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Spirit Rise Event Empty Spirit Rise Event

Mon Sep 05, 2022 6:54 am

Banner art and code made my Mama Melon.

Every hundred years, those studying the stars will recognize an alignment of planets. Some events often coincide with aligning the stars, planets, and moon. And when our world aligns with the most distant planet within our system, it can be observed that the barrier that separates our world from that of the spirit realm thins considerably. While this phenomenon has presented localized instances of strange happenings in the past, the year seems to have taken the alignment to a different level.

Thinned as the veil between the two realms has become, the residents of each village will experience a strange phenomenon of the apparition of spirits from the past. As the days go on, figures of ghostly essence will become more and more apparent, and everyone will find themselves feeling strange. Those with enough control may even call forward spirits with whom they were once familiar, offering an opportunity that will not come again for many lives. By the end of the month, the veil will become solid once more, but not before an ominous and foreboding messenger arrives.

(Although the threads need not be about any particular subject, a general outline of experiences will be outlined in the spoiler below and could be considered writing prompts if one so needed.)

Spirit Rise Experience

  • Days 1 - 3: Very little is happening that is obvious, though some might feel as though they were ill as their equilibrium shifts ever so slightly at the beginning of the day, giving people a general uneasy feeling. Rumors of strange happenings begin to spread.

  • Day 4 - 7: The rumors and stories become more frequent, with strange sightings being noticed daily. Strange apparitions appear at night, wandering aimlessly and vaguely taking the form of humanoids.

  • Day 8 - 12: The thinning of the veil is at its most intense, and fully formed manifestations of people begin to appear. These days, the connection between the two realms is so blurred that one might call a spirit to appear before them just by concentrating.

  • Day 9 - 14: The spirits retain their defined form but lose their energy and manifestation more and more quickly. By the 15th day, the sightings have become so sparse that it becomes clear that the anomaly is nearly past.

  • Day 15: The Dark Envoy arrives.


Oct. 1st 12 a.m EST - Oct. 31 12 p.m EST. Grace period: Nov. 7th.

To participate in the event, a player has to make any post with a WC of 250 or more to qualify for a rank of prize equal to how many days they have posted up to 15 days. These posts do not need to be on consecutive days but must be kept track of on the reward claim sheet with links to the bars, and every character must do their own WC to claim that rank of the prize. This goes for alts and LCs. A character may only claim a single reward rank per day. Rewards are claimed in order and are listed in the spoiler below. Once all 15 days have been completed, that character may undertake the single mission offered this season, Dark Envoy. Completing this mission should also be recorded and linked to the rewards claim.

The rewards template and claim thread can be found here. Please keep all reward claims within the linked line.

Reward Track:

Notes regarding the event

  • A character must have personally known someone to call their spirit forward, not simply heard of them.

  • The spirits generally act the same as the person did when they were alive, but their connection to specifics in their memory is hazy at best. (Please don't use this event as an opportunity to meta-game information.)

  • A character MUST have completed 15 days' worth of rewards to participate in the Dark Envoy Mission.

  • A character may use the WC for any IC thread- including missions and arenas- to qualify for that day of posting.

  • All characters must make their post to qualify for a reward, including LCs and Alts. As such, their rewards should be recorded on their template.

  • Dice rolls are done on stat pages for characters once the claim for the prize has been made in the template thread.


Reward Claim Thread
Dark Envoy Mission
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