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Rikaro Shinkou
Rikaro Shinkou
Ryo : 9300

Harnessing Darkness(P) Empty Harnessing Darkness(P)

Thu Jul 23, 2015 2:26 pm
Rikaro had just went to sleep a couple of seconds ago. He had just left the Raikage Mortorion after there long talk and short battle which left Rikaro being rekted. Rikaro almost landed hits but he himself knew that the hulk of a Kage was only using a fraction of his power. He looked at the two 2 and a half long rods that the man's subordinates had produced from there hand . Well actually it was one five foot long stick that he broke in half to face the man. The sticks radiated chakra large chakra. Rikaro needed to find out how the man had produced them. He was sure it was a secret because when he asked Raikage how the man simply ignored him and only answered the question about the Decomposition power. Rikaro was sure there was something up with the mab like if the man was dying from the insides. Even when Rikaro looked upon the man with his Meigan he saw the weird chakra. Like the man's chakra was disappearing while simultaneously it was building up. It was the first time he saw chakra act that way. Well it was his own first time seeib the chakra in a ninja's body. However Rikaro was sure the chakra in the man wasn't suppose to act that way at all. He wondered if the man had a infinite amount of chakra. Surely that would be impossibl . But he heard of the great feats of the ninja of the past. Two in particular Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju two behemoths of power who techniques could destroy the world itself. Not much was known of the two ever since thousands of teas ago the terrible Great Volcano started the world anew after it shook it to the core. Rikaro soon found himself drifting off to endless darkness. Moments later he found himself in a dark place with black clouds floating above as if they were terrible storm clouds that would soon produce a massive hurricane that would destroy wherever he was the sky was a faint blue color as if it was slow disappearing into the sky. The air around hun was cold. He was sure if this was a dream he would not be able to feel the coolness of the powerful wind. So could this be some kind of parallel world of some sort. Rikaro thought on the idea as he walked around black grass crushing beneath his metal bottom boots. He was not one to enjoy nature. He turned in a full circle observing his surroundings. The only thing in sight was one large mountain that seemed to scream come and explore me.

Rikaro began to run towards the mountain that seemed to get father as close as he got to it. " What the hell " he whispered to himself quietly." Rikaro I do not like profound words in my mindscape " said a feminine like voice that seemed to suck in the words it put out. He was sure he heard the voice before but he could not put a finger on it. He turned around and came face to face with a person that stood at least 3 ft taller than himself. With blackish light blue hair that stopped at the small of it's back. He realised it was a girl from the way her body was shaped. She wore a silky midnight black dress that dragged as she got closer to himself. He looked at her face which shown sharp piercing lighting blue eyes but with a black sclera. That was weird he thought he had never seen a human with eyes such as that." Who are you and what is this mind scapr you are speaking of " said Rikaro as he pointed at the woman and then lifted his arms in the air. She showed a deadpanned look and then opened her mouth saying " How could you forget me so soon only weeks ago I revealed myself to you. And only hours ago I helped you face the Raikage " said the women. Rikaro thought about it only on being ever helped him fight the Kage and that was Mei. But he was sure she did not look like this the last time she saw him or when he saw her. She was at least 9 feet tall now. But then he thought about it her voice was different but he still remembered it." Mei it is you but why have you changed your looks and voice " said Rikaro who held a calm posture his hands in his pockets staring at the wome . Wait pockets when did he have on pants he was just wearing his boxers to sleep he was sure he did not put on long pants.

Maybe in this world Mei could use her kind to do things. It was called a mindscape. Well it was only a hypothesis. Mei then spoke again saying " Well to make things simple this mindscape is both minds and yours. Which means I actually live here which means we are in your mind. So you can change it to whatever you want. This is my true form since this is the place where I was originated. All Yuumei are born within the minds of there Shinkou " said Mei as she gave Rikaro time to give in to the newly gotten information. After Rikaro asorved the info he said " If this is my mind why is it so dark in here. It's like I'm the embodiment of darkness " said Rikaro to Mei." Simple your mindscape reflects your true self. Ahinkou are not the only ones with them. Everyone in the world has one. It just rakes different things to unlock them .  Your true self is darkness it's self not necessarily evil darkness just darkness " said the Yuumei. Rikaro took some more time to absorb that info as well then finally said. "I know I did jot come here my self so explain why did you bring me here " said Rikaro to Mei.

