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Kurayami Shinkou
Kurayami Shinkou
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From the darkness, it beckons Empty From the darkness, it beckons

Sat Apr 17, 2021 1:04 am

The room was pitch black, boards covering the windows and foam covering the walls. The room was silent, the only noise that could be heard was a slow breathing. But within the boy's mind, he could hear the voice that he seemed to have been born with. The voice speak to him, giving him instruction on what it was that he should do, giving him insight on his world and guiding him through the inescapable misery that wreaked upon the planet. 

The boy balanced his blade upon his right hand as he spoke to Yuumei through the silence. It usually wasn't a two way conversation, often times he felt as though he was speaking to himself. But even this felt like it was training, he was honing his ability to be alone, to work alone and to ensure his skills were as sharp as his blade, but as available as the arrows in his quiver.

Throwing his father's sword up into the air with his right hand, he leaped up to his feet with the sheathe in the left hand. The blade began its descent towards the boy when the boy quickly thrusted his sheathe upwards, catching the blade within it's confines. The child continued to mutter in an unintelligible language, muttering to himself, and to Yuumei. This was his third day in a row stuck within the pitch black room, and his trance was beginning to show signs of its end. 

The boy slowly walked across the pitch black room, humming to himself as he did, he knew every inch of his room, he didn't need the light to navigate the area. When he reached the door leading to the rest of the apartment, he slowly opened the door, allowing the first light that he had seen for three days in. He made sure that the rest of the apartment's windows all had black out curtains, with a slight crack in the center divide so they could let in a small amount of light in at once. This helped him transition between trances. 

He exited the bedroom and his body began to fall apart. The trance was completely over and now he desperately needed to eat and sleep before he began interacting with the rest of the world. He walked into his kitchen and he opened the door. He wasn't sure what was left inside, as his memory began to get blurry and inconsistent between trances and he wasn't too sure what was reality and what wasn't when he was first coming out of his trance. When he looked inside, he noticed that there was nothing left, nothing but a jug of expired milk and a box of half eaten sushi that had since soured. 

Shrugging his shoulders he decided that he was going to have to go into public a little earlier than he would usually, but he desperately needed to eat. He grabbed his katana and he tied it to his waist, grabbed his bow and quiver full of arrows, just in case he wanted to get some training in at the training grounds after he got himself some food. He brushed his long red hair for a few minutes, putting the majority of his hair into a ponytail and he started towards the door. 

Before exiting his house, he grabbed his bow and he strung it. He threw it over his right shoulder and headed out the door. Walking out of his door, he was shoved into the light, unfortunately for him it was the middle of the day. He covered his eyes with some sunglasses and continued out the door and shut it behind him. He turned around and he looked down the stairs that would lead him to the main road of the village. He hooked his fingers onto the string of his bow and he began down the stairs.

He asked himself a few times what it was that he wanted to eat, but he was quickly answered by the very first smell of food that he passed by. After a three day fast due to his trance, he wasn't too picky about what he wanted to eat. He opened the door to the restaurant and he realized that it was a ramen shop, something that the boy loved quite a bit. He entered and the cooks behind the counter welcomed him in, "Hello Kurayami! How are you doing today? Haven't seen you in here for quite a while, how ya been?" The boy grinned at the cook's greeting. Still freshly out of his trance, his body was still trying to wake up fully to the interaction with others, but unfortunately he was going to just have to kick start himself this time.

"I'm fine, sir. Thank you for asking. A-and how are y-you?" the boy was barely able to speak, but he somewhat successfully completed his sentence. The cook responded with glad tidings, to which the child responded with a smile and nod as he sat down in one of the booths towards the back of the ramen shop. He slumped into the booth and he began looking over the menu. He knew that he wasn't going to be able to eat all that much, due to the fact that he hadn't eaten in more than three days, so he decided to just get a small bowl of pork ramen.

There was a lot of things that he didn't remember in between trances, but he did remember that roasted pork belly was easily one of his most favorite things on the planet and that was simply never going to change, at least not yet. The waitress walked up to his table and immediately a look of concern swept over her face. "Oh my, are you feeling okay?" The boy looked up to the woman and he simply nodded with a slight grin. "Yes. I would like a small bowl of pork ramen please. As quickly as you can. Thank you." The boy then leaned back in his seat and he simply tried to keep his consciousness as he waited for his order to come ready. The waitress nodded her head and began walking back to the cook. 

