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Suimin Uchiha Dangerous Shopping Spree Empty Suimin Uchiha Dangerous Shopping Spree

Fri Feb 19, 2021 7:30 pm
Mission Name: Dangerous Shopping Spree

Rank: C-rank

Type: Protection

Character Requirements: Genin

Mission Location: Any Large Settlement

Word Count Requirements: 2000

Challenges: None

Repeatable? No

NPC? None

Reward: 2000 ryo, 5AP


Task: You have been hired by an up and coming entrepreneur who has been receiving some threats as of late. Accompany him and his wife on a shopping spree and ensure their safety. The client will be attacked by armed thugs somewhere along your journey, but they have no true training and to you will be little more than a nuisance. Serious injuries to the client or his wife will result in failure.


He wakes up extra early and hops in the shower he takes a nice long bath in warm water and just sits there for a while enjoying the feeling of warmth that came from his bath and wrapped his body and a soothing embrace. He often enjoyed that he lives alone because more often than not he got to have moments like this where he got to have peace, quiet, and tranquility. It was beautiful he just wished he could do it everyday. After an hour he began to clean his body and hair and  he then realised he was running low on shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. “Well I’ll buy more sooner or later.” After he’s done he starts to brush his teeth making sure to get every spot in his mouth, he uses the bathroom, and gets dressed wearing the same thing he wears everyday. A simple black robe with nothing under covering his abdomen and pants. He gets the milk, and orange juice from his fridge and cereal that rested on top of his fridge. 


He sets it all out on the table and before he prepares his breakfast he decides to make a quick trip to the Kiri shopping mall to pick up a few things before departing to the Raikage’s Office and getting a Mission. On his way there he couldn’t help but notice the way the nice cold brisk morning air felt against his skin as he just took a nice warm shower. It felt amazing, a truly spectacular feeling that he wished he could experience more. After getting some of the supplies he would need he heads home and proceeds with his morning routine. After finishing his breakfast Suimin Uchiha grabs the rest of his things for the day and proceeds to head out but not without saying goodbye. He turns to the photo he has of his brother he keeps by the door and says “Hey I won’t be gone for a long time. I’ll be alright, I shouldn’t get hurt or go too far. So there is no need to come with me. I'll be back before you know it alright. Love you.” He heads out of his house making sure to lock his door behind him. He doesn’t have much of value but he doesn’t want to risk anything he does own getting stolen. 


He begins to head out to the Raikage’s Office to get a Mission for the day. Once he arrives at the Raikage’s office he takes a look at the mission board there's quite a few here wow. He sees an interesting one and while reading the name of the mission file he begins to think. How peculiar he began to ponder. Wouldn't something like this traumatize a kid? Why Genin?  He then read it over briefly and thought to himself “Guarding? Not bad. This shouldn't be bad, it's just shopping. I mean all I have to do is make sure no one gets hurt that should be easy if it’s just thugs.” He took the mission and then the man in his office called “Next!” “Oh right. Here this is the mission I wish to take today.” “Okay let's see. Ah right this one. Approved.” After getting approved for this mission he then heads out of the Raikage’s office with the mission file.


He heads to the client's house to start his mission. He gets there and introduces himself. “Hell Im Uchiha Suimin. I'm here to guard you from any potential threat.” “Right well let's get going then.” They began walking towards the Kumo shopping center. They were walking on a cobblestone pathway; they were walking quite fast while the husband was looking around checking for any potential threat.  “Sir I can assure you that as of this moment we are safe and if any potential threat approaches I will be able to handle it. I am a trained ninja afterall.” “Right, I'm just being paranoid, I'll let you do your job.” “Thank you I’ll let you know if anything seems off.” They continued walking towards the shopping center. Suimin continued to scout around while trying to make sure the clients were alright. “If you don’t mind I would like to know what your product is? If i'm not mistaken you're an entrepreneur right?” “Oh yes I am. At my company we make different kinds of explosives and such that work better than the normal ones most shinobi use and cost less.” “Huh it seems like you're helping the shinobi world so why are you receiving threats?” ''Well there are big corporate companies who don’t want to be put out of business so they hire conman and thugs to try to scare me into shutting down my business.” “It’s quite an unfortunate thing to see what a human becomes after being consumed by greed.” “It truly is. I feel safer when i’m in your presence but I must ask, is something making you sad?” “No why?” “Your voice is quite grim.” “I’m aware this is just how my voice is.” “Oh I understand and I’m sorry if I offended you.” “No worries it's quite alright. It is more than unusual for someone my age to have a voice like this I assume.” “Thank you for your kindness. Not only in forgiving me but agreeing to protect us.” “It’s my duty as a ninja to protect the people of my village.” They continued down the cobblestone path at a slower pace then before the client and his wife struck up a conversation as they walked. Everything seemed to be at peace but Suimin didn’t let his guard down. After a few more minutes of walking and talking they finally arrived at the Kumo Shopping Center. Suimin felt bad because the client and his wife were having a good time and at any moment some thug could come by and ruin it. 


