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Meika TsukiOni Kamigawa
Meika TsukiOni Kamigawa
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You Deserve to Soar [private] Empty You Deserve to Soar [private]

Wed May 04, 2022 7:24 pm
Black velvety feathers, once upon a time they were gorgeous and brilliant as they shone within the sun's enhancing rays, but now the feathers were dull and lifeless. When the sunlight caught the shine of the feathers, as the bird flew beneath it's glory, it's feathers once would light up with a hint of amber. As if the bird caught on fire as it soared within the light.

That bird must have been magnificent when it was free. . but now the poor creature was deprived. Captured by a greedy, selfish trade merchant who only cared about a little extra coin. The bird was kept in a small cage, barely any room for the thing to even fully expand its wings. The trade merchant usually fed the hawk-eagle small proportions of vile rodents. Mainly it was rats. . how disgusting.

This was not the life for a bird with such potential.

The long years of being kept by the merchant has tainted it's attitude and trust. The bird had learned to snap it's beak at the merchant's hands, and anyone else who dared to try and touch him. No one wanted a mean predator. Even though it would possibly mean escaping the small cage, the bird did not like the idea of being owned by anyone. No doubt he would just be tossed into another cage, as his life slowly rotted away.

An aggressive shriek caught the attention of a kunoichi as she drew closer to the trade merchant. The day was full of sunshine and good weather, bringing her to one of the busiest marketplaces within Kumogakure. After her serious battle during one of her latest missions, the raven-haired Kamigawa decided that she deserved to bring home a drink. After taking some time to contemplate her available choices, Meika decided on a bottle of sweet, red wine.

But with the purchased bottle within the grasp of her left hand, the shrieking bird refused to go unnoticed. Flinging itself against the cage that was obviously too small for a bird of prey.

Meika wasn't pleased when she witnessed the poor condition of the hawk-eagle. Her phantom eyes took in the patches of missing feathers, the dull, angry eyes, and the behavior. She decided to approach the trade merchant, and the stand that advertised their crooked wares. There were many odd objects on display, some with potential value. The look of absolute distaste refused to hide from her expression. The mistreatment of animals, even wild ones, wasn't really something she condoned. Even watching as the bird acted like a demon within it's cage, Meika couldn't help feeling sympathetic towards it's current situation.

"Keeping a bird like that in such a small cage, that's pretty cruel if you ask me." Her words sounded flat, she wasn't very concerned about being friendly at the moment. Even if she was one of the shinobi who was sworn to protect everyone and everything within this mountain, doesn't mean that she had to force herself to like all of them. And it so happened that the trade merchant was a little hard to like.

The greed of this particular merchant was well known around town, so Meika knew what she was dealing with. She already was aware that her distaste was both justified and reasonable. And the appearance of the captured bird only confirmed the rumors that have been traveling through the village.

Many other residence have been issuing complaints and rumors about a terrible animal that the trade merchant was eager to sell. It's screams disturbed many of the people that pass by. No doubt, the old man has became more desperate to get rid of the thing, worried about how long it'll be before the bird croaked.

Meika had enough of hearing about the rumors and knowing what was going on.

The old man stumbled with his words, doing his best to sell anything within his possession. The moment he had a hint of someone's attention, the merchant would take it an extra mile. Sometimes to the point that someone would purchase something to get him to leave them alone, or just simply out of pity.

Right now the man was currently waving some sort of dagger in front of her face. Apparently blabbering about how the rusted piece of metal was some sort of ancient artifact. His grin was wide, revealing the gnarly teeth he had, one of them capped with gold. She wondered if the gold was even real. Doubtfully.

With the ruckus going on, there were a few eyes glancing over towards the direction of both Meika and the trade merchant. She didn't like all the attention this was causing. With a finally decision, Meika waved her hand at the old man, interrupting his dusty words. "How much for the bird Old man." Her silver eyes found their way back to the wire cage. The man's face brightened up with a mixture of glee and greed as he heard her demanding words. He briefly juggled around with the rusted knife, setting it aside before hobbling to the cage. It hung from a small hook  right in the sun. There was no way for the bird to hide itself within any shade. But the sun did allow her to witness the hint of red within it's feathers. At least from the feathers that still remained.

The poor creature looked wrecked, starved from both proper nourishment and freedom.

