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Taichi Uchiha
Taichi Uchiha
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Searching for a new beginning Empty Searching for a new beginning

Tue Feb 09, 2021 11:13 pm
Taichi had found himself realizing that his life was a muddled mess. He wasn’t sure what he was going to do anymore. The voice was gone, his home village didn’t feel like home to him anymore. He had no purpose in life anymore, he was lost and needed to find a way to find himself once again. 

He found himself physically in a tavern within the walls of Sunagakure, but all the people could talk about was the Chuunin exams that was being held in Hoshigakure, a place he had only briefly visited the borders of. He figured that if it was that important, maybe that was exactly where he needed to go to find himself.

Taichi paid the tab that he had racked up within the tavern and made his way to the carriage depot. He handed the driver 10k ryo and asked to be transported to Hoshigakure for the Chuunin exams. The driver simply nodded his head, understanding the reason for the increased price and told Taichi to hop in. 

Taichi entered the carriage and off they were, heading directly for Hoshigakure. He would be sure to be constantly examining his surroundings the entire drive with his newly acquired Rinnegan to ensure that his travel was safe, or that he would have plenty of time to react should anything come about to stop his progress. He would be ready to perform Mayfly to merge with the ground beneath him should the need arise.

Soon he would be in Hoshi, soon the new purpose in his life would find him.

(Traveling to Hoshi from Suna, 10k deduction upon approval for carriage rate)

-10 AP for Rinnegan
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