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An old fashioned training thread [Solo] Empty An old fashioned training thread [Solo]

Fri Jun 04, 2021 6:08 pm
If there was anything that Nova lacked as a ninja, it was versatility. Right now, her collection of techniques was pretty abysmal. It was all well and good being able to move fast and punch hard, but there was more to a fight than that. Right now, if she was caught in a single genjutsu, she’d be completely fucked since her chakra reserves were so weak. She also had absolutely no idea what the fuck her chakra element was yet, something that even academy students usually knew.

“Ughhh,” A zombie-like groan could be heard from Nova's apartment as she desperately fought the urge to remain in bed. The sudden surge of inspiration Nova had received apparently didn’t extend to waking up. It was still early, the sun had only just become visible over the borders of the horizon. Even the birds weren’t chirping yet, for they possessed the common sense to get some sleep. Common sense that Nova demonstrably lacked since she had yet to go to sleep, and was suddenly hit with a burst of motivation to train.

The young woman rolled out of bed and landed on the floor with a dull thud, where she remained for a few seconds. Apparently, her downstairs neighbors didn’t like that since she felt several impacts coming from their roof to her floor, probably from one of them making their anger known through the use of a broom. For a second, Nova considered punching through the floor to flip the person hitting her floor with a broom off, but only for a second. While she was childish and spiteful enough to do such a thing, she didn’t particularly feel like getting kicked out of her apartment.

Nova got up with a yawn and stepped through her bedroom door into her kitchen/lounge area. She put some coffee on and sat down at the table, where a few of the scrolls she had borrowed from the library the night before already were. Among the scrolls was a special piece of paper she’d taken from the library. She picked it up between her index and middle finger and stared at it intently. Apparently, she just needed to direct a tiny flow of chakra into it for it to work…

As she did exactly that, the paper began to turn to dust and then simply crumbled away onto her tabletop. She frowned and brushed it onto the floor. What did that mean? That meant her chakra nature was Earth, right? That was… Cool, she guessed. It didn’t really matter what nature her chakra was anyway, it wasn’t like she was planning to shoot fireballs or rain down lightning any time soon.

When the coffee finished brewing, Nova poured herself a mug and sat back down. The smell of coffee was invigorating and she could already feel the cobwebs of her mind beginning to clear. She finally rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and got to work pouring over the scrolls.

Time seemed to fly by and Nova quickly learned a whole new Taijutsu technique that involved sending a swift strike into an opponent’s neck to take them out non-lethally. It was short, simple, and effective. Just the way Nova liked her techniques. It wasn’t the kind of thing that would see any use in a fight, though. If Nova was in a position where she could land a simple throat chop, then she was in a position where she could finish the fight.

She downed the rest of her coffee and got dressed into the simple airy vestments she usually wore. She wrapped bandages around her arms and put the sealing bands over top, tied her hair up in a bun, and grabbed all her weapons. Something she’d realized was that she no longer had a need to tie up her arms with bandages since she could heal all the bruises on her hand with the medical technique she learned. But Nova had grown so used to them that her arms felt bare and exposed without the comfort of tightly-wrapped bandages, so they stayed.

Nova exited her apartment through the window like a true ninja and made her way across the rooftops towards the training grounds. On the way, she spotted a shop that happened to be open at this ungodly hour, so she stopped by to grab a warm pastry for a couple of Ryo.

Nova finally arrived at the training grounds as the sun rose fully, melting the orange hues of the sky into the normal blue of daytime. She rubbed her eyes tiredly; she literally hadn’t slept. She’d just gotten home from guarding the warehouse, got into bed, and then been struck with a sudden urge to train. Ugh, damn her and her silly brain!

Nova cursed herself once more and got to work. First, she started just by warming up; press-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups. She had her muscular physique for a reason, and she intended to keep it. It was proof of all the hard work she’d put into improving herself.

With the warmups done, Nova got to work on what she really wanted to do today. She brought out the scroll for Shadow Clone Jutsu and began reading. It was… Complex. Vastly more complicated than anything she’d attempted to learn before, including even the Eight Gates. The first thing she realized was that she lacked even the minimum amount of chakra density required to perform the technique. If she attempted it as she was now, she’d probably die. Or explode, or something. Nova never bothered learning chakra theory, which was coming back to bite her in the ass.

Nova got to work improving her chakra supplies with her tried and true method of completely exhausting herself using the academy Jutsu and then waiting for her chakra to slowly refill herself. Not the most efficient, or safe, method of doing so. But Nova wasn’t the kind of person to do things in half-measures. She either went all in or didn’t go in at all.

Since Nova didn’t know the precise amount of chakra she’d need, she just attempted to make the clone when it felt right. She did the hand seals Tiger - Horse - Ram and then finished it off with the clone seal which was unique to this Jutsu. She felt her chakra shift and mold in sync with the hand seals as usual. Her chakra left her body and began to leave her body and form a new one to her right in a way that felt pretty familiar to the academy clone Jutsu. The chakra outside her body began to solidify and harden and Nova began to feel hope. Was it working?

Then she saw only blackness.