The trade merchant spent a good deal of her time trying to bribe for a higher price, but Meika told him that there was no reason to pay for something that already looked like it was dying. A few more long minutes ticked by before the trader finally agreed with the given terms. Ending the discussion with a heavy bag of ryo within one of his wrinkly, greedy palms and the bird cage that contained the pitiful creature within Meika's free hand. At least now she can work towards freeing the village from the terrible squakes of the miserable thing, but how exactly she was going to achieve that, Meika did not know just yet. Her buying the bird was honeslty an impulsive decision she just made on the wim, and feeling bitter about the mistreated bird did not help the case. So now here she was, a poor bird in one hand, and a bottle of wine in the other. With no idea of what to do with the hawk-eagle next.

Perhaps she could find a better, more suitable owner to take in the bird. But not many civilians would like the idea of taking in a predator bird with an aggressive behavor. It was both still wild and dangerous. Unpredictable. Meika doubted that caring for a bird like that would be a simple task. She knew that much more would need to be done than keeping it locked up in the cage for the rest of it's life. The bird deserved freedom.

She had another thought, perhaps letting the bird go back to the wild. To finally be free from the wires that tightly contained its body.

Another idea that did not seem very reliable. Even if she did finally offer the bird the freedom it deserved, the chance of the hawk-eagle surviving was very low. The bird's condition was poor, no doubt it's health was very lacking.

A low sigh left Meika's parted lips. It probably wasn't the best for her to keep making such reckless decisions without much of a solution or idea as to where she was going with it. At the moment, all she was worried about was getting the bird away from that market place, in hopes of providing a better life for it.

The cage was a little heavy, and having a whole bird in it didn't make it much easier to carry, the wire from the handle was already biting into the skin of her fingers. When she dared to glance down at the bird within it, watching as it swung side to side with the cage, she was met with eyes full of fury. The bird didn't seem all to pleased about being moved around so much. Of course, Meika wasn't going to assume that the bird understood her intentions.

"Don't give my that look," Meika's voice spoke softly to the cage, as she continued walking along the path that led the way to her house, "You might not understand it, but I will not hurt you." The kunoichi bit at the bottom of her lip, wondering to herself. She then rolled her shoulders, slightly adjusting with the weight of the cage.

At least the bird wasn't being so noisy anymore, that should be a good sign. . maybe. Meika glanced back down at the bird, they was coming closer to her doorsteps. Her eyes once again took in the bird. It ruffled its feathers, as if challenging her. There was so much agression in such a small shape.

They always said that a soothing, soft voice could help ease a frightened animal. But it didn't seem like her voice was doing much good.

The soles of her boots reaped against the doorsteps as she entered the house. Her cat was laid, fully stretched, against the top of the bed. From her cat's expression, the feline wasn't pleased to witness the caged bird. Meika already expected that. She made her way across the room and towards the kitchen, placing the wire cage on the kitchen counter. The bird gave one single squawk after the placement. "Well. . welcome home, for now." She spoke softly, still unsure with what she was doing, or what she was going to do.

With a simple flick of a finger, Meika unlatched the door of the cage. Letting the wire door swing open, presenting the bird with the freedom of leaving the cage. However, it would still be inside her house. "Alright, knock yourself out."

it's been a few weeks since Meika first took the bird from the greedy trade merchants, and brought it back home with her. At first both the bird and her cat would pester each other, swatting at each other and making aggressive noises. Meika wasn't very pleased by all the ruckus.

Luckily that didn't last very long, and soon enough the two animals learned to coexist with one another.

During the passing of time, the bird changed. His feathers grew in from where the patches used to be, and the feathers were much more beautiful than before. He turned into a very gorgeous thing. Not only that, but he e
ceased on trying to snap at Meika's fingers when she went to try and feed him.

There was a time, when Mieka was able to witness the improvements, that she tried to release the bird back to the outdoors on it's own. The hawk-eagle had extended the full glory if its wings, before taking to the sky. Gifting her with the sight of the sun igniting its feathers with the tint of amber that it possessed. She had watched in admiration as the bird lifted into the sky. But when she went to turn her back, to leave the bird to his new freedom, a sudden heavy weight caused her shoulder to dip a little. The soft kiss of feathers brushed against the side of her neck as the hawk-eagle rested himself amongst her. The bird had no desire to part with her, and honeslty, even Meika felt some sort of bond that had formed between the two.

The bird was experiencing a new beginning, a new life were he could enjoy the roaring wind through his wings, while being able to decide whether or not he wants to rely on a human. Meika on the other hand, was experiencing a new companionship with an animal. A bond that was different than the one that she shared with her cat. Somehow she knew that the bird would be more than just an emotional aid, but maybe a small protector in a way. One that would chose to look after her from above, and amongst the clouds. - exits -

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You Deserve to Soar [private] Empty Re: You Deserve to Soar [private]

Thu May 05, 2022 7:44 pm
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