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Ghosts and villagers Empty Ghosts and villagers

Tue Dec 28, 2021 10:28 am
There was much going on in the Crimson Archer's life. He had much to consider and even more to contemplate when it came to just where his life was going. He had the means and desire to kill a fellow shinobi, but he luckily stopped himself from commiting such a crime against the village. This didn't save him from himself, though. The mark on his neck, maybe it was the thing that was driving such acts from him? Or maybe it was merely awakening something that was already deep on the inside of him. Now that it was woken up, he wasn't sure just what he was going to do about it, but for now, he was going to travel the village. Try to remind himself just what the village and all those who inhabit it meant to him.

He left his home and he began to walk through the village, he left his sword and his armor at home, only having his bow around his shoulder, to keep him company mostly. He didn't allow the other villagers to spot him talking to his bow, as he was using it as a medium to speak through as he spoke to Yuumei. The mark that was on his shoulder seemed to pulsate as he spoke with Yuumei, as if it was feeding off of the dark one's immense power. There was much to learn about this mark, and hopefully he would be able to learn more about it. For now he was going to just live his life as quietly as possible, he knew that he wasn't going to be catching up to his now teacher any time soon, and he ultimately felt like his life was at a standstill. He knew that it wasn't the best option to merely give up on his life at the moment, but he truly felt like he was merely a ghost in the village, someone that wasn't thought about often, and was even more rarely encountered in the village.

WC: 334
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