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Clean the neighbours  Empty Clean the neighbours

Thu Sep 15, 2022 6:53 pm




There it was, the fish man finally made his way to his basement sector. So, a new fish life was bound to begin as his eyes twitched directly to his left. What was going through his mind? Gi was a fully blown hoshigaki. The man dedicated his whole life to one thing, and that was the art of swimming. His father knew his intentions, but it only came down to one thing, his commitment. He privately wasn't found with how things were on his side. Especially with how things were going, kages were disappearing every moment of the seconds that went by.

It was all about the money, collecting paychecks for his newly dressed outfits and looks. Though what he had on his mind did question him, what was he going for now? As a natural six foot three, who weighs about two twenty lbs, his next movement was swimming as that was the only cause that flowed through his mind. He couldn't let distraction be a part of him, nor be with him. He made sure whatever the focus or attraction was, he'd achieve it. For sure, he loves to fight and bring the heat.

The young fish found himself somewhere surrounded by other genins of his village. There was but not a whole bunch, maybe a portion to five genins. In the back was a man who was a jounin, one arm behind his back while the other was next to him. "As you all see, you are here to be gathered to be briefed on a mission sent by the kage." the jounin let out a brief smile." it is actually an e-rank mission, so your lives will be safe with us." The hoshigaki let out a peaceful sigh as he heard this placing his hands behind his head. "Let's get this show started.. am itching for some new blood... I can't wait.. no longer sensei." He let out a deep breath, with his blunt teeth showing. "Hungry!" - At that moment, the sensei and the genins all turned around and glared at him, laughing. The hoshigaki gave them all a dirty wink showing his pride before facing the jounins. 

"We have no worries about this, my fellow genins." the jounin spoke clearly and loudly. "We will find this theif or whoever he is; we will ask around and find what or where he is. "He smiled and continued. "Ask around each location you go; you will be given a paper. The paper will have locations where the events are, so Good luck." The jounin would pause as he would continue yet again. "Whoever finds this piece of paper will be crowned the mission winner." he paused yet again and continued. "Bring me him alive, don't kill him, adios my genins."
The hoshigaki and the genins sprinted, looking for this so-called thief. It was a hunt, and it began.

So, it happened so fast. The genins bolted out quickly as they could. The hoshigaki slowly blended in as he heard the others explaining the routes so he'd make his way. He was the first to go in and be the first to get him. He let out a sigh, this time grabbing the last tag of the paper." man, oh man, why are this such a hassle and a drag." he would mumble as he began reading the events that took it. "you shouldn't rush this." the jounin said in front of the hoshigaki." what's the matter my man, doesn't the mission rewards excite you?" the fish replied. "Not sure, my sensei, but they are all just leaving so quickly." the jounin laughed. "Turn around and get those filthy theifs. They are still running." the hoshigaki smiled as he went to work, it was go and go time. 

Another assignment had descended on his lap during one of his off days. One that would stand straightforward nevertheless yields well. So there existed no criticisms from him. He was advancing to be operating with some of the villagers emptying some interests. There was a supplementary bounty as pleasingly. He would be performing with one of the more contemporary Jounin. Somebody he owned never attended of but was enthusiastic about meeting. Specifically, since he was without a lecturer and the townlet had not yet allotted him one yet. It was still before sunrise when Giiuii reached the scene. The profession was already existing accomplished by a gathering of somebody. Folks were already unclogging their interests in one of the craftworks. Giuii loomed the rowboat with quickness and made his way onto the terrace. There was a gentleman with a tempestuous countenance roughly him. Before Guii could get a word out, the gentleman communicated.

"Speak, my comrade; who must you be."

Gui beamed before communicating, he comprehended he was late to the reception, but he was going to maintain his appropriate allocation of developments around. "Unfortunate about that, napped in a little late." He witnessed three of the same individual carrying interests off the ship. No mistrust; some sort of clone technique was being used here. It was a woman with white hair. She was covered in sawdust in grime she had been lifting quite a bit from the looks of it. With the clones, she could unload interests three times as fast. Gui stopped gawking and fast made his way to one of the firkins. He got a muscular grasp and raised using the portions to detour pinching with his back. He roamed the firkin off the yacht and positioned it near where the female and her clones were arranging their firkins down. He was just heeding the mass where they were taking the barrels. He said zero but rasped as he set the barrel down. He hurried back towards the craft to complete up for the misplaced term. And that was the end of the scene as the hoshigaki rushed home, wondering what the next mission would be or waiting for what was ready for him soon enough. He was hungry.