The boy could hear their conversation slightly, the waitress' tone still had a hue of concern as she spoke to the cook. The cook reassured her that it was normal for Kurayami and that she didn't need to worry. She came back to the boy's table and set down a glass of water for him to drink, to which he thanked her and took a small sip from the glass. The waitress still looked slightly concerned, but she walked away from his table and waited for his food to come ready. Lucky for the boy he seemed to be the only customer in the shop right now, which reduced the likelihood of his having to speak to others. 

Usually he loved to speak to others, but there was a certain amount of time that needed to pass from coming out of his trances that he had just not gone through yet. His ramen came and he grabbed his chopsticks that were set on top of the bowl that was now before him on the table. He unwrapped the chopsticks and he broke them apart. He rubbed the two sticks together to get any of the excess splinters off of the sticks and he slowly began to eat his ramen. He didn't want to make himself sick by eating too quickly, so slowly he would grab one of the pieces of roasted pork belly and he would begin to eat. 

Everything about his eating would be slow, the moving of the food down to the chewing of it, he wanted to make sure that his body and its metabolism would be able to handle the stress of suddenly eating. Once he was done with the pork belly, he began to go for the noodles within the ramen. He didn't want his ramen noodles to get too soft, so he was sure to begin on that next. The smell of the ramen was intoxicating, he took in a long waft of the gorgeous aroma before continuing to eat. 

When he was done with all of the fillings for his ramen, he set the chopsticks down to the table and he gripped the bowl itself with his bare hands. He lifted the bowl up to his face and he took in one more long smell before tipping the bowl backwards and drinking the broth that always makes ramen such an amazing meal for anyone to eat. He set the bowl back down once all of the ramen had been eaten and sat in the booth for just a few moments. He thought about whether or not he was going to have the energy for a time of training. He hadn't done any training during this trance, he instead decided to stay within his room and stay away from the world, it always made the trances go by a little easier.

When he was finally done with the ramen shop, he slid out of his booth and he was finally beginning to feel a little more like himself now that he was able to eat something. He decided that he was going to try and get some training in, even if it was just a little bit, enough to get his body feeling a little worked. That feeling that he hadn't had during his trance. He walked out of the ramen shop and thanked both the waitress and the cook behind the counter as he opened the front door to the shop. They both thanked him for the business and Kurayami walked out of the shop and headed straight for the training grounds. 

The sun was still high in the sky, which meant that he wasn't going to be able to sleep for quite a while. If he didn't get himself back into a sleep schedule that matched up with the sun then he was going to have a hard time assimilating with the greater parts of society in between his trances. As he walked, he noticed that his eyes were becoming much more acclimated to the sun, so he decided to take off the sunglasses. Each stride seemed to get a little easier and the weight of his weapons were becoming easier to carry. His body was becoming more "normal" by the minute and it was a feeling that he looked forward to whenever he came out of a trance. 

He was nearing the training grounds and he was ready, his body was loose and limber, perfect shape for a nice day of training within the training grounds. He decided that he was going to do a nice warm up with archery, then he was going to move on to working with his sword. But before that, he had to get to the training grounds and find himself a good place to train. He could hear the hustle and bustle within the training grounds, which didn't make training any easier, but at least he wasn't in a trance, so he was going to be able to handle the interaction that he was sure to have when he began training. 

When he is in a trance, he isn't able to handle social interaction. It gets to the point that it actually causes him physical pain, even makes him slightly sick. He didn't know just why it was that it happened that way when he was in a trance like state of mind, but he just knew that that was how it always was and there was no getting around it. He finally reached the entrance to the training grounds and he saw that the archery range was wide open and had very few people in it. He grabbed the bow and took it off of his shoulder as he began walking into the archery range. He kneeled for a moment to pray, then he readied himself for a hard couple hours of training.

WC: 2015
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Village : Hoshigakure
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From the darkness, it beckons Empty Re: From the darkness, it beckons

Sun Apr 18, 2021 1:15 am
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