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Im a what? (Private) Empty Im a what? (Private)

Fri Jul 27, 2018 9:08 pm
Music blasted in the large house off in a pretty remote part of Kumo. It was the site of a large party that Hato was invited to. She couldn’t of said no to the party, it was her good friend Ryou’s after all. His parties were lit with dancing, music and lots of alcohol. Hato didn’t like drink that often, she more enjoyed being around people who drank, they were the easier victims to manipulation as their minds aren't that quite clear. Hato’s outfit tonight was a black dress with straps that sometimes fell off her shoulders. That’s when she would innocently would slide them back up. Classic move for seductresses like herself.

The party was starting to calm down after awhile and it getting much later. Some of the guests got tired and left but Hato was sometimes like a nocturnal creature, so she could still stay awake.
“I’m glad to see you haven’t left the party.” Ryou said, sliding up to her as she danced on the floor.
“Then you clearly underestimate my party abilities.” She laughed and continued to dance along a bunch of others. Ryou laughed well. Hato soon grew tired and got off the dance floor to rest at the tables nearby. Men came up to her, bought her a drink and chatted with her for a couple hours. She took the drinks generously but didn’t drink all of them, she could risk getting drunk. Hato may have iron fists when it came to fighting but she was capable of getting drunk, she wasn’t that perfect.
The rest of the night was people passing out from drinking to much or leaving. Even the host, Ryou, was passed out on a chair. Hato was the only one left standing or with a clear mind. Since Hato had no one to play with, she went outside. The night air was cool on her bare arms and face. Hato held a glass with water in it so she could still get some buzz worn off. She stared off into the distance over the water. It rippled and waved. She placed her fore arms on the fence that was build so no one would fall into the water. Looking down the fence railing, she could see her reflection lighted by the moon above her. The celestial rock was really bright this night as it was a full moon. Which Ryou told her was one of the reasons he wanted to host it tonight. Hato is still pretty sure it was just so he wouldn’t be so lonely. Being rich doesn’t get you a lot of good friends and he likes to down it down with parties and drinking. It was quite sad. Hato finished off her water and placed it on the ground next to her leg and continued to look over the railing. Her thoughts trailed to the chunin exams. Lately, she had been thinking training and winning the chunin exams so she could become chunin. It was odd because she only entered so she could could look for someone to become good “friends” with but ever since Max entered her life as her sensei, she’s been wanted to make him proud. That only happened when she was with her brother went they were little. But because of her father, she no longer had that. She scowled at her reflection even thinking of the past.
Suddenly, a figure standing on the water in front of her interrupted her thoughts. Startled, Hato back up a step and gasps. Looking at the figure at a new angle, Hato noticed it was a female with nice curves, matching only to Hato’s own. “Who are you?” Hato asked the mystery woman. Surprisingly, the figure smiled, “don’t you recognize me? I’m the woman that gave you the whip.” Hato remembered. She was at the bar and they fought briefly but in the end, Hato was out matched. This time it seemed she didn’t want to fight. “What do you want?” Hato asked, looking on her person to see if she held any weapons. “I want you, of course.” It was an odd response, one Hato didn’t expect. “Why?” She would ask more but that would reveal fear, so she decided to keep it simple. “You and I are related, and I want you to realize your power.” Wow, that was sudden, Hato thought. “Umm I have no idea what you are talking about.” Hato said, playing dumb. “Of course you don’t, your family hid it pretty well.” The plot thickened. “Excuse me?” Hato was shocked. The figure smiled. “Don’t worry, I’ll explain more later. Right now, you should return home and take a good look at yourself. Before taking off, she added one thing. “You might not want to skip out on the visit. This will also help explain a lot about you’re brother.” This really caught her attention but before she could say anything more, the figure disappeared leaving only the rising sun which blinded Hato to look away.
Hato would normally body flicker home, but she wasn’t feeling the best after the night. But it wasn’t like a hangover she’s ever had. It was more like pains you get when you are hungry, but she wasn’t actually hungry as she tried eating and nothing working. Arriving at home, Hato found a note on her bed. It read, Meet me at the training grounds by noon. Don’t worry, I’ll bring something to soothe your pains. Hato was angry now that she knew that the figure was involved in this pain. She put on her gear, even putting on her whip, she headed out the the training ground as it was nearing noon. Hato was gonna kill that bitch for poisoning her.