Mei then said " Well this is a great place for a Shinkou to train there bloodline abilities so they can not hurt anyone. The other reason I brought you here tonight is because I an going to be showing you how to harness the power of Yuume or better known as the element of Darkness " said Mei. Rikaro knew of the Darkness Release he just did not know how to unlock he was pretty sure you needed Meigan to use it however. Mei then interrupted his thoughts saying " First off the Darkness element can be seen by anyone in the darknes . It will look like a mixture of blue and black  . However in the light only those with Meigan may see it. So this gives yoa good advantage in battle so the enemy will not be able to see the darkness that is soon to overcome them. Now since I am going to teach you how to use the element which is actually me you will need to light this place up. By that I mean make it brighter "said Mei. Rikaro nodded Mei knew what she was talking about. However she would disapeer from his vision once he did that resulting in him having to activate Meigan. Rikaro imagined the mindscape to be as bright as day. Instantly the dark clouds disapeered being replaced with a blazing sun. The sky turning a lighter shade of blue. Even the grass turned to a vibrant green." Noe let's began as you can see the wind has stopped this will help with your training. Do not activate Mrifan just yet as that would ruin the training I am teaching you. Now first close your eyes and imagine darkness coming from your feet moving the grass. Once you get that process dine. Come back and talk to me " said Mei. Rikaro took that as a meaning to move away from Me . So he backed up at least 15 ft getting away from one of the personifications of darkness. Like Mei told him he closed his eyes and began imagining darkness that was blue and black come from his feet acting as wind carefully and swiftly acting as wind swaying the grass left and right. He chose not to open his eyes until Mei told him to do so. So instead of just making darkness come from his feet. He imagined it coming from every part of his body slowly covering the very bright world into darkness. He continued to push out what might be darkness from his body. Spreading it and spreading it. Of course he was not sure wether it was working or not because he could not see the darkness unless he had Meigan activated plus his eyes were closed. He decided to open his eyes still not activating Meigan but instead looked at the grass to see if it was moving. Just as he expected the grass continued to stand up straight not even moving a minor inch. He wondered if the darkness of Shinkou could even move things or even if it was physica . Could the darkness just go around the grass. No surely it was something else if the darkness could only go around what it was directed to go to what was the point of using it. Rikaro was doing the wrong thing. He heard the words of his father in his head " You lousy son of a gun can't even use a simple jutsu how are you even gonna be known as a ninja if you can not do a simple thing ". Anger seemed to erupt in Rikaro's mind as he thrusted both of his hands to the ground imaging a infinite wave of darkness hitting all the grass around him making it come up out of the ground. The only thing that happened was that the grass up under his hand had gotten crushed." Well that was stupid of mean " he said sighing as he fell face first to the ground. Instantly pain erupted from his nose to the back of his head and then out of the sole of his feet. This right here was much much Kore harder then forcing chakra out of your self to climb walls. He remembered the days in the academy learing chakra manipulation and walking up tree . It was hard but it only took him a day to master it. Still what if what he was doing was all wrong. The while entire time he had been train to force the darkness out of him. Well what if he was suppose to harness the darkness around him. No that will jot work that would be absolutely stupid. He had to force Mei out of him in order for him to use the darkness. No wait he remembered where he was. He was in his and Mei's mind scape which meant that he was on the sane physical plane as may. Instead of trying to use Meu he had been trying to force her out of himself which only left him tired seeing as she was jot within him at the moment. Come on Rikaro think straight. He was at least 15 ft away from Mei he wondered if he could harness her from so far away. Surely he could. He began to focus in the spit where Mei once was. He imagined her body being just a ball ofdarkness hoverin abive the ground. He them imagine that ball expanding slowly moving the grass as it expanded. With his eyes open Rikaro saw the grass seeming to defy gravity  as all of it slanted either way staying still. He smiled in triumph he had did it. He figured out to harness Yuumei. He then imagined the world back to it's original state to when he had first came. In front of him stood Yuumei as she said " I was waiting for you to figure it out. I thought you were gonna give up there " she said smiling. Rikaro still smiling in triumph said " Yeah I remembered where we were and I was like jeez I have been doin the wrong thing the entire time. So now what Mei " Rikaro said as he stared at Mei." Well we are going to continue training.

2047 words

Claiming 10 stats and Shade Release

Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Ryo : 223500

Harnessing Darkness(P) Empty Re: Harnessing Darkness(P)

Thu Jul 23, 2015 2:32 pm
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