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Clean the Orphanage [Hojiro E-rank] Empty Clean the Orphanage [Hojiro E-rank]

Mon Nov 23, 2020 2:51 am
Mission Name:Clean the Orphanage
Character Requirements:N/A
Mission Location:Konoha, Orphanage
Word Count Requirements:500
Reward: 500 ryo

The orphanage is in need of a good cleaning, with all the children and lack of staff you are in charge of taking out the trash, and cleaning the rooms.

Hojiro would tuck his hands into his pockets as he strolled down the streets of konoha toward his next mission , the natural pep in his step seemed to have faded his normal aura of stagnant joy had seemingly vanished only growing more depressing as he made his way to his destination. The mission handed to him by the kage office was yet another simple one , yet it was one that would weigh heavily upon his simple heart considering that the location was the orphanage. It was no secret that Hojiro adopted the teeth , the sharp and almost blade like nails , and the sandpaper like skin.

But these were things he had soon learned to ignore and feel as normal as everyone else , being sent back to the orphanage even as a visitor doing a job felt terrible. The stride of Hojiro’s steps would become shallower every few feet , he was subconsciously prolonging the amount of time he needed to reach the orphanage. Though this would do little to impede his march , no matter how many turns or detours he took he would still arrive at the orphanage once more.

Hoji would sigh as he stood upon the building's porch , he would give a simple three wack knock upon the door he would wait a few moments before a haggard old woman answered the door. Hoji would examine her face for a moment, time itself seemed to stop in that moment, as her wrinkles seemed to fade and a fresh coat of make up was painted upon her face by the young hoshigaki’s mind. So the matron mother of the orphanage had her cruel beauty snatched by the sands of time , a fitting punishment for a woman who was so cruel to him as a child.

His mind seem to be drawn back to reality as he felt a boney finger poke his chest “i asked what do you want creep! If your hear to help come in already!” she would yell almost scream at him , which caused him to simply nod and enter the orphanage. He would do his best not to get caught up with the cruel memories that lingered in this place , he would quickly find a mop and bucket and begin tending to the orphanage floors as he had done so many times before in his past it was nostalgic in a sad kind of way almost.

When he was done with the orphanage having tended to all the chores he had once done as a youth with excellent diligence he would make his way back to his home , he would enter into his home locking the door behind him and head straight to his bedroom stripping down to his underwear and falling down atop his bed. Completely exhausted he would not fight the sleep coming for him , nor would he if he wanted to going to that orphanage only reminded him how alone he was without his father in his life. ‘I miss you o-pah’ he would think to himself as he fell into sweet darkness entering the realm of sleep

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Clean the Orphanage [Hojiro E-rank] Empty Re: Clean the Orphanage [Hojiro E-rank]

Mon Nov 23, 2020 10:14 pm
Approved. In the future please link the threads to jutsu with previously allocated wc. Makes it easier for us all.
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