No one was at the field when she arrived. Hato was alone in the center. She wanted eyes everywhere. “Hello?”/ Hato called out. “Boo.” A voice said from behind her neck. Hato turned quickly. The figure now stood in front of her. Hato sighed. “Alright, what is it?” Hato asked, seeming upset. She smiled again. “Is that how you treat your cousin?” Hato glared. “How do I know you are who you say you are?” The figure sighed. “Well, you don’t have to believe me, my name is Rima.” She sat down where she stood. “Sit.” Rima commanded. Hato still stood. “Well it’s gonna be a long story, so just be prepared.”
“Long time ago there was one clan that competed with that of the Jashin arts. This was the kyuketsuki clan. Having their incredible powers versus the power of the immortals was something to see back in the day. This clan was going to be one of the few powerful clans that were meant to grow to be great. But just like many clans their power had been noticed as a threat and extinguished from existence.” Hato stopped Rima there. “Wait, are you about to say we are part of that clan?” She held up and hand to quiet her. “Shush let me finish.” Then she continued. “Like many clans and thee members some were able to escape that onslaught, six members of this clan were able to run to the four corners of the world away from the hell the others brought them.” She exited story mode for a minute. “Our ancestors were ones that survived, and eventually came down to us. Your mother hid that from you because she was afraid of what it would bring to her. So she hid it from her life.” She then looked saddened. “Until my father found your brother and mother hiding here in Kumo. Your brother tried joining up with my father but that angered your father and they slaughtered them both.” She looked at Hato’s eyes then. “You survived the fire, so you have it and now that I told you, you should start to realize some changes.” She got up. “Like increase of speed, your nails will become more like claws and your canine teeth will become sharp.” Hato laughed. “Like a vampire?” But it wasn’t a joke. “Basically yeah, where do you think the myth came from? We are living myths.” Hato wasn’t gonna kill her now. “ can you help me with pain?” Rima looked like she just woke up. “Oh right! That’s your thirst for blood.” That hit Hato hard. “You’re kidding me right? I have to eat people?” Rima shrugged. “You could, but Mice do fine as well.” She pulled out a cage with a live mouse in it. Hato looked worried. “It’s the only thing that will help the pain?” Rima nodded. Hato slowing pulled out the squirming mouse. “Do you...mind?” Hato asked nervously. “Oh alright.” Rima turned away so she didn’t look. Hato finished and dropped the drained mouse. Rima turned again. “That’s our bloodline Kuro Kiba, it something you’ll have to learn on your own.” Rima clapped her hands together. “With practice, we can also use clan techniques to control our blood in cool ways.” She seemed excited. “Why are you so happy about this?” Hato asked. Rima looked offended. “You aren’t? This is awesome! People will fear us!” Hato smiled. “You’re right, the perfect bloodline is pulsing through my veins.” “That’s the spirit.”

Rima and Hato got to know each other more for a bit longer.  “Well I better take off, I’m not from this village and I might get in trouble.” Hato smiled. “Alright, stay safe.” Rima nodded, “i'll be back to check up on you in a couple weeks.” And she disappeared from the training grounds. Hato smiled again, to herself this time. Well, now this is the kind of morning I needed. Now I have power that I didn’t know about that could potentially be very useful for my future. Awesome. Hato couldn’t stop thinking about all the possibilities of having the power of Kuro Kiba and blood release.

The next morning, after getting a good sleep in, Hato was ready to explore Kuro Kiba. Right away, she noticed changes in her teeth and nails, something she wouldn’t be quite excited about until this new revelation. She was about to put on her combat gear when she thought. Do I really want people to know I’m a vampire? They might get frightened and try to kill me. She then saw a full body leather suit. A disguise could work.

Hato had a black suit on with a black mask. It was only a eye mask, not a full faced one. Her hair was also in a bun so she could put on a hat without any hair getting in the way. It was excessive but she wasn’t about to fall to the same fate as her ancestors.

The city was moving much faster. Well, that wasn’t true, she was moving faster but it felt like it was moving faster. This new boost of speed was refreshing. Now she needed to head somewhere where people wouldn’t be too upset about death to test her new abilities. It was a particular shady part of Kumo, bunch of deaths here already. She came with only the whip and her new found powers, people were bound to underestimate her. Hato peered down from the roof she perched herself on. It was the perfect view to see a gang squaring up to another gang. Both had 5 members in it. It looked like some serious stuff was about to go down when they pull out their kunais and shuriken. Hato made her entrance. “Hello boys.” She announced her presence before jumping between them. They were surprised. “Don’t worry, I’m not a kumo ninja. Actually, be more worried cause I’m going to kill you all.” They were enraged with that. “Don’t threaten us!” The front thugs both say. Hato makes her first move and strike the first man with her new claws, slashing his chest open. “Oh God!” The men from behind all threw their shuriken and kunai. Hato just had to just up and it would strike the man she just killed. She took out her whip and hooked it around one man's neck and pull herself in, snapping his neck. The man next to the hung man was then slashed as well with her claws. That took care of three. The other guys on the other side tried to escape but she body flickered in front of them and slashed two of them. That took care of 5 of them. 5 left. Hato charged at the next two, dodging left and right from their kunais and slashing past them with her claws. She grabbed the next two by the throats and threw them to the ground. The shock wave scared the last one and he tried climbing up the wall but it was pointless. Hato came from behind and bit him. Soon, after awhile of struggling, he passed out and died with the rest. “My work here is done.” Soon as she arrived, she had left for her home to take off her disguise. Not like there were any witnesses.She loved her new power and it was a shame that she had to hide it from the rest. Oh well, she liked the idea of a secret identity.  
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Im a what? (Private) Empty Re: Im a what? (Private)

Fri Jul 27, 2018 9:13 pm
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