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There is no limit - Page 2 Empty Re: There is no limit

Tue Dec 20, 2022 5:02 am
Already spent 1144 on mid thread claims.  6606 - 1144 = 5462

Claiming 50 stat , 2750wc to Armor of sticky gold  A-rank
2500wc to Overwhelming presence

212wc to Syrup Field

24000 ryo from missions, 8000ryo ( c rank additional mission ryo)

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There is no limit - Page 2 Empty Re: There is no limit

Wed Dec 21, 2022 6:35 pm
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