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The Tanning Rack [D-Rank][Hojiro] Empty The Tanning Rack [D-Rank][Hojiro]

Tue Nov 24, 2020 5:11 pm
Mission Name:The Tanning Rack
Type: Augmentation Farming
Character Requirements:None
Mission Location:Wherever one might find a tanning rack
Word Count Requirements:1000
Repeatable?Yes, over and over, by the same people
Reward:1,000 Ryo, 3AP, 1x Leather

Task: The local butcher has collected a lot of good animal hide, and offered it to us out of the kindness of their hearts. They may also be under the impression this counts as protection favors. We're not sure. Tan the hide into leather, and you'll get some of it for yourself, should you know how to use it. Or sell it. We're not picky.

The sound of Hojiro’s footsteps would echo throughout his empty home as he walked , his stomach would rumble like an avalanche as he navigated his way to the kitchen. His eyes looked almost glassed over as he walked slowly and stiffly down the halls of his home , like a zombie being driven by an intense hunger permeated from his whole being. Once he reached the kitchen he would hovel over to his fridge , the glorious box of bountiful food that would alleviate this hunger that was growing within him. Sadly disappointment would grip his soul as he swung open his fridge door as the only thing sitting on his shelf was a half empty jug of milk and some really old dry moldy rice.

He would hang his head in shame as his stomach would roar in anger and disappointment at the lack of their actually being some sort of food present within the fridge. He would begin opening cabinets and drawers , with each one he would cast open his spirit would be further broken as he was only able to find a box of crackers. This was indeed better than nothing , ‘well atleast i won't go hungry’ he would muse to himself reaching for the box flipping it on it’s side in his hand searching for an expiration date if one could be found.

A small groan would escape his mouth as he slammed the box of crackers on his countertop slightly damaging the box as he did so , “the one thing in my house that’s edible and it’s fucking expired?....” he would say just under his breath  obvious malice cutting through the air , he would clench and unclench his jaw causing his teeth the glide past each other grinding against one another growing sharper with each pass of each other. “..I HATE BEING AN ADULT!!” he would yell at the top of his lungs spinning on his heal throwing the expired box of crackers across the room , time seemed to move in slow motion in the moment the box went sailing across the room as what he had just done had only suddenly dawned upon him as the box of crackers smashed into the wall and exploded showering his kitchen floor , counter and himself in a fine spray of stale cracker crumbs as the box exploded upon the wall.

A sigh would escape he simple back up against the counter and slowly allowed himself to slide down to the ground , “i freaking hate it here man…” he would trail off to no one inpaticular as he simply sat there for a moment mulling over his life and the actions that brought him here to this very moment in time to throw a hangry temper tantrum and making a mess in his own home. He would begrudgingly get up dusting himself off shaking the crumbs on his body toward the soiled floor below , ‘guess i better head out and see if i can find a charity meal or atleast hunt a rabbit or two’ he would think to himself as he walked over toward his fridge reaching between the space betwixt the wall and fridge to grasp at something.

When his hand returned from the gap between the fridge and the wall he would be holding a simple straw broom , he would spend the better part of thirty minutes cleaning his kitchen up as he didn’t want to attract any bugs into his humble abode. Once he had finished cleaning the mess that he made he would make his way back toward his room getting suited up to go out , if there was no food to be found here then maybe there was food elsewhere ‘maybe the butcher has some low grade cuts of meat he doesn't want , he would always let my father have his pick of the lesser cuts’ he would think to himself as he exited his house and made his way onto the bustling streets packed with citizens.

Hojiro would slowly meld with the crowd as he walked through the crowd as to not draw attention to himself , years of living in the shopping district had helped him to learn to blend in with a crowd and walk with the flow of the foot traffic. Personally he would love for his home to be elsewhere but with his father having run a forge in the shopping district , it only made sense to build a house attachment to the forge. He hadn't been downstairs to use his fathers forge in years , it didn’t feel right to touch the things that didn’t belong to him but his deceased father.

A small smile would spread on the young lad's masked face as his destination would slowly come into view , a nice little butcher shop on the corner of the street ahead of him. A nice little sign perched above the doorway “Konoha the Cut Above” spelled in very wavy beautiful kanji , Upon reaching the butcher shop he would be greeted by the sound of a bell , the thick smell of blood from freshly cut meat and a very loud male voice greeting him. “Ayyy it’s my favorite squalo!! Eat any kids lately!” an extremely large burly man would yell from across the counter slapping his right hand on his meat display as if trying to reign in his laughter.

Hoji would slide his mask down revealing a toothy shit eating grin , “nice to see you again to Anthony! I'm looking for some of the meat you're tossing ya know the stuff you gave my pop before he…” he would pause for a moment his mile fading “...well ya know”. Anthony seemed to get a saddened look in his eye as stepped from behind the counter walking over to the young hoshigaki placing a hand on the boys head , “me and your father where good friends , i promised that man on his deathbed id watch ya till you could take care of yourself…” he would remove his hand from his head and place it upon hoji’s shoulder.

“Listen there’s some decent size cuts in the back i was gonna sell at a discount , take em and the animal hides to sell em go fix ya pop’s forge up no man's tools should ever go to waist” he would say patting the boy on the back a tinge of sadness in his once jovial voice. Upon returning home he would stock his freezer and fridge with the random assortment of meats and for the first time in years he would eneter the forge attached to the house to use his father's tanning rack. Maybe he could open the forge backup and sell some of this leather.

:1,000 Ryo
, 3AP, 
1x Leather
+11 stats

Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death[ 2,000/2,000]
Suiton: Mizu Senbon [444/1,000]
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Ichigo Sato
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The Tanning Rack [D-Rank][Hojiro] Empty Re: The Tanning Rack [D-Rank][Hojiro]

Tue Nov 24, 2020 7:19 pm
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