The hoshigaki wakes prematurely as he hops in the shower and sits there feeling the moment. After he's done, he starts to brush his teeth, ensuring every location is done nicely. He uses the bathroom to do his daily natural things. He wears the same outfit he wears to head out. The hoshigaki leaves the house and buys milk and orange juice from the store. He pulls out milk and eats the Food with cereal. After eating, he heads out and says bye to his father. It was a start of an excellent wonderful day.

He remembered the photo on the table that resulted from his mother; it was the good days he loved the most. " I know we never had connections, but we surely were something together, ma." The hoshigaki felt pure love from his voice as he meant it. He only wished to see her one more time, but it was the last since that incident. He couldn't forgive himself as he knew he could have tried harder. " Screw me.. why was I not there when I needed her." He shook his head in disappointment as he needed to move his head on clear. There was another possibility waiting for him. Who knows what it was?

"Love you." Was the final words the man sprouted from his mouth. It indeed didn't sound like love but an act of kindness. Of course, the hoshigaki needed to accept it as his pain grew far more significant than he thought. As he clenched his fists, what would be the possible solutions? He heads out of his house to start on a mission, which he more and so needs to get a pocket change. Huh. Money was his passion. After all, a change would make his dream sword come true after all.
The hoshigaki was keen to make a change, well he was in-need of extra paychecks meaning alot of missions needed to be done.
If that meant for him to grind, so be it. Actually he didn't care what anyone else thought of him. The hoshigaki was always the one to bring it out and make the move before anyone else but him. He dedicated his whole life for this village. And nobody or anything would try to come close to him. He was feared and determined. The hoshigaki came close to nothing as he feared for his own safety, with that. He worried bout the new mizukage 
what with he could pull eitherway, he waited and understood whatever it was.  The hoshigaki had hopes for the future whatever it'd be he made sure he would be the one to make the change. Hungry for blood and hungry for fights best was yet to come.  It was just the start.

He heads to the mizukage office as he is hungry for a mission. He picks a task that is suitable to his range. After looking, he saw many potential ones and decided to go for the one that suited him. He read it and said, "Food for the elderly, Interesting." Was the words as he began reading more on the mission. Today was going to be an easy day, as he knew there were other things he must do. This mission was not to be taken lightly but serious at all costs. A smirk emerged; payday would be coming soon after all.

So, his mission got approved, meaning he had to work slightly more challengingly. He went out to the clients' houses, dropping ounces and ounces of Food, ensuring the satisfaction would be pleased upon them. Most of the people were upset by the spillages caused by the hoshigaki. But he made sure whatever occurred, he'd do it either way. As the hoshigaki made his way, dropping the food locations to locations. His time with the Food would edge closer and closer as his time with this mission surely meant a pass. He was delighted, his energy upon the roof.  

Another yet a simple day, the hoshigaki was busy as he looked throughout the window bedroom. There were a lot of things that were going through his head. Yet, he shook his head and knew what he needed to do. The outside was scorching as the heat, but he preferred to lay on the ground. He likely would have done this without his father coming in and shouting at him. His composure as she walked in, he made sure he'd listen and wait for his own father to say some. 

Nothing meant more than in a protest as it was severely pushed down on the road. Tho alot of foods and creations were all over. It was a devastating day, and the hoshigaki was quite ready. The mission he was assigned was really a simple one, one he must help his people. His father accompanied by his side making sure to support him. the city known as kirigakure as he made his way down ready to start this new so-called mission. 

The sun came now at mid-day and the surronding was filled with activity. Alot of ninjas and civilians were around the streets, working and doing they natrual causes. He made his way to the bussiest town of the village as there was alot of things that needed to work. While he pondered weather the ninjas accepted his plea deal, he waited. This was his time.

The hoshigaki was able to exit in the noisest area of the village and turn onto a side street in the direction of the place. He needed to throw off his clothing as he started to sweat very badly. The hoshigaki shrugged as this was a close all. The entire of his body became a zealous individual, although he needed to go foward. He was drenched in sweat and tired. He made his way to the door. "Open you filthy tomato jerry can." With that the door opened and ordered him to go inside. The hoshigaki disappeared never to be seen again. 

wc: 2002

20 SP to Speed, 4250 ryo ,21 Ap
2 words to my auntie in Jupiter 

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[500/500] - Temporary Paralysis
[500/500] - Body Flicker
=2000 Words.
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Clean the neighbours  Empty Re: Clean the neighbours

Sun Sep 18, 2022 12:57 pm
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