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Old fashioned training thread Mk.2 [Private] Empty Old fashioned training thread Mk.2 [Private]

Tue Jun 08, 2021 11:19 am
It was once again an early morning in the Hidden Cloud village. Things were relatively peaceful, save for the occasional kids game or angry market stall owner. Everyone was beginning to wake up and start their morning routines, it was nice. That was in the village proper, however. If one were to direct their attention to the training grounds, they would see the odd and slightly concerning sight of a free-for-all fight between three women who all looked identical. Same weapons, same outfits. If said person who happened to stumble across this spar was well-versed in ninja magic, they’d recognise the technique as the famous Shadow Clone Jutsu.

One of the Novas took a hit to the stomach and was knocked back several feet, her breath coming out as a wheeze. Nova-Two, the one who’d landed the hit on Nova-Prime, grinned savagely and began to run towards the primary creator to finish the fight. Unfortunately for Nova-Two, Nova-Three was right behind her ready to throw a kunai.

As Nova-Three’s kunai went through Nova-Two’s chest, there was a brief lull in the fight when Nova-Two popped into smoke, along with all the weapons she’d dropped on the training ground’s floor. The two Novas who were left paused for a second, looking confused from the sudden memories of fighting themselves entering their mind. They shook it off at the same time and Nova-Three offered a hand to Nova-Prime to help her up. Nova-Prime took her clone’s hand and hoisted herself up.

“Looks like it’s just you and me,” Nova-Prime said, stepping back from her clone and slipping into a basic boxing stance.

“Technically it’s you and you.” Her clone corrected cheekily as she went into the exact same stance as her creator.

Time stood still as the two Novas remained in their stances with nary a sound between them. The wind rolled across the training ground gently, ruffling their clothes and hair. That was apparently the signal that they needed because the two Novas raced at each other in a blur of speed even some ninja would struggle to follow.

They met in the middle of the training ground, having moved so fast that the dust they’d kicked up as they ran hadn’t finished its arc to the ground. Nova-Prime opened with a quick jab towards her clone’s fist, which Nova-Three easily avoided by ducking low and getting into her creator’s guard. Her clone, exactly like Nova-Prime herself would have done in this situation, used the hole in the defense getting so close had created and landed a sharp uppercut into the chin of the original.

Nova-Prime saw stars and grunted as the full-force of her own strength was turned back on her. She blinked to sharpen her vision just in time to see her clone pressing the advantage with a high-kick. She ducked her head and felt the gust of air from the kick wash over her head. It would be troubling to anyone else to see a girl’s clones so violent towards their creator, but it wasn’t to Nova. She knew her own psyche to know that her clones were simply fighting the same way Nova would fight anyone: giving it her all.

“Wanna take a break?” Her clone said, pausing the fight temporarily. “That was a pretty nasty hit, and I know I would be feeling woozy after that, so that means you’ll be feeling it as well.”

Nova-Prime’s still cloudy mind struggled to wrap around that statement for a few seconds. She spat out a globule of blood from where she’d bit her tongue and wiped her mouth with her wrist, unintentionally smearing the blood into something approximating a morbid smile. Her eyes flashed a dangerous shade of red for a second, giving her quite a deranged look.

“Then you should know me well enough to know that a hit like that wouldn’t put us down.”

“It’d put me down because I’m a clone, but I get what you mean.” Her clone took the bo staff off her back and gave it a few test twirls, “Round 2?

Nova-Prime did the same with her own staff and her expression firmed. Getting hit like that was sloppy and a big mistake. Why did it feel like her clones were simply better at hand-to-hand combat than her? She took a second of searching through the memories of Nova-Two and found the answer she was looking for: her clones fought without fear of being crippled or death, probably completely subconsciously. Nova thought that she was willful enough to put such fears behind her, but she evidently wasn’t. Perhaps it was just something natural for a human.

Her clone raced forward and sent a jab straight towards her solar plexus, which Nova-Prime knocked out the way with her own staff with relative ease. She then attempted to bring her staff upwards into the underside of her clone’s chin, but her clone managed to use her staff as a pushing-off point on the ground to get out of the way in time. She scowled and pressed on. She’d learned many things sparring with her clones, but one thing that stuck out was just how annoying she was to fight.

Attempting to keep her clone on the back foot, Nova-Prime shifted her grip of the staff towards the base and brought the staff down in a vertical downwards slash. Nova-Three simply spread her grip on the staff further apart to protect her hands and stopped the slash by positioning her weapon in the way.

Nova-Prime growled as her clone winked at her. Why was she being mocked by her own clones? Wasn’t that like… Really sad?

“That's all I’ve… You’ve got?” Her clone said as she pulled back into a neutral position, using her staff to rest on. Nova-Prime took a few steps backwards and readied her staff. She really shouldn’t be letting her clone’s comments get to her as much as they did. They were pretty evenly matched so the insults didn’t even make sense.

Her eyes widened as she realized something; clones couldn’t use enhancers because of their special nature as chakra constructs - but she could. Nova had been training the Eight Gates for a while, but had recently taken a break to focus on diversifying her skill set rather than focus on just raw power. It was why she’d learned Shadow Clone. But now… Raw power was what she’d need to beat her clone.

The two began the melee again, but were met with more of the same: attacks being blocked followed by counter-attacks which were also blocked. As they both got more used to fighting themself, the less hits they scored on each other. All while they fought, though, Nova was focussing on the Gate Of Opening in her mind. The added distraction meant she got hit more than she would have otherwise, but it was worth it when she finally felt something click.

From Nova-Three’s perspective, she managed to land a solid hit on the original’s shoulder when she would stop for a second. Nova-Three, obviously slightly concerned about her creator’s well-being, stopped the fight to see if everything was right. The moment she finished asking, Nova-Prime gave her a savage grin and suddenly moved at a speed that was nearly impossible to react to, far faster than anything she’d ever seen before. Her creator thrust the staff towards her chest and it went straight through, a testament to the speed and strength of the thing considering it was flat, without any resistance.

Nova-Three had a final laugh of glee, recognising the technique as the Eight Gates, before unceremoniously popping into a cloud of smoke.

Nova collapsed to the ground with a victorious smile, her face and body littered with bruising and swelling. She performed the hand-signs for the Basic Medical Ninjutsu and held the soothing medical chakra up to her swollen face with a sigh of relief. It wouldn’t completely eliminate the swelling - Nova, and her clones, hit pretty hard - but it reduced it to a more manageable level.

She inspected her staff and was pleased to find that there was no visible damage on it. She was capable of hitting pretty hard so that spoke to the craftsmanship that went into its creation; the man she’d bought it from certainly hadn’t been lying about that. Would it be able to hold up when she progressed through the different levels of the Eight Gates, though? Nova wasn’t sure. The first level alone was strong; her muscles still felt like they were ablaze with energy from being boosted. How strong would she be when she got all the way to the Seventh Gate?

Nova smiled as thoughts of the future went through her mind. They were lofty aspirations and most of them were probably ever going to happen, but Nova liked to think of the future. No one ever got anywhere by dreaming small.

With that positive thought in mind Nova went home to her apartment, attracting lots of odd looks as she was still looking pretty beat up from her fight.

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Old fashioned training thread Mk.2 [Private] Empty Re: Old fashioned training thread Mk.2 [Private]

Tue Jun 08, 2021 12:50 pm
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