They were walking through the Kumo Shopping center having fun trying on clothes looking at furniture among other things. “If I may ask what is it you guys are shopping for exactly?” “Oh well we just moved into a new house a=so we want new everything. New clothes, new furniture, new shoes the whole lot.” The client said this as he let out a small laugh. They continued into the store looking at different things trying other things on while Suimin scouted the area for anyone suspicious. Unfortunately he couldn’t take to the rooftops to make scouting easier because they were in a store. He continued to search for anything suspicious while waiting outside the changing room where the client's wife was trying a few things on. “So Suimin have you noticed anyone yet?” “No sir I'll be sure to alert you of any suspicious presence.” “Well your an Uchiha can’t you use your eyes to do something?” “Well technically yes and no. See I don’t know what these guys look like or the color of their chakra so even if I were to activate it would be useless because I would have no Idea what i’m looking for meaning that it would be useless and a waste of chakra.” “I see with that analogy I would say you already thought of doing that.” “Yes I have.” “Well then I’ll guess we’ll just have to wait until that time comes.” “Yes I would say so.” After trying on a few more things the client and his wife decide it's time to head to a different store. 


“So do you make a lot of money?” “I would say I make enough to live a good lifestyle. Do you make a lot of money being a ninja?” “I would say I work my ass off to live an ok lifestyle.” “Do you plan on participating in the Chunin Exams in Hoshigakure?” “You know about that?” “Well my company makes and sells ninja tools so I know a lot about many ninja events taking place.” “Oh well I guess that makes sense. Yeah actually I do plan on entering the Chunin Exams.” “Interesting, do you think you have what it takes to win?” “Me in my current state I probably don't have the slightest chance but I’m gonna get much stronger. I just need a little bit of time to work hard to become stronger.”  “I see well I’ll be cheering you on.” Suimin looked at the entrepreneur with a shocked face although he couldn't see because of his mask he could probably tell. “Thank you kindly sir.” “No problem.” They went into the furniture store to see what they had at first they started looking at couches. They would sit on them and relax and talk to one another to see what it would be like if that couch was a part of their daily lives. “How is your day to day life sir.” “Just fine, why do you ask?” “Just curious to see how the other side lives.” “Oh well yeah it’s pretty nice. How is your day to day life?” “Even as a Genin you see a lot of things that can mess with your mind. It’s a cruel world they teach you that early on. I believe death is one of the finer points in life and when handling things related to death one should do so with the utmost respect.” “I see you cherish your bonds with the dead.” “Why yes of course. Why wouldn’t someone cherish those bonds.” “Greed.” “Yeah it's an ugly thing.”  They continued through the shop looking at several couches, desks, shelves, fridges, ovens, and tables etc. He continued his search when he noticed a suspicious figure watching what seemed to be his client. “Pardon the interruption but be as careful as can be when exiting this store I saw a suspicious figure walking past it with his eyes trained on you.” “Are you sure?” “Very just make sure to stay close.”  “Got it.” After they finish browsing the couple inform Suimin that they're heading out. 


He leads in front waiting for these thugs to make their move and once the couple is out of the store Suimin activates his sharingan. He noticed three people Jumping out from where they were. Suimin acted swiftly delivering a kick to the jaw of one of the thugs while forming the proper hand seals for his next attack. One of the thugs to his right attempted to  charge him while saying “Those eyes would be pretty valuable.” “They're valuable because they already saw that attack coming.” He said this as he weaved the hand seal Ram to dodge using the body flicker. He then began weaving more hand seals Snake, Horse, Ram as his hand lit up with red lightning as he hit the second thug with Lightning Pulse. He then turned to face the third thug who charged him as well with a kunai in hand. He then used Demonic Illusion: Mirage Crow on the last one finishing the job. “Suimin that was way amazing if you get stronger I’m confident that you’ll win the Chunin Exams.” “Thank you sir your admiration is greatly appreciated.” Suimin walked to the Kumo Police Force and informed them of what happened and filled out an incident report detailing the events that occured. The client and his wife did the same. After filling these out they continued on shopping as the Kumo Police Force picked up the perps from the scene of the crime. They went into a shoe store finally able to relax as the thugs were in the kumo police force’s custody. They began looking at different kinds of shoes and trying them on having a good time and enjoying each other's company. After a little more shopping they decide to not take up any more of the young Uchihas time and call it a day. He walked them home and got the to sign the mission file guaranteeing that he did his job. He headed back to the raikage's office to turn it in.
TWC: 2002
2000 WC to 3 Tomoe Sharingan
1000 WC to Speed
1000 WC to Chakra
2000 Ryo
20 AP
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Gogyou Bushuugi
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Suimin Uchiha Dangerous Shopping Spree Empty Re: Suimin Uchiha Dangerous Shopping Spree

Sat Feb 20, 2021 8:07 am
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