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Toran Uchiha
Toran Uchiha
Stat Page : The Willy Amusing Uchiha
Remove Weaponry Ninjutsu Default
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Clan Specialty : Genjutsu
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 12300

Opening up the Valves Empty Opening up the Valves

Wed Aug 31, 2022 8:49 am
Toran had always believed that his chakra control was at least decent, hell he’d call himself someone who has a pretty good knowledge of how to control and mold his own chakra into an element when he was first starting out as a Genin. Yet he had a tad bit of difficulty grasping the basics of infusing his own chakra into objects out of his own free will. He was simply surprised that he had not learned this skill at all during his time spent with Team winter. Yet it was better late than never at least when it came down to learning a new skill that could branch out his own possibilities at least in the future. Toran’s eyes creased slightly as he held the Kunai tightly within his grasp. Preparing to use it on the nearby tree to test out whether or not the chakra infusion had actually worked properly, A light glow had begun to show itself on the small little tool for shinobi. Toran felt the sturdy cloth wrapped tightly around his Kunai. While the Kunai itself was rather dull, he made sure that it was always at least able to be grabbed just in case for use. He was especially impressed with how easy it was to use a Kunai in order to move around as a result. Kunai were a last resort type of weapon, with their short range and small grip, it would be hard to find someone that ended up using one over a sword or even a staff. Range got Shinobi killed, no matter how skilled they were with a Kunai, someone would usually have the range advantage if they used almost anything else besides their own fists. Yet he liked the feeling of the Kunai in his hands, reminding him so much of how a wooden sword felt, Toran felt like this was somewhat of a beginners guide to how to actually use weaponry.

With a small little stretch before beginning to open up his Chakra, Toran felt the small influx beginning to pool throughout his body in small waves. He could feel the pressure of his own chakra beginning to pool inside of his body. Concentrating solely on this endeavor, Toran however felt fine. He didn’t feel any kind of pain when his chakra began to pool inside of the Kunai he was wielding inside of his hands. It felt rather calming to him, the chakra arose from his body in a barely noticeable way. Slowly but surely beginning to coat the Kunai he was holding with the reddish purple chakra emanating out of himself, Toran loving the small amount of flames that seemingly flickered off of the kunai before slowly pulling the chakra back into his body for a moment. He needed to focus solely on the kunai itself without of course potentially giving away that he’s preparing something against someone else. He however loved the fact that he was able to get down the basics rather quickly. Toran’s face being blessed with a bright smile at a small job well done as a result of his own time and effort spent as a shinobi. The kunai in his hand still had that same grip that allowed him to use it for a practice item. Toran finds it rather hard not to stop smiling over the fact that he already infused chakra inside of the Kunai. With that he could actually start focusing primarily on the source of the chakra flowing through him. He needed to control his chakra, especially given the types of skills that he had received as a result from awakening his sharingan to a supposed new stage. Something that completely surprised him was that awakening… He remembered blacking out for a moment within the defensive observation that the group had made as a result. Perhaps it was the fear inside of him that awakened his sharingan to new heights, Toran was unsure of whether or not he could really control this type of power. Yet what mattered right now was that he was able to infuse a part of his own chakra into something as small as a Kunai.

The basics of chakra infusion were straight forward. Like an arrow leading directly from one path onwards to another, Toran learned the mere basic application of infusing his own chakra into an object. Something simple like that always led to bigger and better tools to be used inside of combat or even daily life. As he had a much bigger chakra pool then when he first started out as a shinobi. The use of infusing his own chakra into basic items didn’t affect him one bit. The application of such a skill felt rather calming to the green shinobi. He remembered the basic jutsu that he needed to learn as well in order to fully utilize the basic applications of Chakra infusion. A simple technique known as the Flying Swallow, Toran understood that he had to pump just a bit more chakra into his kunai than beforehand. Flying Swallow also needed hand seals to fully be activated. An interesting discovery, given that you usually needed two hands in order to fully utilize your own chakra pathways. The Uchiha simply gave an uninterested shrug at the need for using hand seals. He’d find some way of holding onto a blade while weaving hand seals.

