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Hiroki Shimada
Hiroki Shimada
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I Choose Trick Empty I Choose Trick

Sun Oct 24, 2021 8:52 pm
Mission Details:

The stars were shining bright in the clear night sky. One of the best regional benefits of Kumogakure was its naturally higher elevation; this allowed for the stars to be seen easier. There was something just so interesting about them too. Not quite filled with complete mystery, but there isn't much known about them either. It was all rather intriguing. Several constellations could be seen gleaming down as well, including Orion, Andromeda, and Cassiopeia, to name a few. Amongst them was a waning crescent moon, shining as bright as it could. Although it still wasn't much, it was enough to create a natural light amongst the land.

Still, Hiroki knew it best to stick to the roads and streets with streetlights over the roads tonight, because he was about to go trick or treating with a group of friends. Woo-hoo! Something that was actually meant to be fun, a night of simply hanging out with your friends, getting candy, and causing some light mischief. Not too much though, they wouldn't want to attract any unwanted attention, so it was best that the Kumo nin's group didn't get too rowdy.

Being the first one at the meeting spot, the fit Shimada teen was standing there in costume, waiting for the others to arrive. Tonight, he was dressed as a samurai. The armor was fake; made of some plastic like material which was rather uncomfortable. However, the paint on it was so nice, it would almost appear to be real at first glance. But upon a closer inspection, it could be obviously deemed as fake; nothing more than what it is, a store bought costume. Though, there was one thing real on his costume. The thing in question being his katana. Always being one to prepare for the worst case scenarios, Roki made the ultimate decision of to switch the prop one out with a real one. Low-key, the Kumogakuren also did it to show of his new weapon. Another change that the costume underwent was the subtraction of the helmet. Wearing that wouldn't have worked out well at all because of two extremely important factors. The first being it was just uncomfortable. Even more uncomfortable than the fake armor. Then the second, and more important part, was the fact that the ninja, or samurai for this night at least, cared way too much about his hair. It looked too good right now to be ruined by a hat. Also, he wanted to show off the fact that he had recently dyed it again. The color which had was a muted gray tone due to it fading, was now a shock white shade again. Only half of it was colored this way though, the other half being his natural hair. To counter the brightness of the other side, was an obsidian black color. One would think, due to it being so dark, that side was dyed as well, but it wasn't. It was just that dark naturally. Just like everything else in life, Hiroki enjoyed playing with the balance of things; the ideology of duality, light and dark, love and hate, good and evil, law and chaos. All things typically panned out this way. In his eyes at least.

Just as he was about to find himself falling down the rabbit hole that is his tragic past, the sound of footsteps approaching was heard. Light blue eyes looking up in the direction of this incoming sound, he was greeted by the sight of his two friends, Zee and Dane. The former was dressed in an elegant, pixie outfit. An ombre washed over it, causing it to go from an emerald green to a pastel pink. A design resembling interweaving branches was also inlaid upon it, creeping all the way up the torso until it reached the shoulders. At which point, this design had turned into lacing which ran down the short sleeves which puffed out at the end, forming a flower. The latter was currently in pirate attire; sporting a long, dark brown waistcoat, a crimson red leather vest, with a white flowy silk shirt tucked into trousers matching the vest. A fake cutlass was tucked away in a sheath along the belt of his friend. Atop his head sat a dark brown velvet tricorn, and the pièce de résistance, a fake wooden peg leg adorned along the bottom of his leg as a boot covering. All three shared one thing in common, radiant smiles gleaming from their faces. Delighted, Hiroki spoke up to the group "Let's get this show on the road shall we?" The other two nodding in agreement before Zee chimed in "We're as ready as you are! This is gonna be fun!"

The trio would then go from house to house amongst the ones within the borders of their home village. Each one offering a more than generous amount of candy. It was now nearing towards 8 PM though, and the three was coming up to what would most likely end up being the last house they could stop at for the night. Gazing upon it's large, oaken exterior, one would think that whoever lived here would have more than enough candy to give. This thought process was only supported by the fact that there was tons of Halloween decorations surrounding it, mainly designed to look as if it were a giant spider's nest or lair. So, certainly they must have some amazing Halloween spirit if they went through that great of lengths to cover the entirety of their massive house. Peering towards one another, extremely hopeful that the owners would grant them an even bigger amount of candy than the previous houses, they all eagerly approached the door. Dane knocked upon it three times. A moment passed by, the slight sound of footsteps coming from inside could be heard. And then, the door opened, a woman was standing behind it dressed in a white gown dripping with, presumably and hopefully fake blood. In perfect unison the group of friends said "Trick or treat!!!!" About to extend the bowl forward, the woman's face had changed to a look of realization. Then it swiftly changed once more, dawning a scornful grimace, piercing eyes looking down at them with complete disdain. "Aren't you guys a little old for trick or treating? I'd recommend you three leave, and let this stuff up for the kids." Her response, much like her face, was filled with contempt towards the merry band of misfits. Following what was said, the rather rude lady had shut the door on right in their faces.

Walking away, rather sad, Hiroki would refuse to be defeated. Gazing towards his comrades, then back towards the home which had just denied them want they wanted, a smirk crossed his once dreary face. His friends then immediately picked up on this, knowing what the look on their companions visage meant. Being the natural leader of the three, they knew he had a plan, which he elaborated in 3 words: "She chose trick." His tone filled with mischievous glee, the small group would proceed to go about their little prank. It wasn't anything too elaborate or illegal. There wasn't any stealing, or major damage caused, nor would there be any physical harm from it. Setting up a length of wire to the door, when it would slide open, the wire would detach; thus in turn causing a fake spider which had managed to fall off the side of the building would be lowered down in front of who ever opened it. Surely, this would be glorious payback.

Dane decided he'd be the one who knocked. Standing by the side of the house, Roki and Zee waited until their friend dashed back. This waiting wasn't long in the slightest, the rackish swashbuckler, was rather speedy after all. Managing to knock on the door and run back to the others in mere seconds, the samurai was thrilled to hear a scream coming from that same place as they were running off into the distance, candy bags in check.

WC: 1,337
Mission WC achieved
1,000 Ryo
5 AP
2 tickets
795 words to Sky Sword Shattering, completing it from here
542 words to One Handed Seals
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Stats: 13 total, +10 to Vigor, +3 to Chakra
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I Choose Trick Empty Re: I Choose Trick

Sun Oct 24, 2021 10:14 pm
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