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Letter Home [Ibari, Closed] Empty Letter Home [Ibari, Closed]

Sat May 22, 2021 2:42 pm
After returning from her culture exposure at the hands of the Master Shang-Ren she was relieved to be able to close the door to her room and stand in complete silence - no heartbeat or thrumming beat of music to interrupt her thoughts. Taking off her shoes at the door she quickly unzipped her dress and removed the brochure from it, unfolding it and setting it on the desk and she pulled her silk robe around her form - tying it closed before taking a seat at the desk. Opening the brochure again she looked it over as her slender fingers worked through the braid, releasing her hair to a free flowing curled wave over her shoulder.

Taking a moment to collect her thoughts she pulled some of the stationary out and a pen, addressing her highest in command still remaining in the village - Ibari. 

‘ Ibari, 
I hope the village has remained calm and manageable in my absence. I am writing this letter to include my return date as well as my expectations for my return. I am due home in a week from the day you receive this letter, through a portal created by the Hogokage at my request right at the gate - please do not meet me there as I will be expecting yourself and any high ranking members in the village in my office the same day. Kenshin should be returning if not already returned to the village and I expect a full debriefing on events taking place in my absence. On top of your presence I request a bowl of Mao Xue Wang from the Red Lotus Restaurant, make it clear it is for me, the chef should know what to do.

Failure to follow these instructions or show up will be met with consequence - the contents of this meeting are confidential. See you soon.

The Second Kazekage’

After finishing she rolled the paper up and tied it with a ribbon that held her clan’s seal on it, the next morning she would take it to the information delivery center to be sent to Sunagakure at haste. 

EXIT - Letter sent
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