“They probably didn’t think about that much if it needs three hand seals in order to use a technique that’s so basic when using a sword…. Perhaps it was designed for those with excellent chakra control then?” His rhetorical question was not unfounded, even by his own self he knew that there was always a reason as to why some jutsu were the way that they were. The small chill of the air whipping against the Uchiha’s own neck… Summer was beginning to end soon, Toran understood that missions were going to be at an all time high because of this. Gripping tightly onto the Kunai, Toran quickly placed the Kunai into his own mouth before weaving the hand seals of Tiger - Boar - Rat. Quickly snatching the Kunai out of his own jaws, He could feel the slight pull of more chakra out of his own pathways and directly into that of the Kunai itself. The aura around it began to grow slightly larger, the kunai looking as though an extra layer of chakra was completely wrapped around its surface. Protecting it in a Crimson and purple hue just like Toran predicted, he could only smirk at how weightless the kunai felt with his chakra surrounding its edges. Toran immediately however chucked the kunai against one of the surrounding tree’s. The thud from Kunai hitting bark left a smile on Toran’s face. The chakra that was wrapped around it slowly began to dissipate into the air. Toran noted that the chakra would leave only after it had made contact with another object or person.

“So it’s also good on ranged attacks…. No wonder why bows are still in the market now… Or perhaps I’ve just been ignoring how useful something like this could be?” He thought aloud. The Kunai which was previously considered dull could now be considered a weapon no matter its condition thanks to this nifty little jutsu. No wonder using a weapon was commonplace inside of Hoshi, Yamato, Tsunayoshi, Enishi, Isemori, he was probably missing quite a few names. Yet there certainly were people here that used some form of weaponry as a use of close quarters combat. Perhaps that’s why he came out of his own house in order to simply learn more about the basics of infusing and imbuing a weapon with his own chakra to enhance his own capabilities. Soon, perhaps he could even add Lightning or Fire chakra into the mix with his imbuement of chakra, Toran thought that would be absolutely amazing to accomplish. Especially given his status as the youngest out of his own group. He certainly couldn’t disappoint now. The chakra he felt throughout his body felt nice, like he had just worked out for the first time in awhile. He felt much more alive than he had in a long time. He could only remember when he and Typhon went on that mission together to clean up a religious shrine that he remembered hearing the humming of someone…. The soft tone, the infectious tune that they sang out. He didn’t know why. But the tune and noise kept him from overreacting entirely when he heard the humming in the first place. He joked with Typhon that he perhaps would die at a young age. Which given this line of work was almost certain to be true, Toran however wanted to at least talk with the rest of his teammates one last time. He had heard rumors of a few missions involving hunting others that were stirring up trouble. Charcoal eyes staring at his pocket, he needed to use a bit of money it seemed. Perhaps one more mission couldn’t hurt to help carry the load.


Bonus AP: 30 AP
Total AP:1294

Chakra Infusion:1500/1500(Previous WC: Here) 1514 - 379 = 1135
Flying Swallow:750/750 (1135 - 750 = 385)
Ninjutsu Amplifier(C-Rank): 750/750
Ninjutsu Amp(B-Rank):885/1125
Yuuma Fujiwara
Yuuma Fujiwara
Stat Page : Link
Remove Medical Fuuinjutsu Ninjutsu Default
Earth Water Default
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 116770

Opening up the Valves Empty Re: Opening up the Valves

Wed Aug 31, 2022 2:31 pm

Bonus AP: 30 AP
Total AP:1294

Chakra Infusion:1500/1500(Previous WC: Here) 1514 - 379 = 1135
Flying Swallow:750/750 (1135 - 750 = 385)
Ninjutsu Amplifier(C-Rank): 750/750
Ninjutsu Amp(B-Rank):885/1125

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