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Wed Jun 09, 2021 5:12 pm
Nasu woke  up and decided he really just  did not want to train today. He had been training a lot lately learning some new jutsu and it's been hard and tuff. So Nasu decided to take a break. He started off his day a bit differently than normal. It was a day off so he decided that he would just eat some breakfast out instead of making it himself. He went to a diner nearby to get some food. When he was given a table it took the waiter about 15 minutes until she came over to serve him. Nasu ordered two eggs with toast, hash browns and a latte. It was going to be a great day and that was what was going through Nasu’s head. It took about 5 minutes until a lady came back out with a nice hot latte. Nasu found it very refreshing. Having a hot drink in the morning was always the way to go. It took about another 20 minutes though for his food to be finished. It annoyed Nasu that it took so long but it wasn't like it was the end of the world or anything. He started with some eggs on toast. That was his normal breakfast and it was just as good as he made at home. At least they weren't bad though. What Nasu was most excited for was the hash browns. He doesn't make them at home normally and just waits to eat out to get them. They are always the best part about the meal for him. After about another 20 minutes Nasu had finished his food and was waiting on the check. While he was waiting he had to decide what he wanted to do. He had a whole day free but just didn't know what would be fun. He was trying to think when the waiter came over with the check disturbing his thoughts. She also said that they were advertising the library. They had just released a new set of books about jutsu if anybody was interested. Nasu gave it some quick thought but as he had nothing else to do he decided why not.  

The library was only about a 5 minute walk away from the diner. It didn't take long until Nasu had shown up. He was really hoping that there would be something worth coming to see. He was still looking for more genjutsu as well as more space time jutsu. Odds are though at a library there weren't going to be any over the top jutsu. Odds are just some E rank jutsu that a little kid would just want to have fun with. When Nasu went through the giant double doors into the building he was completely right. There were a bunch of little kids all reading the new books about different kinds of jutsu. Most of them weren't even teaching you a jutsu and were just about jutsu. As soon as Nasu went in he was going to leave but was stopped by the librarian. She told him to come to her desk. He did as he was asked. He went up and gave his usual smile he does to strangers. He asked her what she needed. Ah young shinobi. I was wondering if you could do a little show for the kids. Maybe show them a jutsu or two outside so that they could have some fun. If you do, I can point you in the direction of where the books for shinobi like you are.” I'd love to help but what kind of books are you talking about?” We have some books for higher rank jutsu.” Do you guys have any books on any higher rank Space Time jutsu.” “I think we can find something for you.” Nasu walked away from the desk and his smile was a bit better by the end of it. He was glad that they were going to give him some books on Space Time jutsu. Maybe even train a bit more today.

So Nasu went outside to the garden looking for where they were going to have him put on the performance. They had a stage set outside for someone. Nasu was wondering why they set something up when they didn't even have anyone to preform but he didn't bother to question it. Nasu was told to wait backstage until all of the kids came outside to watch. Nasu was pretty excited to get to perform in front of a lot of kids he didn't really know anything about jutsu. It would probably mean that they would be excited about absolutely anything. After 15 minutes a bunch of kids slowly started to make their way outside. They all sat down on the chairs in front of the stage and that was when Nasu was sent out in front of all of them. He told them that he would be performing so many jutsu just for them today. He started with something super simple. He walked up onto the wall on the back of the stage. He just stood there on the side. That part had a lot of gasps. Next Nasu went for some fire type jutsu. He started off with his fireball jutsu. He made a couple of hand signs and shot a fire ball right into the sky. He then did the same thing again for the phoenix flower jutsu. He kept on going just having some fun leaving him with 2 jutsu left to show them. The time he went up to the front row of the kids. He asked if any of them liked snakes. It ends up that most of the kids in the front row liked snakes. If they didn't, Nasu just asked them to get up for a second. Nasu then made a couple more hand signs. This time about to use a newly learned jutsu. 10 snakes came out of Nasu’s arms. Nasu allowed the snakes to lie down on all the kids' arms. Nasu just wanted them all to have some fun with it. He then said that any other kids could come up and touch them if they wanted to. After all the kids got their chance to touch the snake Nasu went back up onto the stage to start using his last jutsu. Nasu made his last set of hand signs. This time it was for the Iron Snake jutsu. He told all the kids to stay away from it as a rumble came through the ground. Suddenly two halves of an iron snake came up and were ready to snap together. Nasu formed the seal to snap them together and they did. Then metal chains formed around them just like they were supposed to. Nasu allowed the kids to go get a closer look but to stay far enough away that they wouldn't get hurt. After all that Nasu was given one sheet of paper. It talked about a jutsu that would amplify any and all space time jutsu. It would allow him to do something like make it move faster or be more powerful. Nasu decided that he would go and train it today.

He went back down to the training facilities like he has the past two days. The staff there even started to notice him more because of how much he had been there. He went back outside to one of the back fields. It had a lot of space and Nasu was going to go right for it. Nasu started using the speed range on the field. It would measure the speed that each of your jutsu are moving at. Nasu decided to start off with his Many Hidden Shadow Snake Hands jutsu. It started off by going at a speed of 90. That was definitely a great start already so Nasu wondered how much faster it would go if he added more. Nasu didn't hesitate to go right for it and try. He made the hand signs for this new Space Time amplifier. The hand signs were Dragon>Rat>Hare>Bird. Nasu could feel extra power searching through him. It gave off the same chakra feeling as when you are using a space time jutsu but this one had no release. The chakra was just sitting in him moving around like crazy looking for a way out. So Nasu allowed it a way to release by reusing the many hidden shadow snake hands jutsu. The speed of the jutsu went from the 90 it was at to a new total of 140.  When Nasu tried to use the same hand signs for the snake again just to make sure the base speed was really 90 he noticed that it didn't go away. The effect had stayed. It must mean that the jutsu hasn't worn off yet. Nasu then decided to re-use the amplifier for something else. He used it on the iron snake. The base speed for the Iron snake was about 95. Nasu wondered what would happen when he boosted it. Nasu gave it a shot and was just amazed when the speed of the iron snake changed from 95 to 145. Nasu could definitely see now that it was a plus 50. The paper about the jutsu said this amplifier can be used in any way though. So that could be power, health or speed then. Nasu could make some really powerful jutsu just with this one amplifier. After knowing that the amplifier did work Nasu decided to just head home for the day. He grabbed some lunch on the way home and once he got him he just sat down. It had been a long couple of days. The question now was just what happens next. Does he just wait for Travin or should he keep on going learning more and more jutsu. Nasu didn't really have much of an answer for himself yet. He could really overwork himself or he could just wait for Travin to get back so he can see what Nasu had learned. Not just that but there are probably Jutsu that Travin can teach Nasu. Maybe holding out for some of those would be good too.

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Missing-Nin (B-rank)
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Training Space-Time Amplifier   Empty Re: Training Space-Time Amplifier

Wed Jun 09, 2021 5:26 pm
Dang bro you're on that grind today. 
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