Nova awoke several hours later with her face in the dirt feeling like absolute shit. She sat up and groaned, cradling her head in her hands. The first thing she noticed was how dry her mouth was, her tongue felt like literal sandpaper. The second thing she noticed was the horrible pounding in her head behind her eyes. She winced and closed her eyes, trying to remember what had happened.

She’d been so close to successfully completing the Shadow Clone, what had gone wrong? She’d definitely made a mistake somewhere, as evidenced by passing out for a few hours. She swore and grabbed her water bottle from her bag to re-moisturize her throat. She was annoyed, at herself mostly. She’d attempted a technique that was beyond her, and she’d paid the price.

Nova wiped her mouth and returned the bottle back to its place in her bag, standing up. She was going to try again, even if it hurt she’d keep on trying until she figured it out. She wasn’t stupid enough to leap right in without actually preparing herself this time though. After failing the technique once, she had some idea of the kind of reserves and chakra control she’d need. She hadn’t been far from what she’d needed the first time.

Before she started attempting to expand her reserves again, Nova did a series of stretches to try and restore feeling to her extremities. She had a nasty case of pins and needles from where she’d been lying on her right arm for all this time. If she wasn’t a naturally hardy ninja she could have even got a nasty case of hypothermia since Kumo was quite cold, especially in the mountains.

Time flew by as Nova worked on deepening her chakra reserves and improving her control. To make sure she didn’t mess up as bad as she did last time, Nova went right back to the basics from the academy.

The Leaf Training exercise was a training method that originated from the Leaf Village. It was made popular due to its simplicity and effectiveness, even kids could do it. It was essentially a less-advanced version of the Surface Walking Technique so Nova could do it easily, but she’d discovered a more advanced version of the Leaf Training exercise that involved finally tuning chakra to hold individual grains of sand. Since there wasn’t a lot of sand in Kumo, Nova was substituting it with gravel.

So, Nova was sitting on the ground with her eyes closed and arms outstretched. If one were to give her a quick glance, she’d probably look quite silly. However, those with the more discerning eye would see ten small pieces of gravel dotted across her skin: four each on each arm and two on her forehead. It was a minuscule feat, but one that required a great deal of focus.

Eventually, Nova let out a deep breath and all the pieces of gravel fell to the floor. She opened her eyes and allowed a small smile to befall her face, she was almost ready now. Her chakra control had vastly improved over the last hour, but would it be enough? Nova didn't know, but she was quite bored of doing rookie exercises by now. She wanted to get to the good stuff.

She stood up once again and stretched out a crick in her neck from where she'd been sitting for so long. Inhale. Exhale. She brought up her hands and formed the first seal, Tiger. If she was being honest, she was a little nervous. She didn't particularly want to spend another couple of hours unconscious on the floor. She pushed through the understandable fear and her hands slowly came together in the second seal, Horse. She was feeling confident now, the nerves were completely gone. Her fingers moved into the third seal, Ram, as if on autopilot. She took a deep breath and prepared herself for failure and formed the final seal.

She felt the expenditure of chakra, a small loss in her pool, and... Nothing else.

She gradually opened her eyes and there, right in front of her, was an exact replica of herself. The two Nova's stared at each other in shock for a few seconds. They both slowly stepped forward in sync and raised out a palm to place against each other. Nova marveled at how real her shadow clone's hand felt. If she didn't know that she was a clone beforehand, she wouldn't have been able to tell the difference.

"This is soo weird," They both said in unison, still touching hands. As if linked telekinetically they both took a step back and smirked. Nova Prime spoke first, "So what's it like being a clone?"

Her clone shrugged, "I don't know. I'm like you except I know that my time is limited and that nothing I do will have any consequences on me since I won't exist to experience them. I guess you could say I'm exactly the same as you but with lower inhibitions."

Nova didn't like the sound of a version of her existing with even lower inhibitions than her already abysmally low ones but it was better than the alternative. That being, one where her clones beat her up and stole her place.

"So you're not going to turn evil?" Nova-Prime asked.

"No! I'm still you, you know. I wouldn't do anything you wouldn't." Her clone clarified with a laugh, and wasn't that weird? Nova couldn't recall the last time she'd laughed like that, she'd almost forgotten what it sounded like. "Though I guess that still doesn't inspire much confidence."

"It really doesn't." Nova replied flatly, ignoring the fact that she was being self-deprecating with a clone.

"Wanna have a spar?" Her clone said, settling into a stance since she already knew the answer.

"Let's go." Nova affirmed before the duo began their spar. Perhaps it was a teeny bit weird that she was so eager to fight herself, and somewhat worrying for her mental stability, but Nova didn't care. For the first time in a while, she was getting to enjoy a fight against an opponent equal to her in every way. It was a lot of fun and she could sense her improving, however minutely.

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  • 150 words into Eight Inner Gates (Gate of Opening)
  • 21 stats (15 going into Vigor, 5 into Chakra to allow the usage of Shadow Clone)
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An old fashioned training thread [Solo] Empty Re: An old fashioned training thread [Solo]

Fri Jun 04, 2021 6:11 pm
An old fashioned training thread [Solo] FNbQpoZ
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