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Mizuki Ohta
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Instant Transmission Home [Zaine, Mizuki] P Empty Instant Transmission Home [Zaine, Mizuki] P

Tue Jun 01, 2021 8:45 pm
The day had come, she had seen enough of the fights to glean what she could from her wanders in the village amongst the mixed shinobi from around the world - but it was time for her to return home. She knew Zaine had gotten to the village a few days earlier with her son in tow so to make things easier for everyone she summoned Pakuun and sent him out to retrieve Zaine from wherever he was in the village - instructing the owl to explain the situation and request him at the gate in the early afternoon for their return.

Standing against the inside outer wall, her signature wide brimmed hat covering her face, her bag slung across her back, she waited for her second in command to take them away from her old home once again.


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Instant Transmission Home [Zaine, Mizuki] P Empty Re: Instant Transmission Home [Zaine, Mizuki] P

Fri Jun 04, 2021 2:17 am
A gentle breeze blew by taking hold of the young Uchiha's hair as he leaned back against a tree. Only a few weeks had passed since he arrived in the village of Hoshigakure but it felt as though he had been their for years and as much as he enjoyed his time in the village, he had grown a bit homesick. He closed his eyes and almost immediately the familiar sound of tiny wings flapping grew louder and as it approached the smirk on Zaine's face grew- he would open his eyes looking over to the left to see little Pakuun flying towards him with a cheerful expression. The two would converse for a bit and he would fill in Zaine on where to meet Mizu and that they were to head back to the village of Sunagakure.

He would arrive at the wall and greet Mizu before Pakuun flew from his shoulder and landed on hers- Raleth arrived soon after and with a nod from Zaine placed his hand on the Uchiha's shoulder. Turning his gaze to Mizu he would take her hand in his after stringing together the handseals Rat - boar - rat - snake - rat - dragon and placing two fingers on his forhead. "Im sure Souji will be just fine on his own here. So lets head back!" Without another moment wasted the three shinobi would dematerialize from their current location and rematerialize in the office of the Kazekage. 

Zaine- Jutsu used:


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Instant Transmission Home [Zaine, Mizuki] P Empty Re: Instant Transmission Home [Zaine, Mizuki] P

Fri Jun 04, 2021 11:28 pm
The immense Sarutobi arrived at the prearranged meeting placed, a soft smirk would spread over his stone face. A strange glint is seen in his eye, a look that contrasts with his appearance. His right arm his in a sling, dark bruises can be seen around his neck. Though his flower-pattetned kimono covers the rest of his body, it being wrapped up and closed would denote that such injuries would continue further down his body. Though he looks beaten, his eyes glow with a strange sense of accomplishment.

As his two comrades eye him, he laughs and rubs the back of his head with his uninjured left hand as he feels their gaze. At his mention of Soiji, the beaten sarutobi nods to Zaine. He takes his engraved pipe from a place in his sling and places it in his mouth. He grabs a match, and uses a part of his sling to light it. He lights his pipe. Smoke wisps from the corners of his mouth, he closes his eyes and can almost feel the warm of the Wind Country Sun. He places a heavy hand on the Uchiha's shoulders. As Zaine moves his hand to his forehead, a thought crosses Raleth Sarutobi's mind.

I hope my plants have been doing well...

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Instant Transmission Home [Zaine, Mizuki] P Empty Re: Instant Transmission Home [Zaine, Mizuki] P

Sat Jun 05, 2021 12:26 pm
Approved. Safe travels.
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