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Crom Orochi
Crom Orochi
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Creativity Empty Creativity

Sun May 01, 2022 4:29 am
Painter Guild's Plus One!

New day and a new set of Missions to go looking out for. Crom got ready as he did everyday with the tools he would need to make it through the day, Ryo to buy food, his weapons in case of fighting and his clothes to keep from being sent to jail for indecent exposure. Crom headed to the Mission board to see what missions he could get by with to help buy that new book on chakra theory he had been eyeing lately. Starting with Rank E missions he noticed one from the Painter’s Guild asking for help with their equipment, it seemed easy enough so Crom took down the information needed and made his way towards the meeting place. It was time to get some more money and build some off handed skills.

Arriving at the guild he went to the front desk and presented the information to the receptionist there and they directed him to the Head Officer of the branch. “Good you are finally here, listen we have tons of brushes and buckets that need to be cleaned so I hope you are ready to get dirty.” He said with a smile on his face, “Don’t worry we provide coveralls so you don’t have to ruin your fancy clothes.” He continued leading the way to the supply closet. Once Crom had changed into the coveralls the Head Officer lead him to the storage and cleaning area where there was a stack of buckets and an annoying amount of brushes caked with dried paint. “Listen for the brushes warm to hot water don’t crush the bristles on the brushes or they will be ruined and we will just take the cost out of your payment and if its more then what we were going to pay you then we will just come for you for the difference.” The Officer said sternly staring at the young man stressing his point on being careful with the brushes. “Now the buckets those just need to be washed out and left outside to dry, don’t break them but you don’t need to treat them like they are fragile.” He waved at the buckets as they were just cheap things. “Any questions?” The officer said as he looked at Crom. “No sir, Gentle with the brushes don’t crush the bristles, wash the buckets and put them outside to dry.” Crom responded in a professional manner. The officer looked Crom up and down and smirked, “Alright young man get to it then.” And headed out of the area to return to his own post.

Crom looked at the buckets and decided he would simply fill the buckets up with warm to hot warm to pre-soak them and to also use one of the buckets as one to clean the brushes off in. Simply planning to be efficient with his process Crom begun the process of filling up all the buckets with the needed water. This took some time but he was done with it shortly. Now came the long drawn out process of cleaning the brushes gentle, he took the first one it was long thin and had a bunch of thing pointed bristles it looked like a pencil or pen. He slowly submerged the brush in the water and gently worked the paint of the brush tip. Once it was fully cleaned he placed it in the brush holder to let it dry and moved on. This process of cleaning the brushes took some time but before he knew it he was done with the delicate part of his job.

Now he moved onto the buckets scrubbing the insides and outside with the water inside the buckets themselves, the soaking had done wonders for the cleaning process saving Crom some time on finishing up the buckets. Once they had been all properly cleaned and spotless he placed them in the appointed area to dry out and went to find the Head Officer to get the approval of his mission. “Sir I have completed my task please check my work.” Crom said with a slight bow. The head officer looked impressed as it had been some time that a young person had shown such respect to him, “Alright boy let us see if you did it right.” They went to the storage and after looking over Crom’s work and finding it satisfactory the officer approved the completion of Crom’s mission and sent him on his way. Crom went back to the needed people so he may claim his rewards.

TWC 756
Stats Claims 7: 7 to chakra
Shinrei Yamato
Shinrei Yamato
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Creativity Empty Re: Creativity

Sun May 01, 2022 1:32 pm
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