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Stat Page : Yomiko
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Village : Konohagakure
Ryo : 19700

Clean the Orphanage [E-rank] Empty Clean the Orphanage [E-rank]

Tue Jun 15, 2021 2:30 am

Yomiko stared at the missive as if it weren’t addressed correctly. Mind you, the entire time she stared she was still walking towards the destination listed on the missive itself. After her last mission, which seemed much more important and necessary to the actual life and going on of the shinobi world, this one certainly seemed like a regression to her Academy days. Deciding that she wasn’t misreading the missive, the address that was hers, or the name that was bright and bold that clearly said Fujii Yomiko on it. Turning the corner, she came upon her destination: the Konohagakure no Sato orphanage. Her mission? To help clean the place up with some upkeep to the rooms and clearing out trash. 

Where are the normal staff? Were they taken to Sunagakure? Did they quit? Maybe Kirigakure took them for themselves to take care of their own orphans? Do they even have any with all of the royalties they take from us, I doubt they are that hard pressed…

Her thoughts continued to trail off as she stood outside of the orphanage, lost in thought it seemed even to the point when the Matron of the orphanage came outside after being alerted that some odd girl was standing outside by one of the children she still didn’t snap out of it. It wasn’t until the Matron snapped her fingers in front of Yomiko’s face that she did finally snap out of it. Almost immediately her cheeks turned a bright shade of red as she quickly took a bow in apology before standing back up and holding her hand out with the missive present. The Matron took the missive and scanned it over, eyes flashing up from the paper to the young girl before going back down to the missive once more. 

“Well, it seems you have been sent here to help us in the orphanage. Though I don’t see how standing creepily outside and scaring some of the children is helping. Either way, come this way, I have a few things I already know you can do to help.” Ushering her inside, the Matron shushed the peeping children out of the way as she led the girl back towards the kitchen where a hefty pile of trash bags had been haphazardly stacked towards the back door but not actually taken out. 

The entire way to the kitchen, Yomiko could feel the cringe and embarrassment sinking into the pit of her stomach. What a way to give a first impression. And she scared some of the children with her behavior? She was so embarrassed. The quicker she did the mission objective and completed this task, the quicker she could escape and get out of there. What better way to avoid embarrassment than to run from it, right? Not exactly the most noble of thoughts or reactions, and Yomiko knew that, but at this point she would likely never be back to this orphanage so what did it even matter. 

“Now, take all of this trash out and then go down the hall there to the large bedroom on the right. I can take care of the other one and the children with the upstairs bedrooms are much more accustomed to cleaning up after themselves. After you’ve finished, no need to check in, you can just….”, the Matron looked Yomiko up and down before turning away and beginning to go down the hall to the downstairs bedrooms she had mentioned. “...see your way out on your own.”

Yomiko didn’t waste any time as she felt the embarrassment in her stomach churn and she quickly began to take out bag after bag of trash. Every bag was filled to the brim. Some were tied already while others Yomiko had to wrestle with in order to be able to even carry it outside to where the trash belonged. It took her a while, but she managed it without too much difficulty. Of course that was most likely the hard part. So with one task done, she ventured down the hallway towards the two larger bedrooms at the bottom of the aforementioned hall. She completely avoided looking into the other room so as not to make eye contact with the Matron. However the squeak she made upon seeing her designated bedroom to clean was most likely heard even if not acknowledged. 

Quickly, she toured the bedroom in circles, picking up toys as she went and depositing them in one of two toy boxes until they were both completely filled. But at least the floors had everything up off of them. Next came wiping down all of the furniture which, after conjuring a water clone, became quite easy to do, to a point. Once wiped down came the sweeping which her clone did for her as she got the mop ready. Once the sweeping was done, Yomiko began the mopping with her clone coming behind her to straighten things up as the two of them went around the room. Once it was all done, Yomiko quickly dispelled the water clone before glancing over to the door frame. 

Still no sign of the Matron. She must still be cleaning the room opposite of this one across the hall…

Gulping, Yomiko quickly walked out of the bedroom and down the hallway towards the front door. After all, the Matron did say to just see herself out after she had finished. When she got to the front door she thought she heard the footsteps of someone coming from down the hall, as if someone was about to come out of one of the rooms. Not even looking back, Yomiko quickly went to open the front door but was greeted by the rather exasperated tone of the Matron herself, “Thank you for your ‘assistance’. Please be sure to not rush out too quickly. You wouldn’t want to scare any of the children. Again.” 

With a rushed ‘yes ma’am’, Yomiko exited the orphanage and continued to briskly walk off of the grounds and up the street. Mission complete, no looking back, and end of story.

--WC 1017--
Rewards: E-rank rewards of 1100 Ryou & +5 AP. +Hiding in Water (C rank) via 1000 WC. +10 stats (5 Chakra & 5 Speed) via 1000 WC
Stat Page : Fu's Fat Stats
Familiar : Archie the Bear
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Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 176650

Clean the Orphanage [E-rank] Empty Re: Clean the Orphanage [E-rank]

Tue Jun 15, 2021 2:48 am
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